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Conditioner -Joico -K-Pak Color Therapy

on 1/5/2018 7:53:00 PM


Background: Coarse, highlighted/over processed/dyed multiple times thick Asian hair
This stuff sucks... I used it twice and it made my hair frizzy and dry/crunchy. My roots/scalp were fine and I didn't experience a greasy feel as others mentioned. Thank GOD for Ulta's great return policy since I exchanged this for Joico's moisture recovery line which is great.

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Hair Treatments -Joico -K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock

on 1/5/2018 7:39:00 PM


I love this stuff! I have dry overprocessed frizzy hair and this conditioner smoothes it out quite nicely. I leave it on for longer than the directions say, but I am not sure it really matters.

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Hair Color -Joico -Joico Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color, Titanium

Faded way too quickly.... after a week you can hardly tell I had any color change, and I have fairly light hair. It also faded in a slight greenish grey tone. Wish this color was darker and stronger in terms of staining.

Shampoo -Joico -Color Co+Wash Whipped Cleansing Conditioner


As we all know for those that color treat their hair, sulfates are no good. However, since dying my hair brights such as purples, pinks and blues, you have to be extremely careful to preserve the colors. I've tried cleansing conditioners in the past with absolutely HORRIBLE results. I saw this new product at Ulta and was very curious due to the foam formula. The bottle is a nice slim design for only $23 which is a lot cheaper than buying my typical salon quality shampoos and conditioners. What's nice is that I need far less product when using this cleansing conditioner. All I need is a one inch "whipped cream" cloud to get my entire head clean. What you do is wet your hair in the shower, apply the product to your hands and rub your hands together and apply it to your head from roots to ends. You are to leave it on for five minutes then rinse.

The results from just this one product are just amazing. My hair is properly cleansed but not dried out or frizzy. It lifts up oils and mind you, I only wash my hair once a week! It doesn't leave that typical nasty oily feeling like with liquid based cleansing conditioners (WEN etc). It is safe for color treated hair and I do get very minimal color "leakage" from washings. All I have to do is apply a heat protector and blow dry after and my hair is shiny, clean and healthy looking which is quite a victory for people that dye their hair extreme colors.

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Shampoo -Joico -Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo

This is a high quality and effective Purple/brass neutralizing shampoo. It smells nice, washes well, rapidly neutralizes the hair (without having to leave on long or use too frequently... at least on my fine highlighted blonde - naturally dark blonde- hair). I do not tend to turn brassy ever, but did when I had my stylist change up my highlights once for a ginger tone... it came out too orangey-copper, which I didn't love/didn't suit me. This shampoo fixed the tone easily. A great product all around, but... very drying... particularly to my (naturally very very sensitive) scalp. My hair is always strong enough to stand up to it, but my scalp is easily dried out by this shampoo. However, I will still use it from time to time to blend in my roots to my highlights.

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