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Body Scrubs -Frank Body -Coffee Scrub


Good product, has a strong coffee smell, but I don't mind it. I used to get ingrown hairs on my legs after shaving, but ever since using this scrub I've had barely any.
My only complaints are that it does go everywhere in the shower (and sometimes bathroom), but I saw they made a creamy scrub, which shouldnt be as messy, so I might try that next. Also the packaging can get a bit wet and doesn't dry very well. Other than that its a great scrub!

Highlighters -Frank Body -Illuminator


I'm no stranger when it comes to powder highlighters. My general favourite has been the Becca highlighters, which I have owned in a few shades.
I was after a more natural, daily illuminator as I found Becca to be too dramatic for daily use, and generally wanted something that gave me the coveted dewy, lit from within glow that powders just don't give. In comes Frank Body Illuminator.
This baby comes in a screw top pot containing 10g of product- plenty to last you a long while, and reason being is a quick swirl of your fingertips onto the product is enough for a lightly dewy look on all high points of the face, or maybe 2 or 3 swirls of you wish to build.
Being a coconut oil based highlight, I was worried this would shift my makeup or cause clogged pores. I've used this for a few months now and can say that isn't the case, unless using somewhere unlikely like the forehead, between the brows or the chin.
I generally use 2 swirls of the product on my fingers, and pat onto cheekbones, temples, inner corner of the eyes, cupids bow, lower lip and occasionally on the highest point under the brow. This can be used on top of makeup (which I don't find shifts my blush or contour of I dab, but may do if I swipe the product), or on moisturized skin, or a face of makeup sans foundation which is so far my favourite way to wear it. It's easy to use, so affordable and lasts throughout a work day.

* easy to use- just swirl, pat and go
* inexpensive- it cost me $16.96 AUD from Mecca Maxima for 10g , and I've had it for a few months and have barely made a dent
* unscented - apart from the natural coconut oil scent
* gorgeous lit from within dewy glow
* sits well on bare skin or over makeup
* lasts through all work day

* comes in a screw top post jar- not the most sanitary
* can be a little tacky for the first 30 mins it has been applied
* some people may be sensitive to the coconut oil
* not super accessible- online and at Mecca only afaik

I've been pleasantly surprised with this product and often have it in my purse for the occasions I want a dewy pop!

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Lip Treatments -Frank Body -Lip Scrub


I've written literally hundreds of reviews of makeup and skincare across different sites, and this is one of only three products that were so amazing that I plan to go back and edit all of my other reviews to make them lower because I see now that the standard is so much higher than I thought it could be, because it can do things that I previously thought were impossible for that product type.

I have very full, often dehydrated lips. They crack easily unless I use a lip balm that is good for long term moisture (Ecostore Lip Balm) and not one of the other 30+ I've tried that actually dry your lips out worse in the long run because they contain short term soothing but long term drying ingredients. When my lips do crack and bleed, because I forgot to drink water for a day or something, they stay flakey for another week but I can minimise it for hours at a time by using lip exfoliators. When I use a lip exfoliator, they leave my lips soft and raw feeling in a best case scenario. In most cases, they remove some flakey skin but not all of it and there is still obvious residue.

I've previously used Elf which I thought did a decent job at exfoliating and had handy packaging, but I disliked the taste and how quickly it ran out. I've also used Lush which I thought was an utter rip off gimmick - sure it smells and tastes nice but it was laughably useless at exfoliating and never removed any dead skin and even dried my lips out worse. I've tried home recipes involving sugar and oil, and electric/manual toothbrushes.

This lip scrub blows them all out of the water. My lips had been cracked and visibly flaking for ten days with no end in sight and my Lush wasn't doing jack. I bought this and used the tiniest amount you could imagine... rubbed it for less than five seconds... and my lips were completely smooth and *did not feel raw or dry in the slightest*. It's now forty eight hours later and I've only applied lip balm twice and my lips are still super soft and moisturised with no residue whatsoever. I'm 25 and have never experienced that from a lip treatment - any treatment - before.

