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Lip Gloss -Fusion Beauty -Lipfusion InFATuation Liquid Shine Multi-Action Lip Fattener

on 2/11/2019 11:53:00 PM


The HOLIEST of Holy Grails. This is one of my beauty Day Ones and I'm surprised I haven't left a review for it!

LipFusion was carried in Sephora back in 2010 and that's when I first discovered this gloss as a sweet, young sophomore. Something like this probably went through my mind: LIP PLUMPING?! Heck yes, I want sultry Megan Fox lips!

To this day in 2019, I carry a tube of Full Frontal in my pocket because it is literally THE one lip product that pulls my makeup together while also providing lipcare. That's right, I said LIPCARE. My lips peel like a Baby Foot treatment on the daily and it's annoying as it is frustrating because I can't stop myself from picking my lip flakes. But, this gloss leaves me with BABY SOFT and SMOOTH lips once it wears off. I don't need to follow up with balm or anything -- and the flaking and drying subside for HOURS. And yes, it does plump. This gloss is perfect for those who have lined, flaky lips, and want the opposite of that.

Small perk: it's BRUSH-TIPPED.

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Lips -Fusion Beauty -Lip Fusion XXL - Advanced Lip Plumping Therapy

on 6/30/2017 6:40:00 PM

I am IN LOVE with this product. I noticed the Fusion Beauty line in Shoppers while I was walking by, and I remember seeing a review for their lip gloss on YouTube.. well I got the XXL version, which has an instant effect by filling in lines on your lips and drawing circulation to your lips. I am BLOWN AWAY by the results of this lip gloss. The instant effect does definitely work - you can feel a tingling on your lips and they get more pink as the blood rushes up to your lips and plumps them up. So this is great.

But the long term effects are what really got me hooked. I swear my lips actually have more volume after using this lip gloss for a month. With plumping glosses, you have to be realistic with your expectations. This is not lip injections, your lips are not going to suddenly be Kylie Jenner lips. But there are certainly ingredients that promote healthy lips and promote collagen production and I swear this lip gloss does exactly that. My lips have definitely become more plump over the month. I notice it most with my upper lip, which used to drop quite sharply on the sides. It is now more meaty overall, and when I smile it doesn't completely disappear like it used to.

This lip gloss also deeply hydrates your lips (even without it on after repeated use) so my lips have never looked better. They are soft and supple. And I live in Northern Canada... so chapped lips are common. But not for this girl!

I really highly recommend this lip gloss for anyone looking for a little extra volume and soft juicy lips. I use this right before I go to bed and put it on right in the morning. Sometimes I'll touch up throughout the day. It's absolutely amazing!

Also checkout their new line of mascaras... also just outstanding. Thank you Fusion Beauty!!!!

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Lip Treatments -Fusion Beauty -LipFusion Lip Plumping Gloss

on 6/23/2017 7:47:00 AM


I usually get the Clear gloss and put it on before i go to bed, it plumps my lips overnight and keeps them well hydrated. This really is my HG product, I find it difficult to get hold of in the Uk and bought one off of ebay once, but I would advise against that as it was definitely a fake. There are lots of fakes on ebay, I would think if anyone thought this didn't do anything for them they have probably got a fake one. The real product is extremely good and is better than any of the other lip plumpers that basically put essential oils like mint in them to increase blood circulation, those ones make my lips go red, but not plumped. I don't look good with red lips so they are a no go. LipFusion Gloss is the best out of their lip plumping range, it actually does plump lips and it works. I hope they never stop making it!

As a side note, I found it better than the XL or XXL versions, so if you are thinking about getting one, I recommend the gloss.

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Lips -Fusion Beauty -LipFusion Lip Plump Color Shine - Sexy

on 5/17/2017 8:35:00 AM


This is a beautiful sheer color scented lip gloss (the color in the tube is a bit deceiving - it looks much more intense than it really is). It is a good quality product. It is not too sticky, very glossy and hydrating. It does not plump my lips, but helps them look smoother thanks to that hydration and high gloss. I like it, however, I cannot help but compare it to another product from the same brand - LipFusion XL Advanced Plumping Therapy gloss. That one is a stronger colorless version of the tinted glosses and I can feel its effect much better on my lips. Again, I cannot say that XL version does any dramatic plumping, but the smoothing/hydrating effect is there and more noticeable than with LipFusion Micro Collagen Lip Plump glosses.
I'll finish but won't repurchase my gloss in Sexy. I will, however, repurchase the Advanced XL Plumping Therapy gloss instead, even though it is even more expensive...

Primer/ Corrector -Fusion Beauty -Brightening Primer

on 2/17/2017 1:50:00 AM

I purchased this off ebay after reading good reviews for fusion beauty primers. I got it for 8$USD, so very cheap. Still waste of money.
When it arrived, I discovered that the pump was broken. No product could come out. Determined not to be defeated, I smashed it open with a hammer. So, hooray for sheer brute force in getting stuff done. In the jar, the product was solid. So no wonder it didnt pump.
I got some of the product out with a q-tip. The texture was extremely thick, silicone like balm. It did not spread evenly and left a white'ish mauve-y cast on my skin. Foundation went on evenly over the top. Didnt disguise pores and did not make my skin appear brighter.
Did not notice any improvement in the longevity of my makeup.
Epic fail. Avoid this stuff.

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