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Recent Freeman Reviews

Scrubs -Freeman -Charcoal and Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask

on 6/18/2018 6:57:00 PM


I just tried this for the first time. Bought the tube at Big Lots for $3.50. Only used a small amount, but the particles tore my skin apart, and irritated the rosacea on my cheeks. The scent is also very strong. It's odd though. I've used the Apple Cider Vinegar Scrub with pumice frequently but never had any problems with my skin flaring up. My cheeks feel like they have been slapped or stung by bees.... I'm tempted to try it again, to see if it is a fluke, but for now, I would not repurchase.

Masks -Freeman -Facial Manuka Honey + Tea Tree Clay Mask+Cleanser

on 6/12/2018 4:20:00 PM


I use a clay mask twice a week for my oily skin. This smells nice (although, in general, I prefer my skincare products fragrance free) and skin doesn't feel dry once you've removed it. It's more pleasant to use than the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask, which I also have in use at the moment. (That one doesn't smell too good and it can feel a little drying. On the otherhand, it just might be a little more effective at cleansing, too.) I have also tried Freeman's lemon and mint clay mask and charcoal clay mask (the one without the scrubbing particles) and I like them too.

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Masks -Freeman -Feeling Beautiful Detoxifying Charcoal & Black Sugar Mud Mask

on 5/24/2018 6:08:00 PM


So I just purchased my 7th bottle of this magical stuff. I used to have pretty clear skin until last year I started having a lot of breakouts in the chin area, and by a lot, I mean at least 12-15 pimples at a time, and really big ones. I tried basically tens of products and paid a little fortune for Paula's choice or Mario Badescu's fancy products, and my acne was only getting worse and worse. Then I accidentally picked this one to try but with little hopes. I had a huge breakout and I applied this twice a day, every day on the chin area, and in 2-3 weeks only the scars were left. No more bumps, no more huge pimples, it was a little miracle. Of course, it helped along with the healthy eating, but honestly, whenever I forget to apply this regularly my skin begins acting up a little bit, but just a couple of pimples, nothing major. Even with those and in that time of the month, this helps to dry them and heal the area, I feel like it's healing the scars. For me, it made a huge difference and I am addicted to it, it even controls the oils when I apply it all over the face(1-2 times a week). I recommend it.

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Masks -Freeman -Pure Ambition Purifying Facial Clay mask with Avocado and Oatmeal

on 5/9/2018 8:12:00 AM


This product I have been using for several months with no problems. My friend and Is skin just broke out in a crazy rash. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT

Masks -Freeman -Cucumber and Pink Salt Clay Mask

on 4/24/2018 8:51:00 PM


Bought a sample pack of this. It smells really weird. I can't really describe it.Not a nice smell. It burned my skin. Glad that I only bought a sample pack. It's sad, I usually have good luck with Freeman masks... This one however, is a dud...

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