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ITCosmetics (IT stands for "Innovative Technology") was founded in the US by Jamie Kern Lima. Offering cruelty-free hybrid products of skin care and makeup, It launched in 2008, and later in Canada in 2009. Currently headquarted in New Jersery, IT Cosmetics was aquired by L'Oreal USA in 2017.

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Concealers -It Cosmetics -Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer


Where to begin with this concealer? So I kept hearing people at work (I work at Ulta) rave about this product and I was like what the hell might as well try it. I used it for about three weeks before I ended up passing it off to my mom. I followed the instructions as specified on the packaging (warming it up with fingers and blending out with brush etc..) and it went on really well and brightened nicely. However, it settled into my fine lines under my eyes (I might only be 22 but ya girl is stressed and doesn't sleep like ever) and it also made my mascara rub off and turn my under eyes black. At first I thought it was my mascara but after switching concealers to the Shape Tape by Tarte I realized it was in fact this concealer. I switched up the application process a few times trying to blend out with my beauty blender and even setting it with a few different setting powders. But alas, my under eyes were black once again. My mom really enjoys it however (she has dryer skin than I do) so it may have reacted poorly to the oils in some of my skin and my eyes inability to stop watering. I do think you get a lot of product and a little definitely goes a long way so this will last you a while.

BB Cream -It Cosmetics -Your Skin But Better SPF 50 CC Cream


I love this cc cream in the fall and winter, when my t-zone dries out. I find the coverage to be on the full side, I only need half a pump on my beauty blender to get a nice, even finish. I have this in light-medium and I find the color to be great match-wise. I haven’t had any issues with oxidation or settling into fine lines either. Pre-application, I use Becca’s First Light primer, and after application, I set it with a big, fluffy brush and loose powder. I like the pump mechanism as it’s hygenic. Personally, I think iYour Skin But Better is a worthy investment as it’s become more of a difficult task to find reliable coverage for my perimenopausal skin and this works quite nicely for me in the colder months.

Concealers -It Cosmetics -CC+ EYE Color Corrector Full Coverage Cream

on 12/1/2018 11:46:00 AM


I am 51 with dark blue under eye circles, crepiness, and puffiness. These problems are new in the past year and making me a bit crazy because they are the only things that are really aging me (usually people guess I'm mid-30s). I have tried so many concealers, eye creams, correctors, etc. I ordered this one from QVC online and it came with a nice brush for $33. Sadly, this provides very little coverage for my dark circles, but it is very smoothing and moisturizing. It gives a bright, dewy appearance that is nice. Seems to last awhile. I will be playing with this some more, but I will definitely still need concealer on top because no way is this full coverage. Not even close. Love the SPF 50, however.

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BB Cream -It Cosmetics -Bye Bye Foundation Full-Coverage Moisturizer


After eyeing this foundation for over a year I finally got some and am now kicking myself in the butt because it’s awesome and makes all of my other foundations seem inferior. I have dry skin that doesn’t do well with indoor heating and have to layer multiple moisturizers to stay hydrated when I wear foundation or use a very heavy oil based cream or a petroleum based ointment. This layers like a champ over every combination and type of moisturizer I wear under it, even greasy ones like Weleda skin food and CeraVe healing ointment. It sheers out when applied sparingly or gives full coverage.
It wears well all day without shifting or fading and even stays put if I go to the gym after work. My skin still feels and looks hydrated as when my skin does get dry from my makeup it brings out a bunch of fine lines but this is not happening with the bye bye foundation. I recommend this to anyone with dry skin who wants medium to full coverage and has a hard time with dryness from most foundations. And yes, I will be replacing it when it’s gone and will be getting a backup as soon as I can pick it up on sale.

I also have the Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream and even though they are pretty much identical and my thoughts & review are similar, the bye bye one is slightly more hydrating. But I need to experiment with both some more as there are other factors I need to consider, mainly if I am hydrated enough because if I don’t drink enough water my skin is noticeably drier. Also things like indoor / outdoor humidity and sodium intake really make a difference.

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Cleansers -It Cosmetics -Bye Bye Makeup 3-in-1 Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm

on 11/28/2018 12:36:00 AM


I have been trying to get this product for quite a while, well I finally find it for a easy $35 and this was for the large jar and it was on sale. I was so excited about buying it, the packaging was very nice, the price was good for a large jar! When I finally used the balm, it was so nice, soft and melted very quick, I enjoyed that about the product. Let me tell you, if you are a person that wears deep pink or red llipstick this won’t work 100% for you. It took of all my eye liner and mascara off, but the lipstick, which I wear a deep pink didn’t go too well at all. I had to rinse this one off and use another one to completely get it off, very disappointed indeed! It’s ok and cool to get makeup off, but if you are into red or pink you should scrub your lips before you remove it with this. I only gave this one 3 stars because of that, but if this is not your problem, this is a great product.

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