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Treatments (Face) -Isomers -Vitamin C Serum MAP + E

on 2/18/2018 2:24:00 PM


I got lured into buying this vitamin c serum many years ago while watching manuala do her science πŸ”¬ fiction talking on tv ! LOL but never again am I wasting my money πŸ’° buying her stuff Bc it gets pretty repetitive when all she says about her products are firming & lifting! Yeah whatever! She's smiling all the way to the bank! LOL 😲 But with this particular vitamin c serum which she raved about how it's fresh & becomes vitamin c once it hits the skin & it's non acidic but I never got a to see any good results from it Bc unfortunately once I had opened this serum it had gone bad pretty fast! Bc of the dropper like packaging which lets air on in the serum had oxidized & turned brown πŸ˜–πŸ‘ŽπŸ» She being a cosmetic chemist should know better & she should have put her vitamin c inside a air type glass pump bottle instead! What a big waste of money! Her stuff is expensive

Treatments (Face) -Isomers -Mega-Bright Dark Spot Formula

on 11/26/2017 2:46:00 AM


I was surprised when I ordered this and it arrived. I was expecting a serum of some sort but this product is a very thin and silky lotion. It has a very light, slightly sweet scent. Only two pumps were needed to cover both my face and neck. I purchased it to work on the hyperpigmentation on my jawline and neck. I did not see the results I wanted but I really liked it as a light weight moisturizer. I also found that it helped newer blemishes fade faster and with no residual pigmentation. I think I would purchase it again but I am a bit torn. It had very little effect on old spots but it is moisturizing, absorbs quickly and helps fade new spots.

3 of 3 people found this helpful.

Lip Treatments -Isomers -One For Lips clear

on 4/23/2017 12:06:00 PM

I have re-purchased this (3x)
It is the only product that has solved my flaky, chapped lips problem.
The lips just turn into one giant dry mess without this.
I also use the lip colors in the tubes offered by Evine.
My only complaint is with the packaging.
The tube tends to "explode" when subjected to heat or when lying on its side. I keep the tubes upright to help prevent the overflow.

People who are opposed to a more gooey texture would not like this. However, I was desperate.

Moisturizers -Isomers -Vitamin C-STEM Brightening Neck Cream

on 3/21/2017 2:19:00 PM


I have mixed feelings about this cream. it is very moisturizing. My face and neck feel smooth after using it. It also helped with the dry patches on my cheek. It does have a slightly gritty texture but it rubs in well. My complaint is that this product can be very, very finicky. It sometimes balls up after using my serums. Other times, it's just fine. I also don't feel that is had much of a brightening effect on my skin nor did it help treat the hyperpigmentation on my jaw line.

Treatments (Face) -Isomers -Vitamin C-STEM 15% High Potency Serum

on 12/24/2016 9:26:00 PM


Isomer offers many, many products at different concentrations and in slightly different formulations. They had a sale so I purchased three different vitamin c serums. I have used two so far and they have been average at best. This formulation relies upon 3 different non-acidic derivatives of ascorbic acid. This formula is a thin yellow coloured liquid with a light citrus smell. It spreads easily and absorbs within seconds. My bottle lasted a month, though I think I was using too much product during each application. I experienced no irritation. The results, well, I did not see any real difference in my skin tone. To be fair, other than some hyperpigmentation on my jawline, my skin is rather clear. I was hoping for more luminosity and a brighter skin tone but everything stayed about the same. This serum did help maintain moisture levels in my skin and it helped with some dryness on my cheeks.

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