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on 5/22/2017 5:44:00 AM


I started using this a few months ago because my 40 year old skin is so strange now. The product is awesome!!! You can use as little or a lot as you like! I use two shades on my face then blend with a blender brush. I love that the tiniest amount gives great coverage and is really lightweight. I also use the color corrector palette. It's easy to over apply because you're use to regular foundation, so really start out sparingly. You can always build on it. If you get one of the palettes in your color range you can highlight and contour with the other colors. With aging skin this product is great, doesn't sink into wrinkles or cake if you use sparingly. You'll need a setting powder.

Tip: Use a foundation brush to dot on your face then use a blender brush to blend out. If you have too much on use a beauty blender to remove some.


on 5/4/2017 6:49:00 PM


I got the corrector palette based on the amazing reviews but this product was a huge disappointment for me. It looked super cakey, did not blend well at all, and it honestly felt like really cheap and bad quality dollar store makeup to me. Oh and it settled into my pores and made them very obvious and visible.

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Foundations -Graftobian -HD GLAMOUR CREME PALETTES

on 3/18/2017 11:20:00 AM


I'm surprised to be giving this product such a low rating based on so many positive reviews. I bought the hi-def glamour creme palette (in warm 1) and the hi-def corrector palette, without having any experience with the products/ brand, and was SO disappointed with them both! The actual colors of the products were great and matched my skin really well, especially the orange-toned corrector for my under-eyes, but the texture of the products made them completely unusable for me. I have a soft & smooth complexion naturally, my only problems are color related (dark circles when I'm tired, redness due to sensitivities), but the foundation/ corrector blended really poorly - left tons of tiny patches of cakiness under the eyes and on parts of my face, and it settled into my pores A LOT (and my pores have never been visible with or without product on). Also highlighted those very, very fine lines under the eye. I tried to make this stuff work with different amounts of moisturizer (no moisturizer to lots of moisturizer, left on to soak into skin or applied right on top) and different methods of applying - brushes, fingers, damp and dry sponge. Nothing made a difference. I would suggest finding some way to test the product before buying it, although it's hard to find an actual store that carries this brand. If you buy it online (I bought mine from Alcone), it's highly unlikely they will refund you after using even a bit of it. Graftobian themselves won't even guarantee satisfaction with their products, as per their website. Luckily, they aren't too pricey.

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on 3/4/2017 4:34:00 PM


I bought a pot of this to try when replenishing my supply of Graftobian foundation. Also got the Oxyderm moisturiser, which I love. But this Aloevation? The texture can best be described as a quivering mass of curdled blancmange. Has mine gone off? It feels strange (cold, sticky?) on the skin, and my foundation doesn't look as good as when I just apply the foundation over the Oxyderm moisturiser. Given the great reviews on here, I wonder what on earth I'm doing wrong!

Moisturizers -Graftobian -OXYDERM MOISTURIZER

on 3/4/2017 4:24:00 PM


I bought a pot of this to try when I ordered Graftobian cream foundation. I would have to say I am more than pleasantly surprised. It is non-greasy, calming, and a little goes a long way. It feels lovely on the skin, and foundation glides on. Like others have said, the pot is a nuisance, because I'm not that inclined to muck around with spatulas and alcohol wipes after every dip. But I have transferred some product to a small sample-size pot and use that until it needs a wash and a refill.

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