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Foundations -Fashion Fair -oil free cream to powder foundation

on 10/13/2018 11:41:00 AM

The Fashion Fair cream to powder foundation gives good coverage - I'd say a medium to full coverage. It has a comfortable and mostly lightweight feel on my face. My shade is called Butterscotch and that looks fantastic on me I must say.

Definitely set the Fashion Fair cream to powder foundation with some powder after applying it to your face and it does transfer it bit. I prefer the Fashion Fair stick foundation which goes on to the face with a mostly matte finish and the stick foundation appears to transfer on to paper and clothing the least out of all of the Fashion Fair foundations.

I love the look of the Fashion Fair Soufflé Makeup on my face but that transfers too where as the stick foundation that the brand makes transfers the least.

The Fashion Fair cream to powder foundation is a nice product though and it's certainly not horrible.

Fashion Fair Butterscotch, Black Opal Truly Topaz, Nars Malaga

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Lipstick -Fashion Fair -Tropic Pink Lipstick

on 10/13/2018 11:18:00 AM


I have the Fashion Fair lipstick in Tropic Pink and it is one of the brand's nicest pink lipsticks and I believe that they have sold this color for many years now. I don't like the Fashion Fair lipstick in the shade called Chocolate Raspberry at all because it has far too much of a cool purplish undertone and a number of purple and mauvish lipstick shades seem to clash too much against my yellow undertones.

But the lipstick in the Tropic Pink shade is more of a straight up dark pink or fuchsia shade and it has a tiny bit more of a red undertone if anything which looks a lot better on my face. Tropic Pink is a shimmery lipstick but the shimmer isn't over the top and it's not what I would call 'glittery' and it has a cream or 'satin' finish - not a matte or sheer finish. Fashion Fair does make some nice lip liners that should go well with the Tropic Pink lipstick although I have the MAC lip pencil in Beet which matches the Tropic Pink lipstick fantastically.

I'd recommend the Tropic Pink lipstick quite a bit.

Fashion Fair Butterscotch, Black Opal Truly Topaz, Nars Malaga

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Pressed Powders -Fashion Fair -Oil Control Pressed Powder - Sugar

on 10/7/2018 12:18:00 PM


The Fashion Fair Oil Control Pressed Powder in the shade called Sugar is amazing! It's the best pressed powder in the best shade that I can remember using for a while especially as its mattifying effect appears to last for hours during the day even if I feel a bit flushed and this powder appears to keep my foundation in check very well. I don't look like a horrible grease ball anymore not even during the warmer days!

The MUA named Destiny Godley recommended this powder in its colourless translucent shade called Sugar which appears as a bright white powder in the pan in a video that she had made because she said that she didn't like colored powders because they altered the shade of the foundations too much. I think that Destiny Godley was on to something there because this powder in the Sugar shade doesn't change or ruin the shade of my foundations at all and once you brush or pat this powder over your foundation it doesn't take too long for it to blend in with the foundation. So in other words thank goodness it doesn't leave an ashy white looking cast over your foundation. It never looks gray or ghostly over my foundation.

Years ago I was sold the wrong shade in the Fashion Fair Oil Free Pressed Powder which was called Toffee much to my annoyance. The Toffee shade added too many red undertones to the yellow undertones of my Fashion Fair foundation shade which is Butterscotch and I didn't know whether I had bought the wrong shade of foundation or the wrong shade of powder in the end because the powder in the Toffee shade changed the appearance of my foundation completely and made my face look very ruddy.

But thank goodness for the traceless-looking Sugar shade which doesn't change a thing! The only other shades of powder that I'd ever buy from Fashion Fair to go with my foundation in Butterscotch besides the shade in Sugar would be the Oil Free Pressed Powder in the shade called Cashew or the Oil Control Loose Powder in the shade called Golden.

I highly recommend the Oil Control Pressed Powder in Sugar either way especially for its long wearing properties throughout the day!

Fashion Fair Butterscotch, Black Opal Truly Topaz, Nars Malaga

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Pressed Powders -Fashion Fair -Oil Control Pressed Powder

on 8/24/2018 1:24:00 AM


I wish you would have MORE Cashew pressed powder available. Many of us use this and would love to buy more!!

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Blush -Fashion Fair -Fashion Fair

on 8/27/2017 6:40:00 PM

I recently re-discovered the Ginger Berry blush. Love it!

I stopped wearing blush years ago under the belief that chocolate women like myself don't really need it since we don't have flushy cheeks anyway. So I 'm not sure what happened to my last Ginger Berry pot back around 2000 or so.

But I started wearing blush again a few years ago. I wear shades that enhance my face without looking clownish. I have some pink shades from other brands. However I kept looking because I was not getting a finish that was subtle enough.

So I bought Ginger Berry again last week. Perfection! It's the perfect shade of pink. It looks warm and not too bright on me. And the very slight shimmer just looks pretty on my face. Yeah!!

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