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Hair Treatments -Hask - Macadamia Oil Revitalizing Shine Treatment

on 12/11/2017 9:22:00 AM


Let me start off by saying how amazing this smells. I absolutely love it! I wish there was a body spray with this scent.
I also wish I wish the results were as good as the scent.
It does soften my hair and adds some shine but nothing amazing, you do have to be careful because it can weigh it down or look greasy if you apply even the slightest bit too much.
I use a small amount on wet hair and blow dry. It only softens the hair a bit but does not help all that much with smoothing, straightening, or frizz when I use it this way.
It does not add any shine when I use it before blow drying only when I use it after.
It does an okay job smoothing over the top layer of my hair but I am not blown away by it nor would I repurchase it again. I am interested in the matching shampoo and conditioner just not this product.

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Shampoo -Hask -Keratin Protein Smoothing Shampoo

on 11/17/2017 2:14:00 PM


The worst shampoo. My hair became dry and distrusting. Definitely do not buy.

Styling Products -Hask -Argan Oil Healing Shine Hair Treatment

on 11/14/2017 1:26:00 AM


I love this stuff. I've been trying to grow my hair out. It was looking kind of rough and I bought this. My split ends were too far gone and I needed a trim. I decided to start using it right after my cut to maintain that new haircut look. It's worked. Months later and it still looks fresh. I won't need a clean up trim for some time.

Conditioner -Hask -Keratin Protein Smoothing Conditioner

on 11/6/2017 9:04:00 AM


Not a fan of the scent. I think it smells terrible.
This conditioner did help to control frizz and make my hair look a bit smoother. It was also easier to straighten with the blow dryer.
I noticed less fall out when using this combined with the matching shampoo and both were not as irritating to my scalp.
If I found this on sale I would buy it again but not sure about the shampoo.

Conditioner -Hask -Charcoal Purifying Conditioner

on 10/12/2017 11:47:00 AM

This is great. It seems to really intensively moisturise my hair yet it feels quite light. The only issue I have with it is that it contains silicone. Not an issue in itself, but the matching shampoo is sulfate free and I find that sulfate free shampoos aren't the best at removing the silicone from the previous wash/condtioning so this can lead to build up. So once a fortnight I use an SLS containing shampoo to avoid this issue.

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