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Masks -InnisFree -Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask

on 5/23/2018 3:16:00 AM


My friend recommended Innisfree super volcanic mask to me for reducing oil and pore but it sounded to harsh for my skin. I never tried any mask before so I bought their color clay mask instead which quite mild and comfortable.
Anyway, I got this from my sister. The difference between this mousse mask and regular super volcanic mask is that this mousse mask uses microclay instead, resulting much smoother, creamier, lighter consistency, almost like whipped cream or meringue.
I read a lot of warning to dispense the mask carefully because it tends to dispense too much if we push the button carelessly, which happened to my sister. It's really easy to apply all over my face and it doesn't feel hot at all. I also don't feel any tingling sensation. After let it dry for 10 minutes, it feels like I applied sand over my face. It's harder to take off than the clay mask, but it's not that hard actually. They recommend to wash the mask off with warm water but I'm too lazy so I just wash it with normal temperature water and it goes off quite easily.
After that, I can see my pores are reduced but for a person with combination, normal, or dry skin, this mask might be too drying.
My sister has combination skin and it felt very hot during application. I have oily skin but I still make sure to put serum and moisturizer after using this mask.

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Eyeliner -InnisFree -Gel Liner

Innisfree Gel Liner is smudge-proof, waterproof and affordable. I bought colour #8 which is a natural brown with yellow undertone. Here's a summary of the goods and bads based on my experience.

What's Great?
1. Yes! It’s smudge-proof!
2. It’s water-proof too!
3. Glides on smoothly
4. Oh. So Cheap!
5. You get more products than others!

What's Not So Hot?
1. Limited Colours
2. Needs a Sharpener
3. Pencil gets dirty

Full review, swatch, before-after photos and product recommendation at I'll also share why some found it to smudge although my experiment proved otherwise.

Sunscreen -InnisFree -Perfect UV protection cream triple care SPF50+ PA+++ 50ml

on 5/15/2018 9:25:00 PM


As others have said, it's a perfectly acceptable product and I'll keep using it for now, although it's not my favorite sunscreen and I would not repurchase. It's very thick, and you can certainly feel the texture of the cream long after application. The smell isn't too bad (doesn't smell too much like sunscreen), but also not my favorite.

I do like that it's anti-wrinkle as well as UV protecting, and I purchased it due to its zinc oxide and titanium dioxide content.

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Treatments (Face) -InnisFree -Green Tea Pure Sleeping Pack


This is a great sleeppack. Moisturizing and plumping. It tends to ball up over night tho even if u apply it correctly. I prefer Tonymoly over this but this would be my second choice.

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Cleansers -InnisFree -Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam


Def drying but leaves a weird film, although not as bad as some other foams. Def prefer milk cleanser but this will do if it's very humid out or I've worn heavy makeup...gets the oil and impurities out..but that residue is gross.

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