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Recent Isehan Reviews

Mascara -Isehan -Kiss Me by Isehan - Heroine Make Long

on 5/30/2018 12:35:00 AM


My HG mascara! Fiber typed mascaras are my fave! It makes my lashes look fuller and longer not to mention its waterproof! Ive gone to the gym and sweat out a lot but my mascara is still there no fall out or smudges a girl needs that! The only thing I notice with this is it has this certain chemically-smell I dont know if its just or me or what but definitely there’s a tiny hint of an awful smell but its not really a big deal for me. Ive purchased this over and over nothing beats this mascara.

Mascara -Isehan -KissMe Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara Black

on 5/24/2018 12:15:00 AM


This is the best mascara ever! it volumizes and lengthens wonderfully.

Sunscreen -Isehan -KissMe Sunkiller Baby Milk SPF 38 PA+++


You can read my review of Isehan SuhadaFit UV Baby Milk spf 38 on Telegram channel

What I expected: a sunscreen for daily use with a light texture.
What I got: Isehan claims that the milk contains no alcohol, fragrance, colouring, preservative, mineral oil or other ingredients that can irritate the skin and cause allergies. The sunscreen is very comfortable in using: it has a milky non-sticky texture and doesn’t leave a white cast. The skin feels very soft and velvet. For those, who believe that the sun protection is important through the year, spf 38 is the best choice for the November-March period, when the sun is mild.
My rate: 5/5
Why: This milk even exceeded my expectations.

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Eyeliner -Isehan -KissMe heroine make smooth liquid eyeliner BK 01

on 2/7/2018 3:32:00 PM


This is a great eyeliner. It does a beautiful job staying in place on my upper lid!!!! Doesn't smudge! I tested it on my hand and it is still there after multiple hand washing so I know the waterproof claims are true. I used it on my lower lid and it did not wear as well. My lower lid is my problem area and I'm on the continuous search for an eyeliner that can withstand the dynamic duo of oily skin and watery eyes. My search continues....

Sunscreen -Isehan -Kiss Me Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence SPF 50+

I'm on my second tube of this and I love it! When Asian skincare became such a hit here in the US, I was interested in their sunscreens as I'd heard they weren't as likely to cause breakouts and were a lot more effective than the sunscreens here in the US. As a very pale skinned person who's on several medications that raise my skin's hating the sun more than it used to, short of covering myself in pure zinc oxide, I was ready to try anything! I'd tried sunscreens by Neutrogena, Avon, Coppertone and even Blue Lizard, but none of them worked with my facial skin.

The sunscreen applies nicely, has a very light scent that vanishes quickly, and doesn't leave the dreaded white sunscreen cast [although with my skin, who could tell??]. It seems to keep the oil on my nose at bay, and when I do wear makeup, it acts as a decent primer although I do use primer on my nose and chin. It's done quite a good job keeping my skin pale and pretty, and I've even gotten my hubby to use it!

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