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Treatments (Face) -HABA -Lift-Up Serum

on 1/23/2017 8:58:00 PM


I received a sample sachet from a local Asian beauty store. The sample was enough for about 4-5 uses. With just a sample, it’s not enough for me to determine if this product is beneficial, but here’s some feedback on the texture/brand. HABA stands for Health Aid Beauty Aid and promotes itself as paraben-, fragrance-, mineral oil-, chemically synthesized tar color- and petrochemical surfactant-free.

I was very confused on my first application of this serum. It was very watery/runny and felt like an oil. Because of this and sample packaging that doesn’t cater well to this texture, I accidently spilled a large amount (between a nickel and quarter size) into my palm. The actual full-sized version does come in a pump, so hopefully you can control the amount better. With this large amount, the product didn’t absorb well into my skin, even after patting & massaging my face. It also left quite a sticky feeling to my face. On my next try, I was more cautious with how much product used and it worked out a little better, but it still felt like there was something on my skin. It reminded me more of a hydrating oil than a serum.

At first, I didn't really care for the product. But after I finished using up the sample, it made me curious to read more about the product and the brand. Their website description made me even more curious about the long-term effects to help “increase the firmness and elasticity, restoring the firmness and definition of the face line.” After checking pricing online, the full-sized version sells for $50/30ml or $22.50/10ml on Amazon and on their US website. The $22 price point isn’t too expensive to try if it will “lift-up” this sagging skin! So until then…this will be TBC...

Skincare - Face -HABA -White Lady

on 1/22/2017 1:32:00 AM


This is fancy japanese vitamin c, which unfortunately did not make any visible difference, no lightening of spots or evening of tone. Its water like texture absorbed well, no rolling with other products and did not break me out or dry me out. I'm sure this is better than nothing due to its antioxidant properties, but I see much more with 30% vitamin C. I used it on speed, twice a day until the 30ml finished. I would say, sample if you can but buy the smaller 30ml even though the 50ml is much much better value. There is nothing bad to say about this except for that it made no difference whatsoever.

Hair Treatments -HABA -Active Lite Relaxer

on 2/8/2016 3:55:00 PM

I love this stuff. I have very coarse hair and it relaxes it so perfect

Skincare - Face -HABA -Squalane


This works! I've got dry skin and I'm alway in air conditioned areas, most moisturizers I've tried doesn't give me the "wow" factor but I'm surprised that squalene oil did. I bought the smallest bottle from HABA, and considering that his 2 drops will suffice, this bottle can last quite a long time. I applied a drop to my neck area, that had broken out with eczema and the next morning, it was so much better, no longer red and itchy. Word of caution tho, I would only use this at night because it can leave an oily film on the face.

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Treatments (Face) -HABA -umi no houseki

on 8/26/2015 1:44:00 AM

This works very well as a "sleeping mask" for very dry skin.

If i have dry/flaky skin that day, i would apply this as a last step to my skincare routine (I apply the HABA squalane oil before this). This is thick (like Vaseline), so only a little is needed. It helps to prevent moisture from drying out, especially in dry environments (like AC rooms). My skin feels soft the next morning.

Given that it wouldn't be used on a daily basis, and very little is needed each time, this is pretty good for value compared with the many "sleeping masks" on the market.

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