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Highlighters -Jeffree Star -Skin Frost


I have only 2 of the skin frosts, ice cold and mint condition, I LOVE Ice cold! Literally the most blinding highlighter I've ever had, I compare it to all my high end brand highlighters and it still outglows them by a lot. It works well on my super fair colored skin. I don't really like mint condition, the weird color, and it's not nearly as shiny and bright as ice cold., kind of looks just like metallic colored pressed pigment....

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Eyes -Jeffree Star -Androgyny palette


I also Love this palette as well as his beauty killer one! This was the first palette of his I bought, and fell in love, so I bought the first one as well. The pan sizes are much bigger then my thumbs, which means you get a lot of product for the price, and the shadows are all so pigmented! I love the design!

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Lips -Jeffree Star -Velour Liquid Lipstick


I love Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipsticks - the formula is great. I do find that they need building up to get the richness of colour I desire, but they really do not budge once they're on and while it does require top ups throughout the day, it's only ever really in the centre of my lips, which personally I don't mind doing. They dry down fully matte but they don't feel drying at all; I wouldn't go as far to say they're hydrating but they definitely don't dry my lips out or leave them chapped.

One thing I don't like is the applicator. I find it too big and chunky and it makes applying the product to my top lip so difficult - I always end up overdrawing it to a crazy extent (beyond a bit of extra fullness!).

Call me stupid, but I really disliked the packaging at first, as I thought the lids didn't close properly. Then I worked out they click shut and now I think the packaging is genius! One has come undone in my bag before (post closing discovery), so I wouldn't say it's foolproof but it is really good and less likely to come undone than some other lipsticks or glosses I own.

I would repurchase, but I've since found other formulas I prefer so those would be my first choice over the Velour Liquid Lipsticks. If there was a shade I was particularly wow'ed by though, I would buy it.

Lipstick -Jeffree Star -Lip Ammo (all shades)

on 12/28/2017 3:15:00 PM


I have three lip ammo shades, all great. Long-lasting, moisturizing, smell amazing... They go on great and look amazing for hours and hours. Beauty Pageant is a glitter shade that is so flattering and never feels gritty. I also have Celebrity Skin (absolutely gorgeous dark nude) and Baby Spice (crazy pink). LOVE.

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Lipstick -Jeffree Star -Liquid lipstick

on 12/28/2017 3:11:00 PM

So I purchased a shade from the holiday collection, Christmas Cookie. Put it on and immediately went online to order a backup, since it isn’t part of JS’s regular lineup. Ohmigosh. First, it’s the perfect nude. I line with WnW 666 pencil and it creates the perfect ombré. Second, it laaaaaassssts. I lasted through a breakfast burrito, count,easy cups of coffee, a salad, and a 10-hour workday. It goes on so smoothly, with excellent coverage, and dries matte but never feels drying. Smells great, doesn’t oxidize... I cannot say enough. Love Jeffree, love every product I’ve tried — you cannot go wrong with this liquid lip.

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