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BB Cream -Hera -UV Mist Cushion (SPF50 /PA)

on 2/23/2018 1:59:00 AM


Really love this cushion, got the newest version .
It is medium- buidable coverage , do need some concealer to cover up my blemishes but it cover redness and other minor acne scarring pretty well, leaves a demi-dewy finshed, definitely more suitable for combo or dry skin. It lasted quite long, it lasted on me for 9 hours, still looks flawless one my face, but my oils are seeping through it, doesn't looks cakey , looks really natural.
If you're going to splurge for a cushion foundation , this is definitely the one, I personally think it is a whole lot better than the massively raved Laneige BB cushion .

Foundations -Hera -Hera UV Mist Cushion Ultra Moisture

on 3/28/2017 5:44:00 AM

Long-story short, I am pleasantly surprised at how good this is!

This is great if you were searching for a cushion that is in-between being glowy/tacky/greasy or matte/long-wearing/dehydrating/heavy.

SHADE: 21 is in between nc15 and nc20 (Mac Water weight shade), perhaps closer to nc 20, with yellow undertone, no orange or pink undertones (perfect match for me).
I would say it's a close match to Bare Minerals Original foundation in N10 Fairly Light, LM secret camouflage concealer in SC-3 (the left side), slightly darker in shade than It CC cream in Fair but lighter than Light.

For reference: I'm around NC 15 for Mac Water Weight foundation in winter and NC 20 when I'm really tanned in summer, but usually in between. From my palest to darkest- Chantecaille Future Skin Alabaster, BB Extra Bright Compact Powder Foundation 0.5 Warm Porcelain, Mac Water Weight NC15, It CC cream Fair, Bare Minerals Original N10 Fairly Light, GA Lasting Silk 4, Chantecaille Just Skin Bliss, ELDW in 1W1 Bone, Hera Ultra Moisture cushion 21, Mac Water Weight NC20.

Shade 17 was closer nc15. Shade 23 is closer to nc25, I believe.

COVERAGE: Medium buildable. Very light-weight. I only wear a light layer but the coverage is as similar to GA lasting silk with less product IMO. I still use LM secret camo for acne spots but this does a decent job at covering lighter hyperpigmentation marks. I'm yet to use a heavy layer of this.


Maintains hydration level of your skin( not dehydrating), isn't greasy or sticky, not overly slippy and siliconey. Can depend on your skincare but goves a natural glow to the skin without the grease.

This is my favourite part about this cushion. It's true when other reviews say that this maintains whatever level of moisture you have on your skin already. It doesn't add moisture per say, but it's definitely not dehydrating on me, and I am prone to dehydration.

The texture also depends on what skincare I have underneath- when I sprayed an oil-based mist underneath, the cushion remained slightly tacky to the touch. Today I wore it with a hydrating lotion and it didn't feel greasy nor was it drying. On-top of a mattefying sunscreen, the finish was a bit more satin.

It doesn't accentuate dry patches or settle into pores- which often happen s due to dehydration. I do set with a bit of LM loose translucent powder on my t-zone and under eyes. It makes my skin look smoother and more plump.

Wear-time: it lasts really well and wears evenly throughout the day. I touch up around my nose and chin after 6ish hours but my makeup still looks good. The weather is warming up but still chilly and dry in Korea, and my skin doesn't feel tight and dry throughout the day. My t-zone is less oily because my skin isn't dehydrated. It mixes with the natural oils of my skin well without separating. I'm yet to try this in Summer.

APPLICATION: I prefer using the sponge only for touch ups- I prefer to use a tiny amount and build slowly- but it's convenient as I don't have to carry a brush with me. At home, I go over with my RT sponge after using the applicator or a dense brush.

If you have dehydrated combo skin (or dry,normal, combo) skin and you were looking for a cushion that is glowy but not greasy/sticky, is long-wearing but not flat matte or dehydrating, has medium coverage but is natural and skin-like, is light-weight in texture, and you can find a shade match, I highly recommend this:)

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Treatments (Face) -Hera -Oil Serum Magic Formula

on 11/4/2016 8:22:00 AM


What a great invention. Yes, it is the relatively new technolygy (high pressure ultrasonic blended stabile oil-in-water-in-oil serum) used here which we are going to see a lot more of in the near future in cosmetics.

