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Recent Ettusais Reviews

BB Cream -Ettusais -Medicated Mineral BB Gel SPF25 PA+++

on 7/27/2018 3:05:00 PM


Wonderful for my combination acne prone skin. It's a gel formula that contains salicylic acid and comes in a moisturising but non-greasy base. Coverage is sheer to medium, and is easily spreadable on skin - I don't need to use a lot, around a small pea size for my whole face. It needs a few minutes to fully settle on skin, but like other gel foundations it dries down to a thin, heat-resistant film that isn't as prone to melting and sliding off in the heat. Overall appears semimatte and slightly dewy without powder, and softly matte with a decent powder. It has impressive staying power for a BB cream, probably as it's gel based, but it won't reduce oil production all that much so blotting films or papers are still needed throughout the day.

The shade range is very limited, just two - light beige and natural beige. Both have a yellow undertone. The light beige shade by itself is too dark for me, it hovers around NC15-20 in MAC shades, so I mix it with a pale pink CC cream to get a shade closer to my own skin tone. Ettusais' own pink amino CC cream works best IMO although it is fairly expensive. It's great for using the week before my period when I get acne breakouts, I still need concealer over red/dark pink marks but it offers medium, natural looking coverage without causing further breakouts. I'm not sure whether the salicylic acid in it has much of a physical impact, or if it's more of a psychological benefit, but in any case it feels light on the skin without worsening any underlying acne. I just wish the shade range was better.

Blush -Ettusais -Lip & Cheek Crayon

on 5/3/2017 6:28:00 AM


This comes in two equally gorgeous colors, a burgundy and a pinky-orangey coral. I had already purchased a similar lip&cheek product in burgundy from a competing brand, so I got the coral one from Ettusais. It`s a gorgeous creamy lipstick which is fairly moisturizing and shiny, but does need touch-ups throughout the day. As a blush it is equally gorgeous and easy to build up. The only thing is, as I am very oily skin the blush also needs a touch up or two as the day goes on. This isn`t a major issue, as the twist-up crayon makes it very easy to use and I enjoy taking a bathroom break to touch up my make up. There is no fragrance or shimmer in this one. The formula is especially friendly to acne prone skin, as most of the Ettusais products are, so I never break out from this or any of their other products I`ve tried. Would definitely repurchase.

Brows -Ettusais -Coloring Eye Brow (Eyebrow Mascara)

on 1/28/2017 7:58:00 AM


This is my third brow mascara product; I`ve tried Benefit Gimme Brow and its supposed dupe Essence`s Make me Brow. Ettusais is much better than my previous favorite brow mascara from Benefit. Hated the Essence one. That wand is a bit awkward because I think it`s meant for fuller, thicker brows. Mine are sparse from over-plucking. What I love most about it is how easy it is to build natural looking color and depth with this. That wand might be a bit too big for my skinny brows, but the hairs are gentle and can be manipulated well to place the product where I need it. And the wand hairs are soft and don`t scratch the hell out of my skin like Benefit and Essence. The color is natural, although unfortunately the range is limited to three shades. Luckily the medium one is a close match for me, and I use it coupled with a brow powder to build some extra depth by having some other hues in my hair. It is water-proof and incredibly long-lasting. I will keep repurchasing this because it is a little more than half the price of Benefit`s Gimme Brow.

BB Cream -Ettusais -Mineral BB Cream

on 1/20/2017 8:53:00 PM


This is my secret to natural, great-looking skin with a semi-matte finish. I have acne-prone skin and have used this everyday for the past year without problems. I blend a small drop on my forehead, nose, and chin with my fingers and it blends seamlessly with the rest of my face. If you use it with a light hand, the small bottle will actually last quite a while. I go through a tube every 6 months - and that's with daily wear.

Eyeliner -Ettusais -Cream Eyeliner WaterProof

on 11/12/2016 8:45:00 AM


I have this eyeliner in navy and have worn it all summer and this little pencil is as waterproof as they come: it`s hazy hot and humid in Western Japan but my liner didn`t melt on me. The color is opaque and beautiful with a slight hint of golden shimmer. So buttery and easy to apply and the stick is fairly thin so it`s easy to tightline. If you like a smudgy eye though, you have to work fast because it sets quickly and once it`s set only a good oil will take it off. My L`Oreal and other brands` gel eyeliners have been disappointing because of how quickly they dry up and turn useless in their tubes, but the Ettusais ones will not quit on you. It`s so cheap, too. Will definitely repurchase.

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