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Lips -Frank Body -Lip Tint

on 10/11/2018 10:20:00 AM

I have this in Send Nudes and Cherry Bomb. This is a lanolin product so it is very thick and a little challenging to squeeze out of the tube. Because it is lanolin, I find it to be very moisturizing and my lips look better when I wear this.

Send Nudes is nude tinted and I think it would be flattering on most skin tones. Cherry Bomb is lightly cherry/berry colored and I prefer it to the nude. Cherry Bomb smells like a cherry tart. Send Nudes smells like unpleasant coffee (and I like coffee). I will never repurchase Send Nudes unless they make it unscented or change the scent to something pleasant. Cherry Bomb is a good lip tint and I would purchase it again.

If your Ulta has testers out, I strongly recommend smelling these before you purchase. Even though I like Cherry Bomb, it still has a little unexpected twang to it and these are heavily scented/right under your nose.

Lip Treatments -Frank Body -Lip Scrub

on 8/10/2018 3:02:00 PM


This is something i never want to live without. This smells like coffee latte sweet candy! Omg its sooo good. Its very finely milled and its really nice on the lips and gets the dead skins out really nicely. The ones ive tried from etsy and mac have very big granules and sugars that hurt the lips. This is sooo worth it. Def give it a try or sniff if you are ever in ultA. This leaves my lips moisturized to the point where i dont even need carmex afterwards. I still do tho to give my lips even more of a treatment. Id usually use this before any lip products and it smells nice plus helps my lips looking smooth and healthy.

Body Scrubs -Frank Body -Coffee Scrub- Original

on 8/1/2018 4:59:00 AM


I am obsessed with body scrubs and Exfoliate daily. I hear a these great things about Frank's body scrubs so i buy the sample size at Ulta to try it out. This is the messiest worst body scrub ivd ever used. Why in all of these positive "Frank's the best" reviews did no one happen to mention "oh yeah it's a bag of essentially coffee grounds that you are going to try to scoop out of package, scrub your body and eventually rinse off without making a mess but the joke will be on you because you'll have coffee grounds everywhere" that would of been a more helpful review. Seriously coffee grounds everywhere. I had to clean my bathtub for days to get the last of the grounds out of my tub. I had to wash my shower curtain in the washer and even wash all my products off to completely rid my bathroom of coffee grounds. The grounds that i actually got to stay on my skin to scrub it, I want really impressed with. I can list 3 scrubs I use on a regular basis that outscrubs this scrub. Plus it doesn't make a mess. And as much as I love coffee it's not a smell i associate with clean or want to wear so that's another reason Frank's isn't for me. I don't recommend this to anyone. I actually bought two when i bought it because I was going to give one of the girls that work with me one as a gift. I did not because I didn't want her mother to hate me and wish the same karma on me lol. Seriously no one mentioned this mess in anything I read about this scrub. Well I am warning you, the happy oh this is the best scrub reviews and articles should come with a disclaimer for people like me who didn't know what they were getting into

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Cleansers -Frank Body -Creamy Face Scrub

on 7/21/2018 2:29:00 PM

I wouldn't consider the frank creamy face product as creamy soft face scrub. It just seemed like a generally body scrub. I thought it would be soft with a gentle scrubbing action and and creamy so it would not irritate your skin. This product is rough enough to use on your body, so that's exactly what I did. I use it as a body scrub until Im finish . It also has a weird smell somewhat of a coffee odor mixed with a mud like earthy scent . I will not purchase again

Highlighters -Frank Body -Illuminator


I'm no stranger when it comes to powder highlighters. My general favourite has been the Becca highlighters, which I have owned in a few shades.
I was after a more natural, daily illuminator as I found Becca to be too dramatic for daily use, and generally wanted something that gave me the coveted dewy, lit from within glow that powders just don't give. In comes Frank Body Illuminator.
This baby comes in a screw top pot containing 10g of product- plenty to last you a long while, and reason being is a quick swirl of your fingertips onto the product is enough for a lightly dewy look on all high points of the face, or maybe 2 or 3 swirls of you wish to build.
Being a coconut oil based highlight, I was worried this would shift my makeup or cause clogged pores. I've used this for a few months now and can say that isn't the case, unless using somewhere unlikely like the forehead, between the brows or the chin.
I generally use 2 swirls of the product on my fingers, and pat onto cheekbones, temples, inner corner of the eyes, cupids bow, lower lip and occasionally on the highest point under the brow. This can be used on top of makeup (which I don't find shifts my blush or contour of I dab, but may do if I swipe the product), or on moisturized skin, or a face of makeup sans foundation which is so far my favourite way to wear it. It's easy to use, so affordable and lasts throughout a work day.

* easy to use- just swirl, pat and go
* inexpensive- it cost me $16.96 AUD from Mecca Maxima for 10g , and I've had it for a few months and have barely made a dent
* unscented - apart from the natural coconut oil scent
* gorgeous lit from within dewy glow
* sits well on bare skin or over makeup
* lasts through all work day

* comes in a screw top post jar- not the most sanitary
* can be a little tacky for the first 30 mins it has been applied
* some people may be sensitive to the coconut oil
* not super accessible- online and at Mecca only afaik

I've been pleasantly surprised with this product and often have it in my purse for the occasions I want a dewy pop!

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