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Lipstick -Giorgio Armani -Ecstasy Shine Lipstick

on 12/9/2018 11:25:00 PM


This is the first GA lip product that has disappointed me. I bought it in Ecstasy and Night Viper, and while the shades were beautiful and beautiful on me, the color was short-lived on the lips, bled badly, and was oddly drying despite initially feeling comfortable and moist. One thing I like about Armani is that he often offers the same shades in different formulas, so if you find a shade you like, you may be able to get it in a different formula. I may do that with one or both of these. I returned both and would not repurchase.

Concealers -Giorgio Armani -Beauty High Precision Retouch

on 12/8/2018 3:41:00 PM


I am wondering if my search for the perfect under eye concealer could finally be over! After first trying the pink and orange correctors, I got this concealer in shade 2. I was worried it would be too tan for my super pale/pink face, but it's actually a good match. I have aging under eyes with dark blue/purple circles along my lower orbital rim -- the bane of my existence these days! This morning I had to get up early for an appointment and felt pretty tired (looked it too). After moisturizing I used my pink GA corrector beneath this concealer and dabbed with my damp beauty blender. My blue circles were very well covered (which never happens), my undereyes did not look crepey (because you only need to apply a tiny amount of the GA corrector and concealer), and I looked well rested for a change! I have tried about 20 concealers all price ranges and several correctors and have concluded that these GA products are the very best. They are expensive, but they are worth it for such great results.

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Fragrances -Giorgio Armani -Si

on 12/1/2018 9:52:00 PM


Stays long which I like - Woody vanilla scent with a twist.. not my fav but really cozy scent during colder days...

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Liquid -Giorgio Armani -Luminous Silk Foundation

on 11/28/2018 8:27:00 PM


I blame Sephora.

Oh yes. I strolled innocently into Sephora during holiday sales hoping to pick up some goodies.

I knew nothing about this foundation but I saw a lady with a face of makeup perfection and I had to inquire. She, in a rush, told me "Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk" as she grabbed her shade quickly and headed to the growing line.

So, I swatched it; liked it; found my shade; picked it up to purchase; looked at the price tag.

Sucked all the breathe right out of my body for a split second.

I had to make some brief financial decisions. With a $60+ price tag, did I misread? Had I entered an alternate reality? Where exactly do they do that at?

I figured if I was ever going to try it, the time would be now--on sale, that is.

When I got home, I applied this $60+ so-called silk onto my face with a beautyblender. And....fireworks. Light bulbs. Balloons. Champagne. What is this party in a bottle?

It was the best no-makeup makeup foundation I had ever tried since the discontinued/original Make Up For Ever Face and Body foundation. I could wear full coverage makeup that was thinner than paper? As light as a feather? Goes on like butter? And...the perfect shade match? What is this?!

I breathed a sigh of relief. It was worth it. Happiness enveloped me. And it has not let me down years later.

It was quite easily the most no-fuss foundation I ever bought. And it looked even more beautiful after several hours of wear. I did not have to work with it, learn how to use it, and figure out how it works best. Ironically, luxury foundations can be the most difficult foundations to get right sometimes. For all the money you spend, you will often be scratching your head, wondering "no, this has to work" as you shake your head wondering why it's not working. It was one way from the beginning and has stayed consistent.

The only other no-fuss high-end foundations for me were Make Up For Ever original HD and original Face and Body (even the newer versions had me scratching my head).

All in all, I am thankful for that day.

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Primer/ Corrector -Giorgio Armani -Master Corrector

on 11/24/2018 3:44:00 PM


I am 51 with a very pale cool/pink toned complexion (I always need lightest shade of anything). My dark blue under eye circles, crepiness, and puffy bags are my biggest beauty problem these days. I have bought a ridiculous number of concealers and correctors and spent a small fortune. This GA Master Corrector also costs a small fortune, but it has surpassed my NYX corrector as my favorite product to apply under concealer. I bought shades 1 (pink) and 2 (orange) for about $20 each NIP on ebay because I couldn't figure out from reviews which would be a better match.

I have been using both shades for several weeks and really like this stuff. It is a thin fluid that you apply with the tiny brush. I apply just in my blue areas and then dab in with a beauty blender. The pink disappears into my skin very naturally but doesn't correct the blue quite as well as the orange. I then apply a very small amount of concealer over this with a brush and blend. For my aging eyes, I am finding less is more to minimize crepiness and creasing. I would say if you don't have super bad blue-purple circles and are super fair/pink like me that 1 would be a good match. I will be able to use both of these up, but 2 seems to hide circles best for me. Worth the splurge!

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