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Cleansers -Fresh -Soy Face Cleanser

on 9/21/2018 5:31:00 PM


LOVE this!!! I really love the smell, and it is so gentle on the skin. The smell is fresh, almost like cucumbers. I love to use this in the morning. The consistency is a cool jelly, it's nice in the morning waking up the skin to a gentle and cooling cleanser. I wouldn't rely on this to remove all your make up, but it does do a good job. I tend to use a make up remover, then fresh, and lastly toner. I will continue to purchase this cleanser as it has done very well with my dry skin.

Moisturizers -Fresh -Black Tea Age-Delay Cream

on 9/16/2018 7:01:00 PM


Was at Sephora and picked this up abt a month ago... It was not my choice cream as the store was out of the FRESH- Black Tea Firming Corset Cream which I reeeally like! First off love the packaging in terms of heft (solid glass jar) and clean package graphics lends itself simplistic and quite pretty. I won’t get into the whole ‘jar’ semantics, FYI-I use a spatula and when at I hit the bottom of a jar I use every last bit by using my clean finger tip to press along the inside of the jar... If the product works I don’t judge. About this cream, it has a good consistency but not heavy, spreads nicely leaving face soft and smooth. There is a strong scent- I’m guessing it’s the black tea as that seems to be the constant scent I’m noticing from this line. I’m ok with it but I’m sure those who are ‘scent’sitive will find it too strong. This cream does have great moisturizing power, leaves face plump which aid in diminishing any fine lines/ shallow wrinkles. Make up does apply very well on top. The only issue I have is that this cream, does not absorb well into my skin after I let it sit for ~15 mins. There is signicant residue all over my face- might be interpreted as a glow lol. Side note, it has been an extremely humid summer, which possibly, can attribute to the poor absorption? Needless to say makeup adheres nicely to this cream base and my face does dry after my make up (mostly powder) regimen is completed- end effects are certainly favourable, but I just don’t find it comfortable feeling wet- or what some may say greasy.... I have set it aside till the cooler dry months to see if the creams effects are better suited during the harsh winter season. Just my experience...

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Masks -Fresh -Rose Face Mask


Received this in my Play box. I've used the mask twice now and I really enjoy how soft and hydrated my skin feels. I have combination skin with occasional breakouts and this mask seems to help with spotty dryness without adding any oil.

The rose scent is soft and pleasant, the consistency is thin, liquid/gel like and it feels cool as I smooth it onto my face after I've washed and lightly dried my skin. I leave it on for 10 minutes and gently use a warm wet towel to rinse the mask off. It rinses off cleanly and easily and my skin feels really hydrated afterwards.

I haven't noticed that my skin feels especially toned after I wake up in the morning so I don't know that I'll purchase a full size yet. But I do like how my skin feels after I use the mask. I have not had any reactions to the product and I have sensitive skin with some rosacea so I always have to be careful.

I would say, if you are on the fence maybe stop by a Sephora store if you have one nearby and request a sample to try at home first.

Masks -Fresh -Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask

on 9/13/2018 10:31:00 PM


Once you start putting this stuff on your face you wont let anything else get near it. It feels so luxurious and smells amazing, havnt tried the rose one may be next time as rose is my fave smell but i like the consistency of this one more, I have tried much more expensive moisturizers but this is the only one so far that I have repurchased and i donot even try to try any others now. I have recently become a student again and I dont know how iam going to keep affording it ill cut down on eating but i cant live without this stuff every morning. Make up goes on beautifully over this. Its not overly greasy just perfect for laying foundation on. Doesnt make the foundation slide and melt. Also its not so light either that it disappears right on application into the skin and your face still feels tight and unmoisturized, face feels perfectly supple and ready for foundation.. I put a teeny bit on my lips too and surprisingly i noticed that my age old habit of peeling my lips has disappeared along with saving me those precious few seconds from finding lip balm and putting it on. My first pot of this was from a deluxe sample offer. Thank you sephora for providing nice size samples that lasted me 10-15 days. Otherwise id never have discovered it and never been hooked for life. I was actually going to buy a drugstore moisturizer after I ran out of one from sephora. This came into my life right then!!!!

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Toners -Fresh -Deep Hydration Facial Toner

on 9/6/2018 12:02:00 AM

Gorgeous product that looks great on the bathroom counter, smells beautiful and works to balance my skin after cleansing without stripping. Like the reviewer before me said, this is definitely more like a light essence for the skin and I apply this with my Shiseido facial cotton as none is wasted using that. This smells divine and actually has rose petals in it! It is pricey but it is good and loving this made me buy the rose hydrating facial cream to seal in the rosey goodness. I will purchase again and again.

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