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Toners -Hada Labo -Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion

on 7/14/2018 3:26:00 PM


I was on the fence on this initially. After reading and rereading so many reviews from various sites, it seems like this product is a hit or miss for everyone - its either a HG or you break out terribly from it. It took me many weeks of to-buy or not-to-buy and eventually I took the plunge.

Got the refill pack of the Light version during a promo simply because it literally cost less than half the price of the full packaging, with the same amount of product and loaded it into a spritz bottle. It was probably on promo cause it's expiring in less than a year.

I tested it on my neck twice a day -I was terrified of the bad reviews and after a week, it seemed fine so I proceeded with my face.

I'm not sure how many drops one spritz equals to, but I spray it on my damp forehead, both cheeks, chin and neck, slap/pat it in till it gets sticky, then dries. I do this twice if I have the time. Followed by The Ordinary Niacinamide and Caolion Freshly Cream moisturizer. Unlike many reviewers who calls this HG, I didn't feel the instant wow factor. Honestly not sure it does much for my face.

I only felt a significant difference when I used it on my arms and legs. My skin was really dried out with dry patches after using Nature Republic's Aloe Gel but I was still adamant on finishing up the product that I filled into a 50ml bottle (before giving away the rest of the huge tub) - everytime I used it, my skin got drier. So I spritzed the HL lotion on before applying the aloe (I know I should have just binned it), and the next day the dry patches were actually gone!

So perhaps my face isn't dry enough to show a significant difference, but at least I know it works on me. I guess I would repurchase unless I find something more intriguing when this finishes.

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Skincare - Face -Hada Labo -Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Milk

on 7/9/2018 7:18:00 PM


A lightweight moisturiser that punches well above its weight in terms of skin hydration. More viscous than the lotion toner, but thinner than your average moisturising cream, it leaves skin feeling soft without feeling too heavy or sticky. Used alone it's not great with very dry skin, but paired with the lotion it provides comfortable and intense moisture. Doesn't break me out, aside from my regular premenstrual flares. Never experienced any reactions to it either. A very lovely product, I'd recommend it to people of pretty much any skin type.

Like the other Hada Labo products in bottles, there are refill packs available that are slightly cheaper than the bottled ones. I appreciate the effort they put forth to try to reduce plastic waste. Wish more companies did this too.

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Toners -Hada Labo -Shirojyun Premium lotion

on 7/9/2018 6:17:00 PM


This a review of the Milk version. I will eventually replace it with the lotion and update this or move this. This quite new and I feel it's reasonable to but the reviews under the same heading.. This has Vit C (MAP) and tranexamic acid and vit E. Tranexamic acid has been compared to hydraquinone but with none of the irritation and problems. There is no irritation with it. It's just a moisturizer that brightens like crazy. The texture of the milk is a thin hydratng lotion that looks like milk as it's bright white. Not going to be your moisturizing for most people as it's light but it's hdyrating and silky feeling. Layers well.

This milk has brighten my skin and zapped my melasma, but not alone. I was hitting it with the kitchen sink: Holy Snails Shark sauce or Stratia Rewind (licorice/niacinamide serums) for years and then more recently Melano CC Anti Spot (C serum). At the same time I got this I got the Shirojyun Arbutin toner. Both have been refomulated 2018. But I started them separately to test them and while both are good this one works better. This really tipped the scales on my melasma. I don't even notice it anymore. It used to look like I had dirt on my cheeks. Been that way for 10 years. It also brightened my whole face which was really pale and brightened to begin with. It gave it a milky glow. The other thing is that it's zero irritation. It's like using the regular Hada Labo Gokujyun Milk, which is nice. It's a silky hydrating light lotion. Not enough moisture on it's on for me or too many people. I am dry. But it layers great and makes my skin feel silky. It's not expensive. It's a light hydrator. I can wear it under sunscreen and on my hands as well. I layer it with Stratia Liquid Gold and Etude Soonjung Barrier Cream this summer at night. That is my trifecta. Forms a nice texture. I am really impressed. I wanted a milk for summer and will try the lotion for winter when this runs out. My skin is bright enough now that I don't fee like I need to keep using the other Shirojyun lotion when it runs out. But I really like that too. Nice ingredients too: squalane, meadofoam oil, silicone, hydluronic acid & nano.

Hada Labo Shirojyun Premiium Milk (moist) ingredients: tranexamic acid: water, magnesium ascorbyl phospate, tochopherol, hydrolized hyaluronic acid (nano), sodium hyaluronate, squalane, diglycerin, limnanthes alba (meadowfoam) seed oil, glycerin, triethylhexanoin, sodium steroyl glutamate, glyceryl stearate, dimethicone, carbomer, xanthan gum, behenyl alcohol, disodium EDTA, sodium nitrate, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben

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Sunscreen -Hada Labo -Perfect UV Gel SPF50 PA++++

on 6/23/2018 4:49:00 AM


Offers great protection for incidental sun exposure. I no longer use this on my face since it clogs my pores a bit and leaves it looking a bit shiny, which never really went away. Felt very heavy probably from all the silicones. It works beautifully on my body though! This would also be great for people with drier skin types.

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Moisturizers -Hada Labo -Anti-Aging Hydrator

on 6/11/2018 9:33:00 AM


I really do love this. It's inexpensive, available at Bed Bath & Beyond, and it fills a gap in my routine. I have oily skin and because of this, I sometimes don't focus enough on the hydration aspects of my skin care. I love rosehip oil, which is still great and forever in my rotation, but adding this serum beforehand enhances everything I use after. It has a thin, watery texture; I use about the size of a quarter every morning and evening—then I follow with a small amount of oil (I used to use a LOT more rosehip before this). My skin just drinks it up. Previous to this I was using a hyaluronic serum from Garden of Wisdom, which I did like, but I like this much better. Now in summer, I can even get away with just this as my moisturizer. I have nothing bad to say about this product, hasn't broken me out, hasn't clogged my pores, feels nice to use, no terrible smell.

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