It may resemble the Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum, but with a lot more oils in it. Still it feels more lightweight and the tactile sensation is very pleasant.
It has a verye subtle fragrance mainly from the YlangYlang active ingredient.

My skin usually gets oily in the T-zone, so I mainly use it in the evenings (I have yet to try it daytime in the very cold season) - BUT I personally use it as the very last step due to it's richnes and still it does not feel particularly greasy after a few minutes. The reason for this is I want to lock in my pure moisturizing previous products deep in the skin.

It still soaks into the skin leaving a velvety surface feeling after a little while

Because of it relatively stiff price compared to the size I buy samples - the same amount for one third of the price (here in the west at least). I have been using it for about six months nightly and will continue to do so.

My skin is unbelivable soft in the morning. It will probably benefit those with dry to very dry skin in both the evening and morning rutine as a regular serum.

Buy it again?

It has become one of my few holy grails. I just can not go to bed without it. I still use my best of toner(s), serum(s), essence(s) as described in my other previews.
Some products just slips away from my bathroom after trying them, but the company producinge these products (PA) has somehow hit the 'nailed it' button'.

I still use the other products I consider HG's, but I keep discovering more ultimate steps. Tried it daytime outside in the icy cold winter and my skin was very protected without having a greasy look, even when going inside in warm conditions it didn't 'melt'.
Important to point out; I personally use it as the last step in my routine despite it being a serum as I feel this serum 'locks' other products in the skin.

"I cant Live if living is without you"

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Moisturizers -Hera -Cell Bio Cream

on 11/4/2016 7:09:00 AM


I am sorry to say to the writer (Glitterbear) of the previous review that this cream is probably not suited for your age group (I respect your review). However, I do agree of some of your points regarding price and packaging.

I like this cream very much during the cold season. Despite my combination skin usual getting oily in my T-zone, this cream does not excaserbate this feature - but does not do it better in anyway either (by using a non-harsh sebum absorbing product on top I counteract this).

I buy them only as samples now at a very good price doing properly searches on the net. This way I evade totally the high price and the jar proplem - one sample is enough for one use and you get a lot more amount as a 50 ml (40 - 50 samples x 2) jar for half or less the price.
Not to mention the more hygienic use and shelf life as you would know.

Hera is my new hero label (in pare with my staples Missha Men products).
This summer I used the Hera Waterin line products (gel-cream lightweight on top of my Missha for Men Deep Sea Energy Soother - the ultimate virtual oil-free moisture skin-plumper, see my review for this one) with great results on fully plumping my skin.

So my verdict is that for my semi-mature skin Hera Cell-Bio Cream Soft (mark that the Soft version is lighter in oils) is ok for it's price and I would buy it again if I was not so hooked by Korean skin care and will try most of the lot before I settle with my favorites.

I must say that in total after starting the Korean skin care regime light (not the 12 step rather than a 4 to 5 step), my skin has become wrinkle/line free except those everlasting, deep frown and the worrying line on my forehead. (Laugh lines around the eyes does not count even though they have become softer and a lot less pronounced).

Worth a full sample tryout for the right age group then you decide.

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BB Cream -Hera -CC Cream

on 8/29/2016 11:29:00 PM


I'm really surprised by the lukewarm and negative reviews! The coverage is medium teetering on full (particularly for redness), the finish is slightly dewy and hyper-real (that "too perfect" ceramic smooth finish) and it's kind to dry skin. I can see why it wouldn't work for oily skin types or hot, humid conditions as it doesn't completely dry down, retaining that hydrating but slightly tacky feel. The other pitfall is that by the end of an 8 hour work day, this shows signs of wear but that can be said for many foundations and for a cc cream the longevity is respectable. I love that I can basically smother this all over my face like a moisturiser with my fingers and it blends perfectly and looks great with zero effort. It also doesn't cause any breakouts or irritation and my skin actually looks better when I take it off. So it's perfect for the gym and lazy days.

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