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Highlighters -Joe Fresh Style -Illuminating Highlight Stick - Pure Glow

on 4/11/2018 7:59:00 PM


I am really impressed with this drugstore highlight. It is creamy but not overly so, it imparts a beautiful glow without being sparkly or glittery. I actually really like the packaging of this stick highlight. It is so easy to travel with. There is even a protective cap over the top of the tube under the cover which keeps it clean and I assume extends the longevity of the product by keeping it from drying out too quickly. You can swipe it directly on the skin for a more intense glow or rub your fingers on the product and then pat into the skin for a lighter more natural glow. Very affordable, $8 CAD. A great every day highlight option. Also works well with a powder highlight layered overtop. I have the Joe Fresh powder highlight in Champagne and have paired the two which has really amped up the staying power as well as the glow. Simply gorgeous, affordable and a great find.

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Highlighters -Joe Fresh Style -Highlight Powder - Champagne

on 4/11/2018 7:54:00 PM


So soft and silky, no powdery kick up, gorgeous soft champagne color, a pale beige, not too yellow or golden, just PERFECT. Looks beautiful on skin. Love, love, love this highlight. Only $8 CDN at SDM - a total steal! I bought this on a whim, there was no tester and I was hoping it wouldn’t be chalky or dusty. It is neither! Swatches and applies like a dream. It is perfect size for travel as well. Sturdy acrylic packaging, not bulky, nor too slim - just right. I am amazed how much I like this. I also bought the illuminating (highlight) stick which is a cream formula and have layered this overtop for a more intense highlight that when combined is extremely long wearing. If you have an opportunity to try it please do, it is fantastic.

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Eye Makeup Remover -Joe Fresh Style -Eye makeup remover

on 3/21/2018 6:03:00 AM

The worst feature of this product is that it doesn’t remove eye makeup at all. It doesn’t matter how long you let it sit and soak into your lashes, hardly anything comes off. It took me about 4 eye cotton pans doused in the stuff to take off just mascara (not even waterproof!). It’s like using plain water.

Eye Shadow -Joe Fresh Style -eye shadow - all colours

on 3/10/2018 5:06:00 PM


I have been a long time fan of the L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadow shade Amber Rush and Maybelline Color Tattoo shade Bad to the Bronze but as I’ve now hit 50 I need a simple everyday wash of color that isn’t quite as pronounced or heavy. Enter Joe Fresh shadow in the shade Pretty Penny. A lovely copper toned silky shadow that applies and wears beautifully, all for $6 CAD. It has the same quality as the recent highlighter I picked up by the same brand and I am blown over by the quality and affordability of these products. Like anything, products in a brand can be hit or miss but this is a real gem in my opinion. I have my eye on a couple others I will pick up but this is a favorite of mine for an everyday all over the lid shadow look. The acrylic packaging is quite sturdy as well.

Tinted Moisturizer -Joe Fresh Style -Sheer tint

on 3/4/2018 11:41:00 PM


Oh geez. Guys. Come on. Sometimes I just want to scream my damn head off at people griping about "lack of SPF". Buy a damn sunscreen then. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find makeup that doesn't contain sunscreen or sunscreen ingredients? Any idea at all? My face is still recovering from a brief run-in TWO weeks ago with a lip balm that contained ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate (benzophenone-4, Octinoxate). I have sores and blisters on my face that still crack open and bleed when I brush my teeth. I have an allergy and that shit is in everything. Please pipe down about things not containing SPF, it's ruining makeup and skincare for me. If this comes back reformulated with SPF I'm going to absolutely lose it.


Okay. I clearly like this tinted moisturizer. I didn't have high hopes for it so I waited for it to go on sale. Yes, I waited for an $11 item to go 50% off because I had such low expectations for grocery store tinted moisturizer. It passed the allergy test with flying colours and has a nice simple ingredient list. It's everything I wanted Pixi H2O Skin Tint to be. It doesn't bind up over texture, sink into pores, run into fine lines, or melt around my nose. It doesn't do anything to enhance or smooth over pores either but for the $6 I paid and compared to the other stuff out there, I'll take it. It has a surprising amount of coverage, not quite medium but certainly not sheer. Satin, skin-like finish, no one can tell it's on but me. It doesn't look like makeup on the skin which is the absolute benchmark for decent face makeup.

I do need to blot my forehead after a couple hours but it doesn't smear the tint off.

My HG, my home slice, my absolute jam is Sunday Riley Effortless Tinted Primer ($50-60 CAD) and even that can look makeup-y and flake up slightly on a bad day. This is smooth, easy, and unshaken by dehydrated winter skin. It might even be on the same level as my high end favourites (or surpass them?). I like it.

If you, like me, live somewhere the UV doesn't typically climb above UV <1 and you want something with some coverage but without the effort, give this a go!

I can use either Porcelain (with much bronzer) or Bisque. I'm Light in SR Tinted Primer, Belle Mare 2 in Ilia Sheer Vivid, not yellow enough for MAC NC15, not pale enough for NW15. continued >>

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