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Hair Treatments -ISO -Maintamer Two-Step Straightening System


I have a professional salon do this every 6 months its much much more gentle than all others that I have had done professionally and my hair is like silk I do use all Davines hair line

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Shampoo -ISO -Reviving Shampoo

I usually use salon products on my hair and grabbed a bottle of the Iso Hydracleanse Reviving Shampoo to try. As familiar as I am with Salon shampoo I hadn't seen or tried this shampoo before but decided to choose it as they had the 1 litre bottle on sale for $16.95 and that is a great price for this size of shampoo.

I was pleasantly surprised by this shampoo. I liked the scent of the shampoo. It was kind of a cross between a candy and fruit smell, which I prefer over florals (sickening). I did find it didn't lather all that great, but I usually wash my hair twice. One to clean the grit, dirt and oils off and the second time to give it an actual wash, if that makes sense. On the second application it lathers wonderfully.

Packaging is pretty simple and plain, but then again its just a shampoo so does it really need to be fancy looking. Not to me as I usually go by scent or qualities for my hair type/condition.

Hair Color -ISO -African Amethyst

So glad I tried this color. It is my new go too permanent color. I add a bit of blue intensifier to it to make a custom shade but this stuff is magical. In darker or cooler lights your hair looks violet purple and then in warm light and sunlight your hair casts this orchid magenta glow. I seriously think unicorns make this and I am in love. When it fades it tends to have a reddish plum color that isn't terrible. The only downfall is that it fades rather quickly. Lots of dry shampoo, cold rinses and sulfate free shampoo to maintain! But so worth it! My new signature color for sure!

Styling Products -ISO -Bouncy Creme

on 6/13/2016 7:22:00 PM

Finaly I found I really love!!
This cream amazing!
My hair shine and bouncy .I use it on damp hair wit biosilk rock hard
Gelee and eco styler ( the olive oil in it)
My hair is 2A wavy with frizz.i am CG!

My hair is very very coarse with not damaged expect bottom of 1 inch hear need weight down little bit.
Now I use this bouncy cream top of as I am leave in and
Sometime under of KKCC.

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Conditioner -ISO -Bouncy Condition for Curly hair

This is my favorite curl conditioner I've ever used. My hair is wavy-curly (2c/3a), thick, and frizzes easily- this tackles frizz without weighing down the curls, and seems to actually emphasize wave. I also use this as a leave-in condish/curl cream. I actually love the scent- it reminds me of a slightly floral salon shampoo.

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