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Toners -Isa Knox -X2D2 Original Recovery Skin

on 11/4/2015 5:13:00 PM

Yes I would buy this product, but only if my mom randomly decides to spend $70 dollars on a toner.

I really liked it because it was moisturizing.
Claims to have stem cells (I don't know because I had only used witch hazel before :/)
That was all it did for me.
It felt really nice.

The packaging is glass and really luxurious.
But. It's glass and it shattered at my friend's house on the bathroom floor... so... >.<

Paraben free

Moisturizers -Isa Knox -X2d2 whitening secret skin softner

on 10/21/2014 3:08:00 AM

With my friends recommendation I was excited to get the x2d2 by Isa Knox. I have used Isa Knox before but never had and issues with it. On the first day of usage my face started to tingle and then in few seconds it felt irritated. I wasn't aware what was going on. I felt so sleepy I fell asleep. Next day when I woke I had red irritation on my whole face. When I touched my face my skin was rough, sensitive to touch, and bumpy. Unfortunately I bought the product from eBay so it can't be returned since policy states it's been open to return. Maybe it's better for people who don't have sensitive skin. I will go back and purchase the regular Isa Knox since I had better experience with them.

Treatments (Face) -Isa Knox -X2D2 Original Hydra Emulsion


I received a small sample of this at a O Hui Korean skin care store and used it for a few days.

-Smells pretty good but still with hefty perfumes
-Nice consistency, easily absorbed into skin
-Skin feels very hydrated after use, without the greasy feeling of lotions or creams. The milky texture grants it great absorption.

-A little too hydrating for my oily skin
-Might be more useful for those with dry skin
-Made my skin feel moist all day, but skin I'm oily and acne-prone, it made me feel like it was on the verge of a breakout.
-It's expensive (about $30 a pop) so I won't be buying this.

It was nice to try and see, but wasn't convincing to me. I don't know why some higher end skin care is so loaded with fragrances either, you'd think it would result in too many allergic reactions.

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BB Cream -Isa Knox -White X-II+ perfect sun block BB cream foundation

on 1/20/2010 10:38:00 PM

Bought this in Seoul last July. I needed to reduce my makeup routine while there (it was hot, humid, very sunny). It has SPF 48 and PA+++ (whatever that means) and is supposed to be like three products in one: moisturizer, sunblock, and foundation. I still used my Vitamin C essence anyway under it, but I think the SA was right - I probably need not have used extra moisturizer with it. It does an unbelievable job covering any flaws in your skin, but it does look kind of "thick". My DH comments on how my skin looks too "perfect" and done when I have this on. I think he means I look like I have pancake face on. whatever. It does the job and has SPF 48(!!) so I don't have to put on several different products when it's hot and humid outside. Clinic city block (tinted moisturizer) used to be my HG for hot, sunny weather when I didn't want to layer on multiple products, but this may be it for me now.

Palettes -Isa Knox -Nano Gold Makeup Set

on 11/8/2008 9:06:00 PM

This kit comes with the following: Cream foundation, small mini make up base (tinted green primer), extra sponge for foundation, and a brightening powder.

I must say, the cream foundation is close to my skin color but I can't imagine how unsightly it'd look on a fairer skin girl. My MAC 187 Brush could not pick up the foundation at all, and this foundation is not meant for those with combo or oily skin for it made my already oily skin terribly oily. The mirror is magnified, and there's a plastic covering separating the sponge from foundation.

The "make up base" is a green tinted primer. It does not dry to a powdery finish, it'd still slick and wet. Unless you have major redness on your face, and very dry skin, I can't imagine anyone benefiting from this make up base. I don't know why so many Asian primers have green in their primers as well!

Alas, the brightening powder. I have used this in conjunction with my NARS Concealer in Custard for the past 2-3 weeks and I must say it has mixed results. Since my stick concealer (NARS) is so drying, this powder simply accentuates what fine lines I hardly have and make my concealer very obvious under my eyes. However, when I use this on places that I am very oily, I do not find such unsightly powderiness. I just apply this with a small fluff brush on the bride of my nose, and use it as a highlighter on my cheeks (have some redness there). It comes with a small fluff sponge that's pretty pointless. The mirror has a good magnification as well.

EDIT: Added 1 lippie. I love the brightening powder and the make up base (brightens my face, evens out a little skin tone, but doesn't control oil, but makes powder stay on longer). I'm disappointed in the cream foundation which is the largest thing in this set.

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