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BB Cream -HANSKIN -Super Light Touch BB Cream

on 6/6/2017 1:36:00 PM


I used it with setting powder.
It started to get a little shiny after 5-6 hours. But it was just like a natural glow. Not cakey or anything.
It's very long lasting. It doesn't cause break outs.
It offers medium to high coverage. It covered my red spots, acnes perfectly.
The colour is very light, it's perfect for people with pale skin.

BB Cream -HANSKIN -SUPER snail BB cream

on 4/2/2015 3:38:00 AM

This is the 1st snail BB cream that i've ever tried.

I love the light texture and great moisturizing effect for my skin.
This BB only suit people with fair skin, because the color is a lil bit light.
The coverage itself is not soo good but it is ok if it only for daily use.

My skin sometime can become sensitive, but when i used this BB it never breaks me down.
Love the effect of brightening and anti wrinkle and high SPF.

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BB Cream -HANSKIN -Super Magic BB Cream

on 4/2/2015 3:32:00 AM


This have been my favourite korean BB cream so far.
I love the coverage that is does to my skin, my freckles become blurry, and it yet moisturizing with great SPF to keep your skin from sun damage.This BB suit my dry skin and never breaks my skin down. Love the color, it blend together with my skin tone after several usage. If i used it i feel like i'm just using skincare.

I always in love with most of Hanskin BB.
If you're asian with fair skin and looking for BB, i really recommend it.

BB Cream -HANSKIN -Super 3 Solution BB cream


This is heavy for a BB cream so I ended up using it as a foundation. Nothing special about it really. OK coverage, stays about 5-7 hours and I have oily skin so I go shiny regardless of what I use. Will not repurchase because it is not BB, it is like a light liquid foundation!

BB Cream -HANSKIN -Caviar Gold BB Cream

on 5/30/2014 5:20:00 PM

Overall rating: 3.5
Price at the time of purchase: ~$32
Buy Again? At the time of purchase, BB creams were not popular in the states and they are hard to find in stores where you can sample them on your skin. Now, there are so many BB cream options in the states, I have to try others!

Some people might be scared away by the grey/ashy color tone of this product when you first apply it to your skin, but give it a minute and it will blend closer to your skin color. This can provide great coverage if you apply more layers, without feeling heavy on your skin (donít really feel anything at all!). You really donít need a lot to begin with, as this product spreads really easily and sinks into your skin immediately. Problem with this one is mainly color options/color match. I have light (but not white or pale) Asian skin w/ yellow undertones and the color worked for me. My coworker, who is also Asian, but has a darker/more tan skintone tried it and it made her skin a little bit too bright. For the both of us, it evened out the redness around the nose and gave us an almost matte finish.

I really liked the fact that the bottle is light & small. I can throw this in my bag to work and if I am heading to happy hour or dinner after, I can just re-apply at the end of the day in the areas I need to (not my entire face). It doesn't make my skin feel greasy or oily at the end of the day.

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