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Cleansers -Equate -Skin Cream with Eucalyptus Oil

on 2/27/2019 3:53:00 PM


i was looking for a cheap and effective makeup remover/cleanser and noxzema is a classic - but i didn't even want to pay as much as that (i do wear a lot of makeup, and a minimum of five days a week at that). this was definitely a case when a generic dupe would serve my purpose.

while my mother had an old tub of noxzema that she used to remove my halloween face paint as a kid, i don't really remember much about the original except the cooling sensation and the clean eucalyptus scent; this has both, and i really liked the texture both on my skin and in the jar (you have to "break" into it). but after going over with two portions of this stuff, i still had a faint strip of foundation on my nose and some dark stains around my eyes. these were difficult to remove even with other products after having used the equate noxzema.

the original noxzema brand might be more potent but the ingredients in this dupe are nearly identical. i can't recommend this to remove makeup (one of the claims on the jar) or even to just use as a regular cleanser (too cumbersome, especially in the shower).

Deodorants -Equate -Aluminum Free Deodorant

on 1/7/2019 9:48:00 PM


I tried this deodorant on a whim and I've ended up loving it. Up until now I've used the Secret Gel deodorant for years, which would sometimes dry white, and it was difficult to remove when showering because it really sticks to the skin. I have the apricot scent from Equate, it does have a hint of dish-soapy-ness but I still like it. This leaves no white mark on my skin or clothes and I haven't found myself sweating through it even after the gym. I haven't tried the Toms of Maine Natural deodorant this is supposed to be comparable to, but I don't think I need to now. I think that with this type of product individual body chemistry is important so ymmv.

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Hair Treatments -Equate -Minoxidil Topical Solution 5%

I use Kirkland Signature 5% Minoxidil. It's been amazing! During the heat wave, my hair went through a terrible deal. It was scary hot around here if you must know, and I couldn't even dry my hair properly under a bonnet dryer because I felt like I could faint. On top of it my hair lady applied a nuclear bomb of a relaxer to my head, which further weakened it. I was forced to air dry my hair for almost a month because I really couldn't handle the heat. I lost, no lie, 40-50% of my hair. It would be catastrophic on any woman,but I was saved due to having more hair than the average woman. I'm of African and Mediterranean stock, and I inherited a tendency to dense chia pet like hair. My hair looks like an exxagerated Brigitte Bardot blow out after rollers. When I tell you my mom was unphased at my loss of hair, you should know that I have an abnormally large amount of volume of hair. My natural hair is too difficult to work with since it's both frizzy and prone to painful shrinkage. Made worse since I live right in front a beach and in an area to long Winters. So I relax it to be able to sleep well and be able to style it into something since the level of shrinkage it possesses makes it an ordeal in its natural state. Anyways, I've been using this for the past 3 months to recover the volume loss and prevent breakage and it's been working! I use it twice a day every day. I love it. It has made the recovery swift and easy. I will continue to texlax my hair (not a choice unfortunately) but this has helped me to finally get it past shoulder length despite the fiasco of last Summer. You can find a supply of three months at Amazon for $13.

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Lotions/ Creams -Equate -Conditions & Moisturizes Classic Scent Lotion (Jergens Original Scent Cherry-Almond Moisturizer)

on 12/3/2018 11:06:00 PM

I love this lotion is basically identical to jerkins and I love that cherry almond scent. It’s a nice light moisturizer.

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Eye Makeup Remover -Equate -Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

on 11/30/2018 10:48:00 PM


This does not remove my eyeliner or waterproof mascara. I ended up trying three times with cotton pads, then following up with Kleenex, and then I still have smudges on my pillow case. It also irritates my eyes, making the corners red. I will be throwing this out.

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