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Recent Givenchy Reviews

Liquid -Givenchy -Eclat Matissime Fluid Foundation

on 1/10/2018 10:23:00 PM


I bought this one in summer.usually my skin is almost normal-combination in forehead and nose gets a bit shiny but when I touch it it's not oily at all(I don't know why it shines!).other parts of my skin look like normal but if I wear a foundation without applying moisturizer(any foundation)it gets flakey and cakey
I asked SA to introduce me something with medium coverage and natural finish and I said that I prefer my foundation to have SPF(I'm too lazy to wear a separate sunscreen cream).I told here that however my skin doesn't seem to be dry,it sometimes acts as a crazy dry skin so very thick and dry foundations and matte ones are a no-no for me
I remember she introduced me couple of foundations and I tried them on skin and hubby voted for this one.seeing the word"matte" in it frightened me but SA assured me that I'd like it.
back then it was the most expensive foundation I ever had so I had a lot of expectations and it didn't disappoint.unlike other matte foundations it blends on easily on my face and I love it's satin-like's not too matte but not dewy makes my skin look fresh and as if I don't have much makeup on and I love this
It's not a full coverage foundation but I don't need to use any concealer while using it,except for my dark skin looks evened out and flawless and I like the fact that it has buildable coverage and won't get cakey when I apply more than one also has very good longevity(without applying any primer or setting it with powder or spray)and after hours when it's about to fade,doesn't turn patchy and ugly,it just gradually fades has a pretty scent but didn't cause any breakouts even though I have a sensitive and reactive skin.and I agree with below review that it has a good effect on my skin looked more healthy and I had less pimples and blackheads than usual
It was a perfect foundation for me but I haven't used it in recent two months for some reasons:
I bought it in shade "4 matte beige" it was good for my tanned skin in summer but now it's too dark for me..second and more important,my skin is dry now.when I used it two months ago it turned to be flakey in some parts and clinged to my dry patches even though I was using moisturizer
It's biggest CONS:
-It's expensive.I bought it for 55$
-It's not easy to find here.I know just one mall which has it
-It's packaging is annoying.It's easy to carry and take it to travel.find it cute but I also like to be able to see how much product is left in foundation tubes.It's also not easy to squirts sometimes,I think whenever I reach to it's last ml s it can be difficult to takeout the also gets messy around it's spray part
After reading it's reviews and remembering how much I loved it,I've decided to give it another go tomorrow,this time with a richer moisturizer or I may blend it with some face oil.I hope it works as I'm sure there's still a lot of product left in it's tube
I'm reducing it from 5 lippie to 3
I gave it another chance today and now I'm ready to cry
It's orange-ish on my pale skin but this is not my only problem
I applied it on my bare skin and on the other side,I used moisturizer and then my looked terrible on both side and emphasized on each of my dry patches and was very cakey(to be honest,it was even worse on moisturized part).it didn't have satisfying coverage either
I'm very sad because most of it is left and it was expensive.what a waste! I can't fully blame this foundation because nowadays 95% of foundations sit like this on my skin but I can remember how flawless and perfect once it was on my face!
It's totally useless for me now but I'm going to miss it's gorgeous smells exactly like rose petals

Eye Makeup Remover -Givenchy -2 Clean To Be True

on 12/13/2017 5:37:00 AM

In recent months, I've tried Benefit, Neutrogena, and Chantecaille eye makeup removers. This is my favorite so far, but I intend to try other brands. Leaves my eyes feeling soft and does an OK (could be a little better) job of removing all my eye makeup. I also like the dispenser with the tiny hole on top. Too many of these eye makeup removers have completely open tops, making it too easy to just dump it all out by accident. This one has a tiny hole so I have better control over how much goes onto the cotton pad.

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Fragrances -Givenchy -Dahlia Divin


This is my signature scent as I wear this almost all year except in the hottest part of summer, where the heat just turns it kind of skunky/skanky. This perfume reminds me a lot of my favorite perfume growing up, Samsara by Guerlain. It's like Dahlia is her toned downed, more playful sister. As if Samsara were stripped down to more simplistic notes. I guess I should have started this off with my scent preference...
I absolutely love the combination of jasmine with sandalwood. To me, there isn't a more perfect mix of fragrance. So naturally I was drawn to this lovely rendition from Givenchy. Golden mirabelle plum, jasmine and other white florals which I can't identify because the jasmine is the star, sandalwood, vetiver, and a clean patchouli. The sandalwood in this is a gorgeous creamy, but-not-vanilla-reminiscent, sandalwood. This sandalwood is a soft woody earthy scent that I believe to be a true representation of real Mysore sandalwood. Others have stated this one is a sweet fragrance, but I have to disagree. The plum does give a bit of sweet brightness to the juice, but it doesn't distract from the floral woods that's at the heart of this perfume. I also have to disagree with the few who said this fragrance is powdery. I loathe powdery scents with a pasion! There is nothing old lady about this perfume, but it's not screaming youth either. This is a juice for a grown ass woman in her full power! I feel sexy and confident when I wear it. I find it an appropriate scent to wear to almost any occasion even the office. It is a strong perfume, but not one that would gas people out in an elevator. I think it's probably because the sillage on this is light. It's there, but it's very subtle. The lasting power of the edp is impressive! I took my winter coat out of storage and smelled Dahlia waft up as soon as I opened the bag, from a year ago and after a dry cleaning! I will continue to buy this until they discontinue it and then I will scour the globe looking for all the remaining bottles.

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Fragrances -Givenchy -Ange ou Demon

on 11/29/2017 4:54:00 PM

I don't know why there is so much dislike for this fragrance! I loved it at first sniff. This is my third time to wear it. To me... It is hard to describe what it smells like. Warm, spicy, woodsy with vanilla is what I can smell. I was drawn in by the name and the bottle. Love the look and name. It looks kind of sinister to me (especially with my aged bottle that has amber colored juice instead of clear). I have seen so many reviews for this perfume. I love the way other people have described it... "Vampire in a cathedral", "something a witch would wear on Halloween", "like an old gothic church", incensey, mysterious and haunting. All those things made me HAVE to try it. It's right down my alley. Hehe.
It sort of reminds me a little of Chanel Coco and a little bit Dior Hypnotic Poison... But much better in my opinion. This is a little more subtle to me than either. I agree with most that this is perfect for cold weather!
I'm giving it 4 lippies because I wish it lasted longer on me and had better projection but I still love it and think that it suits me very well. ;)

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Mascara -Givenchy -Perfecto Base Mascara

on 11/21/2017 5:27:00 AM

I am not a fan of this. My mascara looks much better without this primer (this primer makes my lashes look more clumpy and messy). I use it at night, as a lash conditioner. It is expensive to only use it at night. Will not repurchase.

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