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Styling Products -Frederic Fekkai -Hair Fragrance Mist

on 6/11/2018 1:54:00 PM

It doesn’t do a whole lot in terms of styling or shine, and the rose fraiche scent smells like urinal cake. Not worth it.

Hair Treatments -Frederic Fekkai -PrX Reparatives Mask

on 2/1/2018 1:18:00 AM


I just bought this at Nordstrom rack for $15 and wow I’m so impressed, I’m going back and buying another before they’re out. My hair has lots of bleach in it and I use heat on it almost daily. I was shedding so much, I was getting worried about my hairs health but that has changed with this! Definitely check it out if you have bleached hair!

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Styling Products -Frederic Fekkai -Brilliant Glossing Creme

on 1/6/2018 1:47:00 PM


I have been using this for YEARS when it was first distributed in the Fekkai Salon. That's close to 25 no kidding. It's the best on the market for giving shine and a bit of moisture. It is my last step in styling and I wouldn't be without it. A small pea sized amount is all that's needed but you can incrementally add more as it doesn't build up either. Particularly needed this time of year when we need an extra boost of moisture. Never weighs hair down. I was concerned when P&G bought the line that they would interfere with it but fortunately that's not true. The benefit is now it is distributed further, even in CVS, so you can pick this up easily.

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Conditioner -Frederic Fekkai -Glossing Conditioner

on 10/2/2017 11:39:00 PM


I've used this product on and off for years. It's $25 in my market, so sometimes I just take a break. Right now I'm halfway through a bottle so I'll share my accumulated experience here. You have to be very careful with this product! Don't use too much, and keep it away from your scalp (as noted on the bottle). It's kind of a heavy product but I need that because my hair's so dry (I get good cuts from my stylist…it's just age at this point). Smell: yummy. Color: pretty. Probably plenty of silicone, which is very bad for our planet's water supply.

There's nothing wrong with the packaging, it's just nothing special.

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Shampoo -Frederic Fekkai -Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo

on 9/2/2017 1:37:00 PM


This works really well for me in combination with the Technician Luxe Color Masque. My hair is shiny, silky, and tangle-resistant.
I use them both every three days, and nothing else -- no styling products or anything. My waist-length hair is slightly wavy, and tends to feel stiff and brittle. This Fekkai shampoo has made it silky and my waves are now bouncy and swingy!

Ironically, now that my hair is looking great, there's no one to see it but my husband and the painters, roofing guys etc. We're doing a full remodel now in its third month -- exactly as long as I've been using this Fekkai Cider Vinegar shampoo and the Fekkai Luxe Color Masque. The fact that my hair is holding up nicely is especially impressive, considering the amount of dust and detritus around lately. I'm planning to add more Fekkai products (styling, etc) since these are working so well.

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