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Recent Hawaiian Tropic Reviews

Sunscreen -Hawaiian Tropic -SPF 30 Sheer Touch


I bought this out of necessity because my regular sunscreen, Banan Boat 30, was sold out...Very lucky decision - this is such a great product - the sunscreen is light, non-greasy and invisible...but WOW, when I looked in mirror 1 hour later and wondered why my skin looked "glowy"...then I actually read the fine print on the bottle and YES, it DOES leave your skin looking radiantly-sheeny-glowy.
I did put on my normal foundation on top and discovered that the bonus to this product is that it gives you that highlight-y/brightening effect on top of solid SPF. A twin value!...the only downside may the scent - I love the coconutty scent but if you are sensitive to scent or don't enjoy beach-coconut aromas, this may not be right for you. In terms of SPF, invisibility and bonus sheen, it delivers wonderfully. Repurchase, new favourite for me,

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Lotions/ Creams -Hawaiian Tropic -Silk Hydration After Sun

on 7/19/2018 5:04:00 PM


Nice product , gives a decent amount of hydration for normal or oily skin. I have normal to dry skin and while applying this to dry areas of my body I mix it with a regular body cream for dry skins.
I like the package and the beautiful scent and the fact that it is a two colored lotion just like the toothpastes. If you apply the lotion in front of an air conditioner you feel the cooling effect more which I love to do after sunbath. But the effect doesn’t last long.

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Sunscreen -Hawaiian Tropic -Sheer Touch SPF 50

on 7/8/2018 1:20:00 PM

I first used this at my parents' place because I hadn't brought any sunscreen with me. I think they bought it because it was a good price, but they (and I) have kept buying it because the texture is better than any other sunscreen I've tried (except some I've bought while travelling that aren't available where I live).

The best thing about this sunscreen is that it is a high SPF, but it feels like a lotion. I know, I know, sunscreens/sunblocks with physical ingredients are better, but...I hate the feel of them so much that I end up using them less than I should. Unlike those, which are greasy, thick, and hard to rub in, Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch goes on easily and soaks into skin with very little trace. I don't feel sticky and gross. I don't look like I coated myself in white paint. You are supposed to reapply ANY sunscreen every 80 minutes, and with this stuff, I am far more likely to actually do it. I also use closer to the actual amount you're supposed to use (which is a lot).

I find it offers pretty good daily outdoor activity sun body protection for me (I have used it on my face in a pinch without problem, but I prefer a face sunscreen meant specifically for facial skin). It prevents me from burning and keeps me pretty pale. Now, full disclosure, I don't tend to go out in the blazing noonday sun, and I seek shade whenever I can. I don't normally go into the water, either. If I'm going to be very exposed, or on/in the water, I use a physical sunscreen. However, I was recently on a trip to a hot, sunny big city where I used this sunscreen exclusively, even when touring exposed outdoor ruin sites, and it really worked. Like I said, I was less reluctant to reapply and I think that helped.

The scent is, well, tropical--coconut and some other fruit. You end up smelling faintly like a pina colada. By no means is this scent free! But it's not too strong and I really don't mind it.

Overall, I highly recommend this sunscreen if

-you are looking for a pleasant feeling, non-greasy, non-sticky lotion type body sunscreen
-you are okay without a physical ingredient
-you are not sensitive to chemical ingredients like avobenzone or octinoxate
-you don't mind a coconut scented product
-you don't burn super easily and have good sun habits like covering up with a shawl or seeking shade when the sun is strongest
-you are willing to reapply as you are supposed to and aren't using it for a water sunscreen.

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Skincare - Body -Hawaiian Tropic -Dark Tanning Oil

on 5/12/2018 12:18:00 AM


It gives you tan quickly but it’s so sticky. And I find it more like gel than oil (don’t know why). One strange thing abt this product is that when I apply it on my body, my palms appear some red and slightly hard dots. I have quite a few on my both palms. It’s so weird that It doesn’t happen on my body skin (thanks God). And I’m glad I didn’t use it on my face. Anyway, not gonna buy this again.

Lotions/ Creams -Hawaiian Tropic -Lime Coolada After Sun Moisturizer


I'm shocked this doesn't have more reviews. This is definitely my favorite lotion. The smell is so summery and fresh! I indoor tan every summer and this moisturizes my skin perfectly, if I get a little red this seems to speed up the healing process. I'll always repurchase this!

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