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Brows -Essence -Brow Designer


I am obsessed with this! I honestly don't think I can ever go without it! And for the price!?! It works better than every expensive pencil I ever tried! It is SO pigmented so that I can finally draw short strokes and not press down hard like I had been doing with previous pencils. I have medium brown hair and I got the shade dark chocolate, which I like because it isn't reddish or black. The pencil also has a spoolie on the end, which is so convenient so you can brush them out when you are done. This is even better than Nyx and cheaper! I am shook!

Brows -Essence -Make Me Brow


I love this so much. I am in awe of how good this is for such a cheap price! I have brown hair but got the shade 03 Soft Browny Brows. I use a darker pencil underneath and since this is lighter, it helps balance it out. The brush is tiny, which I love, I do not like bulky brows because I have thin brows. I also have sparse brows and this helps fill in the bald spaces. You really should try this for the price. It saved me shelling out cash for more expensive options that would work half as well!

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Primer/ Corrector -Essence -Instant Matt Makeup Setting Spray


I really enjoy this "instant matt" setting spray, much better than essence's other one, the "keep it perfect!" fixing spray.

Although this is supposed to be matte, it doesn't feel drying at all, and my skin is pretty dry. My makeup stays in place all day, not very disturbed in the humidity at all. I think it definitely improves the wear time of my makeup. It also helps tone down the dryness/powdery look of face powder, but it works just as well without powder over foundation.

I love how the spray mechanism dispenses product as a fine, even mist. I do one spritz for each side of my face. However, I wish the bottle were transparent like the "keep it perfect!" one, so I could know when the end is near.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Essence -Keep It Perfect! Make-up fixing spray


I finished a bottle of this "keep it perfect!" setting spray, and I was satisfied with its performance overall. It was okay, not outstanding, but it could definitely work in a pinch. I'd give this 3.5/5 if I could.

I'm not sure if it really helped the wear time of my makeup. However, I do think it helped keep makeup from transferring a lot onto clothes or my fingers.

My primary purpose was to help combat oxidization of foundation, which it was pretty good at. (I find that translucent powder followed by setting spray helps keep my foundation from turning orange, a constant problem of mine.)

I do not think the spray bottle dispensed product very evenly on my face, which occasionally made my makeup splotchy and I had to fix it up with a makeup sponge. The spray mechanism was kind of inconsistent. I do like that the package is simple and transparent, so I knew when it was near the end.
It also didn't help tone down the powdery effect of - well, of powder, which I often use. I think it performed quite well without powder.

I guess I wouldn't buy this product again because I found it slightly drying on my skin, which is odd because it's not even supposed to be mattifying or anything. But it's decent, and I wouldn't actively avoid buying this, either.

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Mascara -Essence -The False Lashes Dramatic Volume Unlimited


I have gone through 3 tubes of this mascara, and I think it's my favourite!

The wand is straight and has lots of kind of short bristles, so it's easy to reach every lash and get close to the root. The formula is a bit thick - much thicker than Too Faced Better Than Sex, for comparison - but absolutely workable. Once it's on, it doesn't come off or transfer on me until I remove it. It holds up well in humidity as well as snowy days. The colour is a rich, matte black, perfect for my black hair.

I typically apply (all) mascaras by wiping the excess off the wand onto the neck of the tube, then thoroughly combing with the wand bristles to coat my lashes and avoid clumps. I know not everybody does that, though I have applied this straight out of the tube without taking the time to comb through my lashes. One coat using whatever is on the brush is definitely enough to thicken and lengthen lashes, although not necessarily to avoid clumps.

Once applied, this mascara gives a wonderful thickening, lengthening, and lifting effect to eyelashes. It's long-lasting and certainly a must-have, in my opinion.

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