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Toners -IPSA -Time Reset Aqua

on 12/5/2018 11:33:00 PM


Cute packaging. And smoothly but moisturizing !

Concealers -IPSA -Creative Concealer EX SPF25 PA+++

on 12/10/2016 8:25:00 AM


My HG concealer for at least 10 years. I been religiously getting it either from Taiwan or Japan via friends. I am very fair so hard to find a concealer that is light enough and offers enough coverage but yet not thick at all. Gentle enough to be removed by facial wash although I won't recommend such a habit! I use it on a daily basis, a little goes a long way. I absolutely love the concealer also because I can mix/blend the colours myself to get a good match of tone on various part of the face (comes in three colours where most are only two). Eg light beige tone under eye, actual/similar skin tone for light blemishes, slightly whiter beige around corners of nose. A very good concealer for light skin tones. Creamy enough to blend or for the brush to pick it up, yet not oily at all (really just the right kind of creaminess). It didn't get too hard even in cold climates (brought it with me to Japan during spring and autumn/winter) but nothing a quick warm up using hair dryer won't work.

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Moisturizers -IPSA -IPSA metabolizer active 3

on 7/24/2014 10:07:00 AM

I am commenting for the IPSA MOIST METABOLIZER 4.

METABOLIZER has different model: MOIST --> MOIST WHITE --> MOIST SENSITIVE--> SUPERIOR W. Each model comes with 1,2,3,4 number which represents the moisture level.

The MOIST is the most basic one & Lowest price amongst all.

It might look expensive... but it WORKS! (USD63 for 175ml)

I used it few years ago with good results, but I did not continue using it due to various reason (wanting to try new things....)

Lately my skin turned SO BAD again --> hormone acne!!!!!!

I went to the derm & got prescribed some acne cream. It WORKS for drying up acnes.
But it drys up my skin too........ :( At the worst: DRY & SENSITIVE!

After some frustration, IPSA METABOLIZER turn up in my mind again and I decided to give it a try. My face was flaking when I purchased it.... The SA recommended me buying MOIST 4 --> the most hydrating version

The first night I put on, it just stings on my face! But it is because my face was soooo dry.
After it absorbed, it felt soooo nice. I had 6 pumps to my face and the next morning!!! all flakes were GONE!!!!!!!!

The next day my face looked normal :) And it doesnt feel sting to apply again. My face is HAPPY now!

It worths every penny ---- give it a try if your face is sensitive and dry and acne prone... you gonna love it!


Scrubs -IPSA -Luminizing Clay

on 5/10/2014 4:13:00 AM


I've used countless cleansing mask (Origins, Trilogy, Dr.Hauschka, Aptiva, Jurlique etc) and this is one of the top 2. I'm still in between this one and Dr Hauschka. Firstly, Luminizing Clay is in between a scrub and a mask. The texture is in soft clay with beads. For dry skin type, it's best to apply on damp skin while oily skin type can apply on to dry face. As I have combination skin type, therefore I've usually use on damp skin in winter time and on dry skin in summer time. Once applied onto the skin, scrub it for 1-2 mins and leave it on for about 5-10 mins.

The result is amazing. Blackheads are gone, skin texture is smoother, skin complex is more brighten. Most of all, I don't feel the dryness like other cleansing mask. Skin is just as hydrated. I've noticed after few weeks use, I get fewer occasional spots. I would say it's perfect for any skin care type.

Thought it's a little pricy, around HK$3xx for 100g but a tube can last you for about a year as you would only need small amount each time.

Though I do like Dr Hauschka cleansing mask very much but it's more suited for acne/oily skin. IPSA is more suited for someone with occasional spots.

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Foundations -IPSA -Protect Liquid Foundation

on 8/20/2013 3:19:00 PM

A light breathable foundation that does not clog my pores nor create break outs. Does not shine after hours of wear and its perfect for summer! I have oily skin and easily get break outs with using many foundation, toner and moisturizer but this foundation is perfect for my skin. I've used up 2 bottles and will buy a 3rd because I hardly find a foundation that works with my skin. I like how it's runny.

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