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Foundations -Fiona Stiles -Matte Finish Foundation Concentrate

on 11/9/2017 9:00:00 PM


This foundation is by far my best foundations my holygrail.I have over a hundred all different foundations high ends and drug stores, (“-“) yes my husband thinks am nut.fionas stiles beats them all. I suffered from cystic acne and have acne scars and am using tretenoin cream.the foundation covers every impurities and doesn’t break me out ..i finally notice they were on acrazy sale at ultra I bought 16 more of them I refuse to be without that foundation .the walnut shade Melt to my skin no error ever..Yes that’s my best foundation..

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Eyeliner -Fiona Stiles -Ultra-Smooth Waterproof Eye Defining Pencil in Mulholland

on 10/9/2017 9:55:00 AM

Not overpriced and it does stay put much better than my UD pencil. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 is that the shade, Mulholland, looked nice swatched on the inside of my wrist but on application didn't do much for my blue eyes. There's a bit of red in it, I don't see it as a neutral taupe, most of a medium chestnut. I need something darker to make my eye pop. But I'm impressed with the formula.

Concealers -Fiona Stiles -Light Illusion Brightening and Lightening Stylo

on 9/7/2017 1:21:00 PM


Such an interesting product. It's a cross between an Illuminator and a concealer. When I first tried I thought it was colored water and kept applying thinking WTF? But then it dried on my undereyes and I thought oh wow! Because then it was sheer but it covered and didn't crease hardly at all.

I bought neutral but it is yellow toned. I am NC20.

Got it from Qvc. It was pricey. Comes in a click pen, and it takes about 30 clicks before you get product and then watch out--waterfall!

I realized after a couple of applications that I didn't need to overapply, to just put on my bags and dark circles, let it dry then touch up anything not covered. I have super dark circles and this product works without heavy coverage which I have never found in another product. EVER. Does not really work on blemishes or dark spots on my face weirdly enough. But Fiona Stiles makes a pot concealer that I may have to investigate.

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Liquid -Fiona Stiles -Beauty - Luminous Finish Foundation Concentrate

on 9/7/2017 11:53:00 AM

I bought this from Qvc and it came with a brush for $34. I bought in 03, and when I first put it on I thought it was going to be too light for my NC20 skintone, but it settled in and oxidized slightly and turned out to be perfect.

This makeup reminds me of the old MUFE Face and Body, minus the fragrance. It has a natural herbal scent, not an added scent.

It looks just like moisturized skin on me. It dries to a luminous glow and stays looking slightly dewy but not sticky or tacky, which is great for dry, normal and even for slightly combo skin. (Oily skin should probably go for her matte foundation.)

I achieved light to medium coverage and applied with a beauty blender. I haven't tried the brush yet; I'm not big on foundation brushes.

I am currently using ZO skin care (Obagi Professional skin care) so am dealing with some dry changing skin and this made my skin look glowing, which made me happy as I am spending a freaking boatload on skincare.

Eye Shadow -Fiona Stiles -Radiant Aqua Eye Veil in Hyperion

This is a hard review to write but i have to admit some product failings for me here. Its mostly a review of the range but I have some criticism on this shade as well. In short I would definitely recommend to try them before buying if thats possible. especially if you are paying full price. I say this because i dont really think this product adds to what is already on the market all..& truthfully much of what is on the market out performs these...even drugstore ranges!!! Super disappointing.

I purchased Hyperion, Hudson & Outpost on sale at ulta as i am looking to build up my cream shadow collection. I prefer to use cream foundations & blush for a more satin/dewey finish. I love my regular powder/pressed shadows but would like to go to all cream products In general I like products that are easy to use & prefer a long wear time. This product definitely was not made for me!

Sadly these products have not replaced my maybelline tatoo, revlon creams,... & well yep, even my elf matte eye creams beat this!! in terms of both ease of use & wear...I love all those lines, but if you've looked at/used them you know the shade range is very limited..especially if you're looking for mattes. so I am investing in higher end to give me more options...but when I pay this retailed originally for $22 for 1..I absolutely expect more from it...& certainly not less.

I used without primer because I wanted to evaluate the product on its own. I actually don't wear primer with my other creams & they are stellar performers..elf matte cream easily lasted over 12hr work day. For me, I found all 3 aqua eye veils very very fussy to work with, regardless of using fingers or brushes. Fussy isnt good when you have a 12 hr work of course they looked messy & creased like crazy. so professional looking. I see they get about a 55% rating on Ultas site & other users have mentioned having similiar issues...but not all so it works for some.

This product is a definite no for me. I plan to check out some higher end lines other reviewers mention, as well as nyx's new all matte range ..not affl. ..(hint to cosmetics co's..matte is super on trend & also fitting to those who turn to creams because they have texture issues!) .fingers I have yet to try these other lines... But this shade in particular was a no. Speaking in terms of color & textures in this range... a matte highlight shade would add some versitility..Seriously too much glitter in Hyperion or me (dont get me wrong I love me some shimmers & glitter..& occassionally rock a duochrome)...but this was NOT a sophisticated look on me...& i can pull off basic eye looks with both creams & powders so this isnt on me.

I do plan on retrying Hudson & Outpost with primer to "make these work" but its a little annoying..& no i am not going to use as a base for other shadows...because I try to not add a step when there are products that allow you to accomplish a look using 1.....oh yes & eye primer is cheaper. Although the whipped pudding texture is neat...all I care about is how they apply & what they look like on my eye. ...& well there are other products..hi & low end.. that do cream shadows better. just my 2cents.

I have however repurposed the more Hyperion. The packaging is great for a travel size container for my cream foundation!

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