Guerlain is a French perfume, cosmetics and skincare house. It was founded in 1828, when Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain opened his perfume store at 42, rue de Rivoli in Paris.* The first flagship store opened in 1840. The business was handed down generation to generation, until it was purchased by LVMH in 1994. The products are available online and at retail makeup and department stores worldwide. *Source: Wikipedia

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Liquid -Guerlain -meteorites baby glow light-revealing sheer makeup spf 25

on 3/15/2018 9:27:00 PM


I love this baby glow sheer foundation. It is very light weight n sheer. If your skin doesn’t have too much problem with acne this one works great. If you thinking covering up like regular foundation it does not.

I like the smell, and a good hydation n premier is always good for perfect before any foundation

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Moisturizers -Guerlain -Orchidee Imperiale Rich Cream

on 3/11/2018 1:27:00 AM


The smell of the cream makes me dread and scared putting the cream on each time, to a point where I’m almost gagging. It’s very rich though and the moisturizing effect lasts through the day till night. I can’t wait for the cream to finish so I can get to a different one!

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Blush -Guerlain -La Petite Robe Noire Lip & Cheek Tint


For a Guerlain product this was pretty affordable at only $35 Canadian so I gave it a shot. It initially looks very similar to Benefit's Posietint but dries down to more of a flushed rosy pink whereas Posie stays bright pink. I found the colour very flattering on my pale neutral-cool skin for both lips and cheeks, but as a cheek tint my biggest complaint was that it took off some of my foundation underneath and made it look splotchy so it would be better on bare skin. The packaging while cute is pretty bulky, so not the greatest if you travel frequently.

I like this product enough to continue to use it as it's very pretty, but I don't believe I will repurchase because I don't think it's crucial to my look.

Fragrances -Guerlain -Mon Guerlain

on 2/26/2018 6:24:00 PM


I love Guerlain fragrances but with Mon Guerlain I was not into it. First, I didn’t like the whole big bucks ad campaign. Also I’m not fond of the spokesperson I just don’t feel like that was the right fit. So I was being snobby I guess because I love Shalimar, Samsara, Shalimar PI, and I like the soufflé 2014 perfume. So when I recieved a sample of this I just added it to my sample collection. Finally after seeing so many good reviews I said to myself try the sample. If I dislike it I have nothing to lose. I loved it! I know this is a commercial scent or one that is mass marketed and that was something I didn’t like but times change and a good fragrance is a good fragrance. So I bought the 3.3 ounce bottle and I don’t regret it one bit.

I love vanilla especially the way Guerlain does it. This does lean gourmand but this to me isn’t foodie vanilla at all. It’s a creamy, delicious, well done one. The lavender in this is very good it’s spicy but sweet. Mature but has a youthful vibe. The bergamot I don’t get to much except for the lovely citrus in the opening but I do not get a strong bergamot note, I read that’s due to new guidelines on bergamot oil. Nonetheless I like how this opens! The lavender together with the citrus smells so good, clean but spicy, yet, not too clean. Something about it is cozy too. The middle is lovely the iris isn’t standoffish as sometimes it can be. It is soft and beautiful, I keep catching whiffs of the Jasmine and no, it’s not not super strong or indolic at all. These two flowers intertwined with the rose which I do not smell but I think it’s how they go together that makes it so gorgeous!

Finally the base ah the vanilla I don’t get vanilla ice cream but instead a lavender vanilla desert that smells so good you almost don’t want to eat it because it just looks so pretty. I see on Fragrantica that they have added the notes patchouli and Licorice and I don’t smell either. Instead I get the vanilla obviously with some benzoin which I think adds to the vanilla combined with the tonka and sandalwood I just adore this! Because you can still smell the lavender in it when it totally dries down. But it’s so lovely it’s like a spicy vanilla, lavender delight! I also get a Shalimar vibe and can smell Wasser’s guerlinaide which I personally love.

So for me Mon Guerlain is beautiful it’s made for mass market but at the same time you can still tell this is Guerlain and it has Guerlain’s quality written all over it imo. I love it! I wish they’d come out with an intense version as I like my scents loud and this one is quite gentle. So, it is great for work and for me I wear it daily I find it to be perfect no matter what I’m wearing. Also this is great with all seasons I think. I also like it for day wear, the sillage is moderate on me and lasts for hours on my skin. I’m so happy I gave this scent a chance because I now love it. I’m glad I put aside my preconceived notions! This to me is a delicious fragrance that has just the amount of sweet and spice. I would like the shower gel and lotion too.

I also love the packaging and the spray nozzle on this is so perfect! It applies the perfume so evenly. Not too much not too little. I love the acid etching on the bottle, very old school like the vintage Shalimar. Love that they use the Jicky quadrilobe bottle as well. The pink juice suits it perfectly so feminine. Overall I love it! It gets a lot of compliments and makes me feel good. Love!

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Primer/ Corrector -Guerlain -L'OR Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold

on 2/26/2018 3:06:00 PM


The best primer that I have ever used. My foundation doesn't crease, I thought that I would spend the rest of my life with my foundations creasing on my face, but this primer changed my life! It's very expensive to me, but It worths the money. For a second option, I love the Primerizer from Smashbox.

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