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Recent Guerlain Reviews

Highlighters -Guerlain -Les Meteorites balls powder

on 11/11/2017 10:05:00 AM


I LOVE THIS! Beautiful finishing powder. Blurs and gives a nice GLOW!

This is not a setting powder but because I have dry skin and get a cake face when I using setting powders I use this instead. It kind of does set too.

I have the Meteorites Balls in the color Clair but have now bought the compact in Medium.

I recommend it to all of you. It may be expensive but it goes a long way!

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Fragrances -Guerlain -L'Heure Bleue

on 11/11/2017 6:29:00 AM


Probably not a repurchase. Actually, it was a christmas gift, so not even a purchase. I have tried L'Heure Bleue many times over the years in both edt and edp.

This review is for the eau de parfum. The eau de toilette has absolutely no staying power on my perfume eating skin. I adore so many of the notes in this fragrance, and the drydown is heaven. My main problem is getting to the drydown.

On first application, all I can smell is almond marzipan or play doh. This phase lasts for nearly half an hour. Eventually it morphs into a lovely powdery spicy purple mix of purple flowers tinged with benzoin and vanilla. It disappears and reappears throughout the day. Even in eau de parfum, I wish it was stronger or had more presence, but on me it doesn't. Some people may love the idea of a fragrance that disappears and reappears but it actually annoys me a little. I want to be able to smell my fragrance all day.

Works best on me in very hot weather, almost disappears in cold weather. I have had neither compliments nor complaints about this fragrance.

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Makeup Brushes -Guerlain -Meteorites Brush

on 11/10/2017 3:55:00 PM


This brush sheds like crazy! I hated it for that! It’s not the softest brush either. HOWEVER it is the best brush to apply meteorites. I have tried different brushes but the result is not the same. So as much as I’d like to give this a 1 star, it does have a positive point.

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Fragrances -Guerlain -Mon Guerlain

on 11/10/2017 12:38:00 PM


The best parfum ever!!!So soft and gentle ,i’ve got a many compliments...

Treatments (Face) -Guerlain -Super Aqua-Serum

on 11/5/2017 4:44:00 PM


This serum wasn't for me at all. Looks like a very thin fragranced white lotion and sinks right in but my sensitive combination skin became increasingly more red and irritated while using it.

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