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Masks -Formula 10.0.6 -Get Your Glow On Brightening Peel Off Mask

on 4/6/2018 1:15:00 AM


Its my first time trying out this brand, I picked it up at my local Walmart and just decided to give it a try.
This mask has a great scent, but probably the most stickiest mask I ever used. It can get pretty messy when applying at times, and I'd say the mask is pretty thick so I had to use a lot to cover my face and the bottle is more on the smaller end range. I had to pay about $9 for this product which I think is okay. When using on my face, I noticed at first my face started to burn a little but on the bottle it says that it may cause a burning sensation at first, so I wasnt too worried. The burn sensation went away after 5 mins, and the mask peeled off easily & all together.

Overall, I'd say this mask is decent for a drug store mask, can be messy but it has a nice refreshing scent and leave your skin feeling soft :)

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Moisturizers -Formula 10.0.6 -Seriously Shine Free Mattifying Moisturizer

on 3/14/2018 4:12:00 PM


I am EXTREMELY oily. I'm very acne prone. I have large pores. I'm currently taking doxy for my acne.

This product works really well for me! I put on 2-3 drops of grapeseed oil on my face after cleansing and let it absorb. Then I put this magical stuff all over my face. I follow that with Fenty Beauty (primer and foundation) and it works great!!!!

I used to apply my makeup and have to seriously blot my face within the hour. No kidding.

I get a little shiny because my face is ridiculously oily but it's nothing like it used to be. I'm checking my face on the 4th hour and there's barely any oil! I don't know if it's the combination of all three mattifying products but I'm not going to question it because it works great.

I'm really happy with this stuff. Not to mention that it's cheap!!! Will repurchase.

Masks -Formula 10.0.6 -Keep Your Cool Calming Breakout Mask


This mask instantly cools off my skin after a long day in the sun. I like using it during breakouts because helps with redness. It’s a lightweight mask that your skin will eventually absorb, so you can also use it as a sleep pack.

Cleansers -Formula 10.0.6 -Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser

on 2/8/2018 9:59:00 AM


I used this stuff for years when I didn't know any better and this stuff is pretty meh. It's cheap because it's really watered down. It smells like Mr. Bubble bath which is kinda cool but weird for a face wash. This stuff seems to neither help nor hurt my skin. I've been using it for ages out of sheer cheapie stubbornness on my shoulder and face acne to 0 results. Last year I tried a tonymoly cleanser that worked better, and a tea tree bar soap for my shoulders that worked way better. As someone with "troublesome young skin" who has used this product stupidly like a dozen or so times I can tell you with confidence there is better out there.

Moisturizers -Formula 10.0.6 -PM Perfector Overnight Hydrating Cream

on 9/7/2017 8:04:00 PM

This stuff is sooo good! It is a really thick cream, so I only need a small amount to cover my face. It sinks into the skin and moisturizes my skin without making me horribly oily. AND THE SMELL. Oh lord the smell is so amazing I want to eat this stuff! It's like candy or a very fruity drink! I think it's because blackcurrant is a main ingredient.

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