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Mascara -Inika Organic -Mineral Mascara - Black

on 12/2/2018 1:35:00 PM

right so the mission was to find some healthier alternative to chemical laden mascaras.
first application - was clapping , yay. Then it all got messy, product building up on the brush and around the lid, became clumpy. they all get a bit clumpy after a while, however, this one it happened withing one week.
minor thing but found it rather annoying that the bits that got transferred to my upper lid while applying, they were literally unmovable after drying (i always get a transfer, however, with other that was easy to remove with q-tip)
it stayed on pretty well though, no smudging or panda eyes.
i did not enjoy the removal process either... it took a lot of effort and rubbing to get it off. Not sure how this is great for lense wearers...after removal i realised some fibre bits got in my eyes, had to use an eye wash.
disappointed :/

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BB Cream -Inika Organic -Organic BB Cream

on 3/2/2018 3:51:00 PM


I love this BB cream. The coverage is light to medium. Closer to light though.
I have acne prone/combo skin, wanted to cut out Dimethecones, silicones to avoid clogged pores. Most of the natural products out there still have those ingredients, so I’m so happy to have found this product. I no longer get the closed comedone white bumps under my skin, I do still break out but it’s not a result of this foundation. And no where near as bad as I used to using regular foundation.
This covers my acne scarring so nicely, but my freckles show through. So I use concealer on any spots, or just a dab extra layer of this. I like to see skin.

Shade breakdown (of the three I’ve used)
Porcelain (Nicole Kidman) on the pinker side
Cream (Emma Stone) on the yellow side
Nude (Jennifer Lawrence) on the yellow side

That said all of these actually work for me because they are on the sheer/medium side and blend so well.

If you’re looking for a natural foundation, that actually leaves out the “cones” try this.

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Liquid -Inika Organic -Certified Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation

on 4/19/2017 7:05:00 AM

I have used the Inika mineral powder foundation before which I liked, but after having a bad skin period I started using a liquid foundation for better coverage. I thought I'd give this liquid foundation a go as I want to try and use more natural products on my face which can help my skin along in its healing process. I haven't got sever acne but I have blackheads and I am a major picker! Like I will pick at any little lump I feel under my skin, I know it's not great! But I'm trying to get myself out of this cycle. Anyway, this foundation just does not do anything for me. On a good note I do feel like my skin has improved but I have also changed certain skincare products so they could have also contributed to that. I've used a beauty blender, a brush and my fingers and this still doesn't have a nice finish. For the price I am really surprised. It just doesn't blend well and if you try to blend it out it just looks cakey and as if someone has wiped a paint brush down your face. If I'd paid less for this I probably wouldn't mind but it's in the £30 range, up there with the high end foundations, for the money it just isn't worth it. No coverage, doesn't blend, looks greasy after a couple of hours. I'm gutted because I really wanted to like this! I won't be repurchasing. May be I'll have a go with bareminerals...

Powder -Inika Organic -Mineral Foundation

on 11/4/2016 8:32:00 PM


I started using this a few years ago when I had severe acne, and I am 100% certain that it contributed to my acne clearing (the zinc?). I really can't stand the look of foundation on myself, however this is so natural, light and breathable it feels like I'm not wearing makeup at all, and actually feels like I'm doing my skin good. It also doubles as a concealer if you apply it with a concealer brush - I do that some days when I don't feel like wearing it on my whole face - I just put it on any blemishes and it blends perfectly with my skin. Just make sure your skin is super hydrated -- this foundation doesn't look great if your skin is parched.

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Concealers -Inika Organic -Perfection concealer

I bought the palest shade: light. It's too dark for my super pale skin, so I can't buy it again.
However, it is a good concealer if you happen to be the right colour.
It's runny, yes, but that means it doesn't look cakey, or gather in those fine lines under the eye. Just keep shaking the tube so the ingredients don't separate.
It covers average dark circles, if you have very bad discoloration it may not be enough for you, but for me it was fine.
It won't work over blemishes, I only used it around my eye.
Ingredients on all inika products are fabulous, this is no different. I desperately wish they would do paler shades!
Great value for money.

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