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Styling Products -Graham Webb -Moussing Wax

on 10/17/2015 8:47:00 AM

This is my HG hair product. I have hair that is long, wavy, and thick - it's half way between silky and course. It always looked frizzy and dry - though it wasn't actually dry. Using this product while my hair was still wet completely changed that - my hair now looks silky, shiny, soft, and smooth. I now also first use argan oil, then put this on. A little goes a long way, too much will make my hair look greasy - and I only apply it from the tips of my hair up to the bottom of my scalp, same as I do with conditioner.

Styling Products -Graham Webb -Halo Volumizing Mousse

Having hair on the more thinner side I need hair products that don't weigh my hair down. I used a medium sized dollop on my hair and it wasn't sticky and it went on lightly. I used a hot air brush and could definitely see the perks of this mousse! I had soft hair with full believable volume that I thought my hair could never achieve. Finding it at big lots for a mere $3.50 was bittersweet because being a nearly $20 mousse it was so cheap. But finding it there (a closeout store) 9 times out of 10 almost always means that it's more than likely getting discontinued:/

Hair -Graham Webb -Vivid Color Shampoo and Conditioner

TOO MANY SILICONES! I tried the conditioner because of the great reviews on Amazon but I knew as soon as I tried it that it was going to break me out. There is a TON of slip to this conditioner and when I checked the ingredients it was loaded with 'cones... which always clog my pores and cause breakouts on my forehead and back. I didn't find that my hair was any shinier or softer after using this than any other conditioners. I won't repurchase this again.

Shampoo -Graham Webb -Halo Drench Hydrating Shampoo

on 1/18/2013 12:41:00 AM

This is the best shampoo and conditioner by far that I've ever used. It's discontinued so its super hard to find and very expensive. It smells lovely, cleans, softens, it's luxury, really. Love it!!

Shampoo -Graham Webb -graham web velvet soft shampoo

on 12/4/2012 12:45:00 PM

Really like this shampoo for my thick, coarse, frizzy hair. Not many shampoos work for my hair type, and as far as relatively cheap goes, this is one of the rarities. Worth a try if your'e on a budget and need some softening to your hair, because it does make a noticeable difference.

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