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Masks -Freeman -Sweet Tea & Lemon Peel-Away Clay Mask


If you have a problem applying masks evenly, I highly suggest a silicone spatula or something similar. This is way too messy and hard to wash off without one to me, but applying it with silicone redeems all that. Unfortunately this isn't the best mask for my skin type, though. Either my Winter skin or my skin in general didn't like this, and it caused redness across my cheeks and chin that lasted a full day. I didn't have any problems removing it but it did take about 30 minutes to fully dry.

Pros: Cheap, smell isn't too strong, my face felt tight but not uncomfortable, the mask peels off all in one piece.

Cons: Caused redness, very messy when applied with fingers, takes 30 minutes to dry firmly, will pull hair out if you aren't careful, not the best Freeman mask or peel off in general.

Scrubs -Freeman -Charcoal and Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask

on 1/7/2018 2:14:00 PM


I use this as a body exfoliant and prior to shaving because this is a very abrasive mixture. The sugar particles are large and sharp, and it feels like it cuts my face when I use this on my face. I used this on my chest and I had dozens of small scratches all over my decolletage from where this scratched me, and the scratches remained after I got out of the shower but did fade away several minutes after that. This does leave your skin quite soft afterwards and I imagine it’s because it literally scrubs some off. It’s perfect for preshaving so I’ll finish this bottle up on my legs, but will not repurchase.

Masks -Freeman -Beauty Infusion Cleansing Clay Mask: Charcoal & Probiotics

on 1/4/2018 3:37:00 AM


this is amazing
i have acne prone but dry dehydrated skin
i used to use glamglow,,,but stop for it price and it could dry your face
but not with this one
its dry quckly
and leave your skin smooth feeling,,,and clean also at the same time
and it calm my acne
coz it used clay but also add serum in it
thats why it doesnt dry your skin
its amazing cheap but works product
would try another beauty infusion

Masks -Freeman -Chocolate & Strawberry Detoxifying Mask

on 12/29/2017 2:34:00 PM


Last time I bought a 15mil size of freeman cucumber pill off mask and I liked it so I went back to buy a full size of it but I purchased other things and there wasn't enough money left in my wallet to buy a big size freeman mask so I decided to buy and test another 15mil and I chose this one
I prefer pill off masks but this one is so good that I probably will buy it instead of cucumber.It has a delicious chocolate,caramel scent and is easy to completely dried on my face in less than ten minutes,after washing it,my face feels very smooth and brighter.I have a combination-dry skin right now.after washing this mask,dry parts aren't dry and oily parts aren't oily anymore
The only cons I can think about is that it's not easy to wash it's not very hard like for example my Avon black mask.when water touchs it,it turns to something muddy and soft.problem is that,no matter how much I wash it.I feel there's still some of it left face.maybe using sponge for removing it would help.I couldn't find sponge so I used my tonic and a cotton pad to remove it's creamy residues which were not as much as my imaginations.all in all using it was a pleasure for me and I'm definitely going to buy a full size of it
Though I applied a thick layer of it all over my face,there's a lot of product left in the package.I think it would be enough for at least two other times.I sticked it's package with a tape glue but I don't know whether it can protect the ingredients from drying or not.we will see

Masks -Freeman -Facial Clay Mask - Mint & Lemon

on 12/29/2017 10:11:00 AM


Actually it works good on me.. it makes my skin softer& minimizing my pores.. but not really works on my acnes, it just make it calmer but not really make it dissappear. It also makes my skin feels drier after using it. But it doesn't give me any negative effects from using it.. just not too useful for me. And the packaging is lil bit tricky because i need so much effort to making the mask to come out😂 U must push it harder because the mask is too thick to come out..

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