This lip scrub is strongly coffee scented (it contains actual granules) and melts off very quickly with water, although it is edible if you want to just lick it off. It cleans up 5x faster than any other lip scrub I've tried to wash off.

I usually never review a product after only trying it once because I believe in testing it for at least a fortnight, but I don't see myself needing to reach for this again any time soon which is nuts considering what my lips are usually like. I seriously only pressed the pad of my finger into the jar - I didn't even scoop, just pressed lightly - and it's completely healed the problem. It's in a 15ml container so I can see this lasting me years even with regular use.

I also love the jar. I'm a sucker for tiny packaging and even though 15ml for a lip scrub is a lot, the container is super flat and wide so it takes up very little space. It's got a completely flat top and bottom so it stacks easily, and you can put other stuff on it. I sometimes struggle to open flat round packaging because it's hard for your fingers to get a grip on the lid, but the soft touch finish on the container makes it easy. I honestly never realised until I got this just how garbage the packaging for the Elf one is in comparison (it accumulates residue which gets stuck to the stick which is the main issue, runs out rapidly due to being solid and is easy to confuse with a lipstick) and as you may know, the Elf gets praised highly for its packaging. Unlike the glass Lush jar, I could drop this plastic container (which feels very solid and not at all cheap) and not have it shatter.

Feel free to go and look at my other reviews - most of them rate products between a 2 and a 4 because I'm not an all or nothing person. This really is an incredible product and like I said, one of only three that have been so incredible they've completely changed my standards.

I bought this for $14NZD from Mecca and only to fill my cart up to get free shipping. For the price vs amount you use, it's also the cheapest exfoliator I've used.

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Lotions/ Creams -Frank Body -Body Cream

on 8/30/2017 10:56:00 PM


I've long been in search of a body moisturiser that:
- is not greasy;
- does not have added artificial nasties;
- does not clog my skin;
- smells OK;
- is affordable;
- doesn't soak in so fast that you have to use a tonne just to get to all your skin.
It turns out this is a very difficult list to satisfy.

But this is definitely an answer. I'm not saying it's like the best thing I've ever laid my hands on, but it's certainly something I really like. It's only AUD $21.95 from Mecca. I tend to avoid anything in a tub that looks like a body butter. But whilst this is in that sort of container, it actually is not heavy or greasy. I take a little bit and warm between my hands before applying so it spreads better. I would be happy putting a nice piece of clothing on within 2 minutes - that's how non-greasy this is.

Later in the day, my legs don't feel oily - my skin just feels satisfied. So it's not a deep moisturiser that you might want to use for example weekly overnight or something. During the day, I can't tell that I've put any product on, but my skin does not feel like it's in need of moisture. Which is really the whole point isn't it!? You want your skin to be moisturised and not dry, but not greasy.

I'll be a repeat buyer I think! Used for 1 week every day so far.

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Cleansers -Frank Body -Creamy Face Cleanser

on 3/5/2017 10:29:00 PM


The most underrated facial cleanser EVER!!! It is such a bargain comparing it to the other facial cleansers I have tried and none of them have helped improve my skin's texture and overall complexion as much as Frank's facial cleanser. I have sensitive, eczema prone, and oily skin (due to dehydrated skin) with cystic breakouts on my cheeks every now and then. I've tried cliniques skincare line (waste of money) and even bought first-aid beauty's skincare line because it was recommended due to the combination of sensitive skin and eczema. Yeah.. Nope not worth the money. All of these well known skincare companies claim to do so many things to help your skin and if anything, they make my skin worse! This cleanser really needs to get more recognition so more women will switch over and experience this life changing product!

I know so many of you care about fragrance and this cleanser smells very earthy and may not be everyone's cup of tea but I personally love it. This cleanser doesn't foam up which I love since foaming agents are an additive and unnecessary in my opinion.
P.s. this product is vegan and if you are looking to go more natural with your skin care this could be your first step along side with moisturizing with jojoba oil.

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