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Foundations -Ellis Faas -Skin Veil

on 9/17/2018 5:59:00 PM


Ellis Faas Skin Veil is a great foundation. I was recommended to try it as I wanted a foundation that was hydrating and glowy, and this definitely fits the bill. The formula is very thick and creamy, so a small amount goes a long way. It feels similar to how a night cream feels! However I find that even on my combo skin, it doesn’t feel heavy or clog my pores. I find it applies best with a brush, and gives a medium-full coverage. This gives my skin a flawless finish. It still somehow manages to look like skin. It wears well and doesn’t fade, seperate or transfer throughout the day. I can get around 10 hours wear from this, before I start to look a bit too shiny and would need to touch up with powder. However, 10 hours is great wear time in my opinion! I also find it looks great on top of MAC Strobe Cream, and my other products apply easily on top of it. This foundation is expensive ($113AUD) but a great investment.

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Highlighters -Ellis Faas -Glow up

on 8/4/2018 3:10:00 PM

Ellis Faas makes high quality, high priced products, but because they last well, you end up saving in the long run. I've found another Ellis Faas product to rave about: Glow up, a soft focus highlighter - HG!
I have the Glow Up in the medium shade, and it is a very finely milled pressed powder highlighter with a golden glow. The particles are so fine they are only visible with a magnification mirror, but they are not seen up close in regular life. Glow up imparts a gentle sheen on areas you would like to highlight: the under-brow, and a C shape around the eyes, the cheeks, and optionally, the forehead, central part of the nose, cupid's bow etc.
Edit: I liked the Glow Up so much I also purchased the lightest shade, to put under my eyebrows (which are lighter than the rest of my skin because I never tan there). It is a cooler as well as paler shade, and it looks totally natural when I do a C shape from the underbrow area, around the orbital bone and down around the outer portion of the eye. It makes me look awake and refreshed. I experience no irritation

Note of caution: do not highlight areas which have wrinkles or creases, you do not want to draw attention to these! If you are older or have dry skin, try to find an unwrinkled area from the list above - you do not have to highlight every area. Apply sparingly, and people will wonder if you have discovered the Fountain of Youth :))
Younger ladies can highlight all of the areas above, since they are unlined (stay out of the sun, and you'll stay that way....Japanese ladies have parasols to protect them from daylight, and their skin remains beautifully unspotted and unlined). My mother stayed completely out of the sun, and had unblemished skin well into her 70's; I sort of listened to her, and have fairly good but not ageless skin.

Although I am close to 70 years old myself, I still have some unlined areas under the brow, and immediately under the eye, toward the middle and outer portions, as well as the outer portions of the cheeks. I think am going to experiment with the lighter shade of Glow Up in that area and see whether illuminating that area works out. It worked out great - see above. Two thumbs up!

The product does not break me out or irritate me in any way; it lasts all day and night until I remove it.

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Eye Shadow -Ellis Faas -Creamy Eyes 127 Ginger Freckle

on 6/27/2018 1:29:00 PM


Ellis Faas Creamy Eye e127, one of my favorite eyeshadows! But the packaging is a very cheap plastic container with a problematic use. The product does not come out, after some uses, even if I wash the brush after every use. In order not lose my product and my money, I decided to break the packaging and placed the cream eyeshadow in an empty container from the samples given by MAC cosmetics (yes, the quantity is so small). I 'm happy that the product has not dry out. I really love the product, but packaging needs improvement. I really don't know if I will by it again.

Eye Shadow -Ellis Faas -Lights E305

on 6/18/2018 10:27:00 PM


I bought several Ellis Faas Eye Lights and Creamy Eyes. The actual product is beautiful. There are many eye shadow colors in the market now but I think Ellis Faas colors are unique. But the bullet used to house the eye color is awful. I had one end piece fly off across the room. After I found it I could not snap it back on. So much of the eye color wasted. I had several others break in the same spot. I wish these shadows could be repackaged. I have used YSL eye concealer for years and it has a similar design. I've never had a problem with it.

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Concealers -Ellis Faas -S202

on 4/6/2018 11:09:00 PM

Ellis Faas makes the most amazing foundation, concealers and blushes. $$$ but worth every penny. Once I tried them, I never used anything else, and threw out drawers of old stuff not up to EF quality.

S202 (fair) concealer is in the yellow family (as are all the even numbered foundations and blushes), while S203 is definitely peachy/pinkish (as are all the odd numbered foundations and blushes).
S202 is light, I would say about an N15-20, but you can mix it with your foundation or a deeper shade of concealer eg S204 (medium) if you are in the N25-30 range.

About the famous/infamous EF click dispensers: I do wash mine every weekend using a double cleanse: first an oil based cleanser to remove the product by swishing it well in my palm, followed by a plain soap wash using the fingers to really clean it, especially at the opening - I use an antibacterial soap because of tempermental skin, and it works fine. Rinse under tap water, and the brush should be in its pristine (white) state.
I then hang them to dry overnight on a do-hickey that I bought for $4.99 at Winners - a little holder with plastic membranes pierced to allow you to put any size pen through it.

The next morning (a Saturday or Sunday), the brush is dry and I slowwwly, turn the clicker until I just see the product starting to appear at the opening. Then I WAIT a few seconds, maybe 5 or 10 seconds...often a bit more product appears at the opening if you wait. If you rush in to click too quickly, you will get a big gush of blob and there will be tears!
BTW, I do this on the weekend because I am too much in a rush when I go to work on weekdays. But this method has worked perfectly for me over the past several years... I only got the dreaded gush once, because I was way too impatient and clicked too many times....

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