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Fragrances -GAP Beauty -Heaven

on 9/2/2017 12:00:00 PM


I've purchased this perfume many times as I too am a child of the 90's and wore this and grass with heaven being my favorite. I've purchased this on and off through the years and am so glad they still make it. I just purchased a 3.5 bottle, a travel one, and the body spray. I can always come back to this and I never tire of it. I love musky scents a lot and this is almost like a really good white musk. I love the freesia, jasmine,sandalwood, and lily of the valley in this. I do not smell the citrus or the mossy notes at all. All I get is a floral musky goodness that I just adore. It's an inoffensive sent to wear as well because it's soft and wears close to the skin.

I do wish an edp existed as this lasts a long time for an edt but not as long as I'd like it too. But it's not a deal breaker at all because if you layer it does last all day and I can smell it on my clothes so the longevity is there. I recieve compliments on this and my boyfriend really likes this on me. I've repurchased this too many times to count I love it because it always takes me back to the 90's which I loved so much. To me this scent never gets old, is still relevant, and is just a timeless scent. I hope they never stop making it! ❤️

Lip Treatments -GAP Beauty -Favorite Lip Balm

on 9/2/2016 1:32:00 AM

These are by far the best lip balms I have ever used! I found these gems at a gap outlet for a dollar. I went back the next day and bought 5 more.

Right now I am rocking orange blossom, it's quite lovely. I'm so so so happy I tried these. I can never be without.

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Fragrances -GAP Beauty -Close

on 5/13/2016 10:47:00 AM


A clean, musky/almond floral. Light, feminine, sexy.
The salty and aquatic notes are there, but tempered nicely by the amber and vanilla. It's a bit soapy, but not powdery, not fruity, sweet, or loud, and no dry blast of cold florals. It's warm enough and it's cool enough. I love it for everyday wear. I rotate between this, No. 5 Eau Premiere and Eternity Now as my daily drivers. I wouldn't wear this in winter, or for an evening event or date night, it lacks the personality for those occasions. But it's perfect for spring or summertime walks, beach trips, backyard get togethers and tank-tops-and-sandals type outings.
It doesn't have that premium high-end distinction in formula, projection or longevity. It feels like a mall fragrance, but it is one that's quite nicely done. And thanks to the fact that it's no longer sold in stores, it's ever so slightly exclusive.
It wears close and needs to be reapplied often. I wish it were better in those aspects.
Based on the other reviewers, we're all kind of thinking along the same lines. I don't know how much room there is for subjectivity with this fragrance. Think casual, light, sexy, clean. And you have Close.
It shares a fair amount of notes with Bronze Goddess, and I can definitely smell the similarities. Both are suited to the same casual, warm weather wearability. I own both but prefer Close. Bronze Goddess is sweeter and less floral, where Close is more aquatic and salty. (To me)
**JORetail on Amazon is where I get mine. I still have a bottle I got from GAP to compare to, and they sell the real deal, at least according to my nose. A little overpriced though.

Fragrances -GAP Beauty -So Pink EDT

on 7/6/2015 12:18:00 PM


Wore this in the early 2000s. Was a Gap devotee then.
Their newer fragrance, Near, is almost an exact dupe for this. I picked up Near at TJ Maxx for 4$. As soon as I put it on I was instantly reminded of So Pink. Grapefruit and pear. And then gone.
The staying power of Near is terrible. And it certainly cannot be smelled by anybody that is not nuzzling your skin. Basically exactly the same as the So Pink that I remember from years ago.

Clothes -GAP Beauty -Gap

on 6/23/2015 11:51:00 PM

Crew neck tees-thick fabric and warm during winter
Pajamas (with the exception of shorts)
Quality has gonna subpar (as with Banana Republic. Athleta is okay, though their capris tend to pill. I don't purchase from Old Navy so I don't know about their quality)
Pants tend to tear
Jeans stretch out quickly
The new generation of Gapfit pants have awful fit and are bad quality...please bring back the old kind :(
A lot of loose threads on clothing
Underwear are like tissue paper...Hanes is way better.

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