EcoTools is a family owned makeup brush brand, started by sisters Jen and Stacey in 2007. The brushes are environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, and vegan.

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Misc Beauty Tools -EcoTools -Total Perfecting Blender


I loved this sponge initially. The shape, the performance but unfortunately after the third washing it started to tear.

Makeup Brushes -EcoTools -Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set

on 11/10/2018 11:46:00 PM


The newest iteration of this duo is great. The most important thing is that they work: they can smudge, blend, and apply eyeshadow easily. Also thy are not as stiff and scratchy as they once were. They are softer and more flexible than before. I have small, hooded eyes and the crease brush works great for me.

After trying out so many drugstore brushes I can reccomend Ecotools above any other affordable brand for eye brushes. This duo and the other eye set with detail brushes it's all you need (really). Real techniques has only satisfied me somewhat in the complexion category, and even there they are hit or miss. For example the RT Multi Tasker brush is awesome, but the blush brush? not so much.

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Makeup Brushes -EcoTools -Blending & Bronzing Brush


Just what I was looking for.

I recently got into the whole full face of makeup thing and started wearing bronzer. I'm quite fair skinned and nearly cried when I saw how muddy and bright it looked against my complexion when I first tried bronzer. This diffusing brush is a dream. It helps my bronzer go on naturally so I can look sun kissed without awkward patches and streaks or muddines. I just throw on my bronzer with this blush, do a bit of blending with my beauty blender and I'm good to go!

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Makeup Brushes -EcoTools -Domed Bronzer Brush


If you only ever buy one bronzer brush make sure it is this one.
Lovely soft bristles with a solid handle makes applying makeup
a dream. Highly recommended. I have already purchased
spares of this brush to use as backup.

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Makeup Brushes -EcoTools -Daily Defined Eye Kit

on 8/17/2018 12:13:00 PM


I'm annoyed I didn't try this sooner. The shapes and softness of these Eco Tools brushes are better than my standard Real Techniques and my Elf Brushes. If you only buy drugstore brushes at the moment, you wont be disappointed. They look beautiful, pick up shadow well, the detailing shapes are great, and they are not prickly at all.

I've been quite disenchanted with Real Techniques lately. I keep buying brushes from them, and I keep getting duds. Its real hit or miss. The RT blush brush, the large powder brush, the original eye brush set with the ridiculously large domed crease brush, all those brushes are not good. Scratchy, don't blend well, they lift my foundation, a big no.

If I was going to start over with no brushes for the eye area (I have small hooded eyes) I would get the following:

1) Eco tools Daily Defined Eye Kit
2) Elf Blending Brush $3
and this next one, but only because I haven't tried better alternatives at closeby drugstores
3) Real Techniques ENHANCED EYE SET

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