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Liquid -Inglot -AMC Cream Foundation

on 6/7/2018 4:46:00 PM


I had this in my stash and went back to it. It is a VERY underrated foundation for dry skin. I don't recommend a brush or sponge. Just smooth on a thickish layer OVER your skin (It's a thick cream) and then more where needed. Doesn't cake, good in pores, neutral in lines, satin finish, VERY easy to whip on and go once you know how to work it. NOT fussy! I can get full coverage out of this quite easily with two thick layers (And I never say "full coverage" lightly!).

It's only downside IMO is transfer. It "semi-sets"--I don't use powder, because it hates me, generally. It's not bad for a thick cream, but if you rub, or blow your nose, it will come off. ( It lasts a whole 16 hour day anywhere you haven't rubbed... ) Highly recommended for dry or normal skin. Oily? Nope. But you probly run from anything that says "cream" automatically, don't you, wise girl?

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Eyes -Inglot -Duraline

on 4/3/2018 9:47:00 PM


I used this to water down a thick dried out liquid lipstick and it works but the lipstick is not the same as before. I used it in dried eyeliner too. The only problem I have is figuring how much to use with each product. It's all trial and error and you will likely end up wasting most of it the first time around like me

Eyeliner -Inglot -Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel 78


Definite holy grail! Absolutely beautiful finish and wear, it goes on moist enough to fix up your wings, before it dries down and wears for most part of the day.

I use a artist’s brush with this one.

My other fav is MAC’s liquidlAst, however it dries up too quickly in the tube. That lasts for hours on end, this is close!

Repurchased this again, and it’s the only eyeliner I will ever use for as Long as they make it!

Eyeliner -Inglot -Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel

on 2/27/2018 11:50:00 PM


One of the most overrated and worst beauty products EVER!! I brought this from a youtuber’s recommendation who claimed that it was long lasting, transfer proof and smudge free. Thus defiantly was not the case for me. I had the black shade, 77. Whilst this product was creamy, very black, very pigmented and glided onto the eye and waterline with no problem; it turned out to be an utter nightmare. If you make a mistake with your wing, this would smudge everywhere when you try and correct it. I often had to remove my entire eye makeup it was that bad. I also found that if I use this in my waterline, it would transfer to my eyelid through out the day. This eyeliner is also impossible to remove, even with eye makeup remover as it will just smudge everywhere.

The problem with this eyeliner is it’s creamy formula that makes it prone to smudging. I also had a bad customer experience in the Inglot shop while purchasing this product. I found this product to be so awful that I binned it only 4 months after I brought it and I went back to the gel eyeliner I was using previously. An awful waste of money and experiences that left a nasty taste in my mouth. Safe to say I never went to Inglot again. I would avoid this product and brand like the plague.

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Eye Shadow -Inglot -Pigments

Now the price is quite steep on these, especially when you consider that you're only getting 2g of product.
However, those are some of the best pigments I've ever tried! Very shiny and metallic and the duochrome effect is breathtaking!

Buuuut...There are differences within the line when it comes to consistency. You have the chunky pigments and the "standard", finely mild pigments. Personally I own #22 and #120. Those two are more on the chunky side, which is why I use glitter glue with them - they're not gonna stick properly to the lid if I don't.
The finely mild pigments swatched beautifully in store, but I was more captivated with the chunky ones - I think if you're gonna pick any, you should go for the chunky ones. They're just more special and beautiful :)

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