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Liquid -Janet Sartin -Dual Performance Treatment Makeup

on 1/6/2018 9:10:00 AM

Many of the Erno users are using this and I have to say, this is wayyy better than shake it. First, the shades are more realistic, they have a great selection of yellow undertones, and pink/neutral too. Also, this has better ingredients, Erno had more fillers from what I remember and just the feeling of it on my skin. This product is so much superior, it feels lighter, the color payoff if better and matches me best and its easy to use. I apply with a foundation brush and blend with a sponge. Janet Sartin also has great customer service.

Oh and a little tip to get extra coverage, because I noticed someone below said she didnt get any. When the bottle still has the two parts, liquid and the powder separated, just pour out a little bit of liquid part on top and shake it and you will see alot more coverage when you apply! I hope they never stop making this product it really is superior than Erno and I highly recommend it!

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Treatments (Face) -Janet Sartin -White Astringent

on 8/16/2015 8:27:00 AM

For The person who said this does not work and you must be the only person that it did nlot work on, YES you are the only person!

I believe you are not using it correctly. There is No way that this will not penetrate the pores and dissolve black heads.

This product has to be one of the most Amazing skin care products I ever used. I have used it for years and years. Every night I thank Janet Sartin for her work and the White Astringent is a Miracle!

This product is seriously like Magic!

Just need to understand how to use it. i have seen people put the smallest amount on a Big Cotton ball where the cotton ball is just a bit damp. That wont do anything!

If you are not having as much white on your face that remains wet and HAVE to smooth dry with a tissue, Then you are not using this correctly.

Your face should be Wet and White! Then you remove with tissue! Your pores will be cleared real fast!

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Lip Gloss -Janet Sartin -Lip Sartinizer Lip Balm

on 7/4/2015 9:20:00 AM

Lately, I've wanted to try a higher end lip balm and just couldn't decide. Then I found this jar rattling around in my bathroom drawer. I had forgotten all about it. Super simple formula and some might say that it mirrors Aquaphor in many ways. The good news is that this doesn't contain ceresin nor glycerin like Aquaphor, both of which are SD triggers for me. It looks very pink but doesn't impart any color.....just a pretty sheen. Even though it leaves a very thin layer, it does seems to last several hours. Thumbs up!

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Cleansers -Janet Sartin -Superfatted Soap

on 12/15/2014 11:41:00 PM

I've been using this lately when my skin gets dry due to indoor heating. This soap is very similar to Erno Laszlo's Phelityl Cleansing bar but at half the price and it works just as well! Gets my skin clean and moisturized and doesn't break my clog prone and moody skin out. It contains soybean and coconut oil and aloe which are all moisturizing ingredients with the latter being very healing and calming to the skin. The bar will last me forever since only a little bit is needed for each use. Sartin used to work for Laszlo and went out on her own and created her own line, which is similar to Laszlo and leans close to the same school of thought on facial skin care, and opened her own spa/studio. Those familiar with Laszlo's soap and alcohol based toners, and the Shake It foundation, will find similar items in the Sartin line. Reading up on Laszlo led me to learning about Sartin and with all the shifting around at EL headquarters, and the changing ingredient lists and higher prices in the EL line, I'm glad to have somewhere else to go. The Sartin method is old school but it is working for me. My only complaint about this soap, as well as her 1012 and Gentle Cleansing soaps, are the smell! There is tallow in this and no fragrance to cover it up so the soap smells like what it contains: beef fat. This is really not a pleasant thing to be smelling while washing my face but I put up with it since many soaps contain tallow and the product works well.

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Cleansers -Janet Sartin -Gentle Skin Cleanser

on 12/15/2014 10:50:00 PM

I've had to backpedal this past year in my quest for finding something to keep my skin calm and to heal up occasional acne. This alcohol and glycerin based cleanser is to be applied before washing with a Sartin soap, I switch between Sartin's 1012 and Gentle Cleansing soap, and it keeps the redness in my skin down and any blemishes heal up quickly and my skin tone is consistently even. The ingredient list is really small, unless there are more and Sartin isn't listing them as some companies do using the 'trade secrets' excuse, there are only four ingredients in this which is nice (water,SD Alcohol 40-B,Glycerin and fragrance). This does not dry my skin out at all which is great since my skin doesn't usually react well to harsh alcohol and glycerin. The only drawback for this is the price tag (!) at $16 for two ounces to $66 for sixteen ounces which I'm not sure I want to shell out when the GWP bottles I've been using are done (still though I might if I can't find anything better).
On a side note I found out about Sartin after delving into and reading up on the Erno Laszlo line. Sartin used to work for Laszlo and then went out on her own and created her own line ,and opened her own spa/studio, so those familiar with the Laszlo line will see similarities to products in the Sartin line. Laszlo relied on soap and alcohol based toners to cleanse the skin and Sartin does the same. This method goes against all I've been hearing and reading about for years but I'm finding that the older methods of cleansing and moisturizing are working really well for me. I guess what's old is new again! Great product but insanely high price tag for something so basic. Again if I can't find something that works as well with a lower pricetag I will definitely buy a full size bottle when the trial size ones I've been using are done. Great product and I'd give it a ten if I could!

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