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Fragrances -Giorgio Beverly Hills -Eau de Giorgio

on 4/14/2018 8:06:00 PM

Just bought this at Shoppers for $20 for the 90ml EdT. I can't believe this is an updated version. I've never smelled the original, but this perfume definitely has that 80's hugeness right out of the bottle. I love it already. Smooth, thick and lush floral bouquet.

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Fragrances -Giorgio Beverly Hills -Red

on 9/28/2016 1:16:00 PM


I loved this when it first came out, about 25 years ago, and I still love it even though it has gone through some reformulation. It is still lovely. I do tend to stay with older fragrances, I guess I just have not found any of the newer fragrances that go well with my chemistry. And too, I just like to stay with what feels like "me". I only use two fragrances-- I love this (mostly for evenings) and the original Liz Claiborne signature (mostly for daytime) in the triangle bottle.
Red is a beautiful floral, with a nice, soft powder note and a bit of a fruit note which reminds me of cherry blossoms. It does have a bit of spice, but just barely, and a hint of sexy musk. I do get compliments when I wear this. I have never felt that it had what people call the "old lady" scent, definitely don't get that. I use only one or two sprays at the most, but I do not find it to be too strong, or as powerful as many other fragrances, like Estee Lauder's fragrances- I just cannot handle any of them. They work for many people, but none of them are for me; and I can wear this, but many people can't. Fragrance is just such a personal thing, so it is a matter of finding what is right for you, what you feel good wearing.
I have found individual bottles this at TJ Maxx for $12-20 and Kohl's had the gift set, as well as The set came with a lotion, which smells just as good as the spray, and also it has a mini. Last year I got a set for around $25. I will wear this as long as I can buy it, which I hope will be a very long time.

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Fragrances -Giorgio Beverly Hills -Giorgio Aire

on 1/29/2016 1:47:00 AM

Edit: March 2017 - I purchased a bottle. It's the beginning of Autumn where I live, but we've had a burst of hot weather, and I found one, lone bottle being thrown out at my local chemist for $10. Score!!! I've worn it three days in a row, and it really shines in hot weather. It's juicy and floral and cool all at the same time. Longevity is best in hot weather, and for a good 6 hours, I keep getting lovely wafts of this juicy, aquatic floral floating around me. Original review below.

This is not a fragrance I own, but is a favourite of my best friend. I've worn it enough times to judge it properly now.

Aire is a lovely summer aquatic floral with a cool musky drydown. It starts off with a burst of juicy peach and green notes which are followed quickly by a light combination of jasmine and tuberose. There's nothing indolic about the jasmine, and nothing rubbery about the tuberose - instead they are both very clean and fresh, like just opened, fresh picked flowers.

The combination of juicy peach and fresh white flowers lasts for several hours. Eventually it dries down to a combination of mid and base notes. The sandalwood and vetiver give it that lovely cool feeling until it gently fades away after 4-6 hours.

Many people on Fragrantica compare it to Acqua di Gio. Personally I think it smells more like the now discontinued Eau d'Eden by Cacharel.

I think this is an absolutely lovely choice for hot humid weather. I have ticked that I would not repurchase because I have a couple of light florals that work well for me in hot weather. However, if anyone gave me this I would definitely use up the whole bottle.

Longevity: 4-6 hours
Sillage: moderate for a couple of hours, drying to a lovely skin scent after that

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Fragrances -Giorgio Beverly Hills -Giorgio

on 12/5/2015 10:41:00 PM


Surprise Surprise!!!GIORGIO is LUSHY!!!

First timer here wearing this infamous perfume. I like it a lot! I spotted a gift set at Walgreens for $20.00. As soon as I opened the package and sniffed the unopened Bottles I knew, Giorgio is lovely and wearable in the new century. I read it's been reformulated but it is the exact same scent that I remember from the 80s that and Poison, women/girls (excuse my french) wore the hell out of and smoked, which is why I always associated these perfumes with cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke ruins your perfum ladies, don't do it! Giorgio's reformulation result is softer, the harshness of the top notes of bergomot and neroli are tuned down, way down! And the dry down is fairly soft with light musk. I wish I had an edp to know for sure, I have the edt. It smells green and slightly mossy but not like Chanel No. 19. Giorgio is like a yellow creamy ripe banna and pinnapple, bitter sweet but not sickly sweet. There's something very luscious and addicting about the scent, almost mouth watering clean green. Definitely a Green Cyprus scent. The body lotion is fantastic to and lasts all day even after washing hands. Works for me, of course it's all chemistry.

Update: Recently purchased from ebay, some vintage Giorgio cologne and pure Parfum and overall very pleased with scent. I love strong perfumes but I don't really find this one too strong, it is beautifully potent, but for some reason I just expected something more from Giorgio, like we're is the monster sillage everyone talked about? I don't detect it neither does my husband, maybe it's a subtle thing. To me, it's stays very close to the body, I can't imagine getting asked to leave a restaurant wearing this, and there are plenty of newer fragrances that are more nauseating than this. I have to sniff my arm just to smell it. Two sprays of the cologne is sufficient or two dabs of parfum. If you can detect this across the room you're wearing way too much, that's what they did in the 80s.

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Fragrances -Giorgio Beverly Hills -Giorgio Blue


Sometimes we find a perfume we enjoy with relish and we realize the house has made other perfumes that have existed over a number of years with popularity. So we seek them out to try them, figuring the noses behind the perfumes might be in sync with ours.
Giorgio Blue is the second perfume from Giorgio Beverly Hills that I've sampled and purchased. This begins as a delightful floral that isn't bursting with a sharp multitude of crisp flowers in your face, rather, think creamy, well-blended flowers that have been mixed for potpourri so that the initial offering is one of prize flowers picked at the exact moment of ripe bloom. To top it off, these flowers all compliment each other and they don't vie for attention, trying to knock each other out trying to be the top dog. They all work together.
It's a springtime garden party, the grasses are lush, the sun is high, the sky is blue and the air is warm enough to shed long sleeves but yet wear a shawl. This is a lady's perfume, a genteel fragrance, soft yet with strong unspoken currents. Gentle woods soon seep out and dance with vanilla notes giving Giorgio Blue a sensual feel and attitude. Wear it for the afternoon with a few good spritzes and don't worry about leaving a strong trail. Sillage sits around you with a soft, Old World floral vanilla feel.
A very, very romantic scent that hints of days gone by.
Top Notes: Hyacinth, Mandarin Orange, Guava.
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Tuberose, Water Lily.
Base Notes: Musk, Oak Moss, Vanille, Driftwood.

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