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Styling Products -Garren Hair -Designing Spray Tonic

on 1/11/2012 5:56:00 PM

I really liked this. It kept my hair in place with no stickness at all, and I loved that it was alcohol free, so my scalp didn't itch from the alcohol from other products drying it out. Definitely would buy again, but it is expensive for the amount you get.

Shampoo -Garren Hair -Anyday Shampoo

on 5/27/2004 10:22:00 PM

This is one of those hair products that leave me with question bubbles over my head. What exactly is this product supposed to do? Shampoo the hair? Anyday it will lather. Anyday it will, I just know it. Right? But alas, it does not. It sort of slithers around the hair shaft, never clinging to or cleaning anything. I'm left with hair that feels oily and unwashed, even with a second shampooing. The smell is slightly industrial, evokative of the waving solution included in the old Toni home perms, circa 1970's. Bottom line: I spent waaaay too much money on this shampoo.

Hair -Garren Hair -Color Stabilizing Shampoo

on 11/17/2003 9:08:00 AM

RUN!! don't walk awayyyyy from this exceptionally lousy shampoo!!
It's ridiculously overpriced and made my usually fine, soft highlighted hair feel like straw, just before it goes up in flames~

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Hair -Garren Hair -Light Volumizing Conditioner

on 8/26/2003 10:27:00 PM

Whether you like this conditioner or not will definitely depend on your hair type. It is "light" as the name suggests, so I'm guessing that it won't deep condition thick or coarse hair, but for my fine hair that is easily left oily, it works like a charm, leaving it soft, full of body and shiny. It's become a staple for me.

Hair -Garren Hair -Styling Creme

on 10/24/2002 8:43:00 PM

Yuck! Atleast for my hair it was. I used it as a styling creme/leave in conditioner on my wet hair and my hair looked and felt horrible! Then the next time I tried it on my dry hair as a pomade and it still looked terrible. This did work great on my son's hair as a styling product on "picture day". I will be giving this one to my boyfriend.

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