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Moisturizers -Fruit Of The Earth -Fruit of the Earth - Vitamin E Cream

on 10/1/2018 7:28:00 PM


Been using this a few years & it's a great moisturizer & very cheap!

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Skincare - Body -Fruit Of The Earth -Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel

on 2/15/2018 1:01:00 PM


I'm on my fifth tube of this stuff. Not this particular brand but one from Holland and Barrett. For my undereye bags this works a treat. I apply a generous amount on my undereyes and lids with my ring finger before bed. When I wake up my bags are reduced considerably. I *think* this may have lightened my undereye circles overtime.
I also use this as a spot treatment. And a foundation primer. It doesn't really help oil control. But does provide a smooth canvas. I have also used this product as a very light hair gel. Works well. Will continue to purchase.

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Skincare - Body -Fruit Of The Earth -Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E gel

on 9/4/2012 12:11:00 AM


Great for your body. It is fast-absorbing, non-greasy and contains no alcohol. It also works on scars and burns. One of the best products if you have blemish-prone or oily to very oily skin. But you can also use it as a base coat if you have very dry skin, to seal in the moisture, and then follow up with a slightly heavier body lotion such as Vaseline cocoa butter or Jergens Shea butter. I do this in the winter on my legs, forearms and feet, and it seals the moisture in great without greasing me up.

Lotions/ Creams -Fruit Of The Earth -Fruit of the Earth Reviving Vitamin E with Naturals Gel

on 7/3/2006 4:16:00 AM

I found this at the dollar store and bought 5 bottles of it!! It is amazingly refreshingly and cooling. Smells like apples and makes my skin feel really smooth. Not sticky and does not contain alcohol!! I love this stuff!! Even better if you keep it in the fridge.. I try to stay away from heavy moisturizers in the summertime so this gel is perfect for me! Great for the gym too!! Makes my skin feel healthy and soft! Will repurchase if I can find it again!!

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