Joico is a haircare company founded by Steve Stefano in California in 1975. Products "fuse the latest breakthroughs in haircare science with inspiration from art and fashion to offer exceptional quality, unparalleled performance and lasting beauty."* *Source: Modern Salon

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Shampoo -Joico -K-Pak Color Therapy

on 8/24/2018 12:30:00 PM


This is really good stuff. My hair is fine and color-treated and prone to damage. I'm always wary about shampoos that can weigh it down, especially shampoos that claim to fix damage. This one actually manages to make my hair feel smoother but also not weigh it down. It's worth the price, especially the jumbo size.

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Hair Treatments -Joico -Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm for Thick or Coarse Hair

on 8/10/2018 6:30:00 PM


My hair is relaxed 4b. I love this treatment. Since going back to relaxers I have struggled with how to keep my hair moisturized while straight. I cannot use water based moisturizers and coconut oil does help after straightening but this truly infuses tresses with moisture that lasts and lasts. A+ product in that you do not need to add heat, it still infuses your tresses. I used this when I was natural as well and I made the mistake others have of first sitting under the dryer with it and then not rinsing it out thoroughly and my hair was a coated oily mess. Just a word of caution, read and follow the directions. This and the K pack conditioners in the same tube packaging are genius. I will certainly purchase again. Got this at Marshall’s for $7.99.

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Styling Products -Joico -JOIGEL Styling Gel Medium Hold

on 8/5/2018 1:39:00 PM


Great light scent and hold for my thick curls. I actually get good second day hair with it. It doesn't flake, has no silicone, and is protein based. I use a leave-in under it and apply about 2 tablespoons to wet hair and scrunch. I define any droopy areas by finger curling and am pretty much set for the day. It can be reactivated with a misting of water. I can still maintain volume and curl definition. Overall, I am very pleased.

Shampoo -Joico -Moisture Recovery

on 8/4/2018 3:19:00 PM


Never use this shampoo if you have oily scap- unless you want to end up like me 😭

I really loved this shampoo for the first 2 weeks. I used to have dry and damaged hair with split -ends as a results of several chemical treatments. Initially this shampoo made my hair so much softer and appeared to be less fuzzy.

Yet after 1.5 months my scap started to have a thick layer of built up. I had so much dandruff although I never had dandruff before, at least not at this extent. And for the worst my hair started to fall out. I didn't notice how terrible it was this until I tied my hair up and realized that hair on the sides of my head were thinning out like they were about to go bald. Plus this shampoo also gives me more greasy and oily hair.

Perhaps this shampoo is not suitable for people with oily scap. My mom has extremely damaged hair and dry scap, she loves this shampoo and at the end she was the one who recommended this product to me.

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Styling Products -Joico -Body Luxe Design Foam

on 7/21/2018 5:44:00 AM

This dries out my hair, unbelievable. I do not dare to use anymore - cannot be healthy for (fine) hair.

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