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Fragrances -H&M -H&M Vanilla - Creamy Sweetness EDT

on 10/9/2018 5:29:00 PM


I don't know if I ended up with a bad bottle, but it's really awful. I was expecting vanilla and ended up with something that I can't even find any vanilla in.

All hairspray smell in alcohol level (to the point of being worse than the most alcohol rich body spray that reeks of it) and in scent. It smells literally even under the alcohol (which I still smell an hour later, but not as intensely as at first) like old fashioned hairspray from the 80's.

It's very soapy (if you like soapy you might like this, it's good as far as soapy scents go, and not too harsh or sharp) with a hint of powder and citrus (maybe lemon, but a very soft lemon that's not sharp). It's clean and fresh but not overly harsh for a soapy scent. But for a vanilla scent, it's harsh.

There's a very soft, light floral note as well. I hate florals overall, but it's not bad in this one nor overly floral, more of a hint of a soft green note that's botanical but not harsh.

I would not know there was vanilla in it on sniffing it. It's not there for me at all. If you wanted vanilla, skip it. I am amazed anyone smells it in there at all.

It reminds me a little of DKNY Cashmere Mist (not a dupe, but it has something in it similar but this is softer) or one of the Philosophy "Graces" (the one with the slight green note, that was softer than the others, I can't remember if it was Pure Grace or Baby Grace). It would fit right in with them as a softer one. That would have been my guess for what it was if blind sniffing a Philosophy "clean" scent.

If someone wanted a clean, slightly soapy, fresh soft powdery (and I do love soft powdery scents, but not the o) skin scent with a hint of citrus (just a hint, I hate citrus and it's not overwhelming on drydown) and really soft botanicals (it gets a bit "green" smelling in the green notes as it drys down more and is fairly green smelling).

If it were just the powder notes without the green notes in the drydown, even with no vanilla, I might like it.

It's just not for me at all, but if you like that sort of scent and can get past the overwhelming alcohol at first, it's not bad.

I even double checked that my bottle box and bottle said vanilla and the color matched, because this is not at all a vanilla scent, at least in my bottle.

Polishes -H&M -Nail Polish

on 7/26/2018 1:21:00 PM


I usually stick with the red/pink/coral range for my fingers and will go outlandish for my toes. At my advanced age I'll do every thing except black and the more glitter the better for my toes. For the first time I swapped for a amazing blue "Moonchild" and put it on my fingers! It's the closest to metalic/chrome I've found without a lot of steps. I was tickled with the first coat and Loved the second. For my first time to "go wild" with my fingers (retired from a career of suits and heels, very corporate). I am thrilled! Love this stuff and even tho I do Not need more polish, I'm going to buy a couple more and see if they come across as gleaming as this beautiful one is. In certain lights it shows a beautiful teal, as well as it's regular bright blue. Ya gotta try this stuff at $5.99

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Lipstick -H&M -Cream lipstick

on 6/17/2018 7:55:00 PM


I have 2 lipsticks from H&M, "Firebrand" and "Farham Brick". The first one is Coral/dark Orange in color, the other one is dark warm red. They have good pigmentation in my opinion. They dont smell anything(or taste) which in my opinion is good. Never understood why a lipstick should taste and smell perfume anyway… "Firebrand " has to be reapplied after a meal/eating, "Farham Brick" I almost must Wash away after I have used it in the evening. The one I suit most is the orangey one, the other one gets a bit too dark and bleeds somewhat too.

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Polishes -H&M -Nail Polish - All Shades

on 4/23/2018 1:09:00 PM


I recently hauled 8 bottles of color from H&M for $6 a piece (I originally thought they were $8 each, but that's the "gel" version, so $6 is better, as costs quickly add up). I'm not thrilled with all the shades I picked (I even tested them in the store but you never really know until you do the full mani), but they are workable for unusual manicure effects. What I love most about H&M polish is the packaging & materials - (#1) bottle is nice & is easy enough to handle, (#2) the brush is PERFECTION, (#3) the formula is rich, spreads well & applies without difficulty. Essie Gel Couture has the best brush I've ever used (more so than Dior which is also good, but I am not a fan of OPI's brush), but that's now trumped by the H&M brush. This brush is substantial, flat, tapered & curved to fan closely around the natural contours of the cuticle outline. This is the first manicure I've ever done myself with no smears or cuticle flooding & required entirely no cleanup whatsoever (miracle). This brush just gives far better coverage & control than any other brush I've ever encountered. So I will eventually be going back to H&M for more - large selection available. Unfortunately, not all H&M locations offer cosmetics or polish, so you have to find the locations that do. I only find nailpolish at the flagship store in my area (the makeup section looks Sephora-like).

This might be weird, but even if I hated all the colors offered I'd still buy more (clear is available & sheer white "Ice Cold Milk" is basic + classic) just to have the bottles to reuse for favorite polishes that come in terrible packaging. I bet this brush would make my older favorite polishes apply neatly.

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Eyeliner -H&M -Colour Essence Eye Pencil

on 3/12/2018 3:44:00 PM

I stumbled upon these eyeliners while in Canada, and vaguely remembering that some beauty bloggers had discussed them positively, I decided to give them a try. After months of using them, I have to say: believe the hype! I'm not sure how H&M's other beauty products fare, but these eyeliners are worth every penny -- creamy, sets without fading for the entirety of the day (with one exception) and removes and sharpens easily. I have three colors so far:

01. Raw Umber: my most used, this once is a sightly sheeny bronze that I use to line my upper lash line; it's really easy to do a small flick that elongates my eyes just a bit.

02. Come in Third: a rich, warm gold, I use this to line my lower lash line. I never tightline, as I wear hard lenses that inevitably every eyeliner I've tried ends up getting all over the lenses and then making it impossible for me to see (fun times!), so instead I usually use a slightly more colorful eyeliner to go very lightly on my lower lash line. This is the one exception to the "no fading" statement -- because my skin tends to be on the oilier side and I live in a hot climate, whatever eyeliner I apply to my lower lash line will fade a bit as the day progresses. I don't hold this against this product/color, I think it's just me and where I live.

03. Mighty Oak: my newest addition, this one is a dark brown with just the barest hint of khaki. Again, as with the other two, it wears beautifully.

For $6.99 USD, these are my new go to eyeliners. I haven't tried other colors, including the black, so I will update the review if they underperform. The only negative thing I could say about them is that I know that not every brick-and-mortar H&M store have their beauty section available, so it might be an online only thing for some of us in the States, and the colors on the website are super inaccurate :/

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