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Eyes Lips Face, also known as e.l.f. Cosmetics, is an international cosmetics brand based in New York City. Founded by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba in 2004, it sells products largely at $1, $3, and $6 price points.Items include bath and skin-care products, mineral-based makeup, professional tools, eyeliners, lipstick, glosses,[7] blushes, bronzers, brushes, and mascara, among others. (wikipedia.com)

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Primer/ Corrector -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Hydrating Face Primer

on 12/13/2018 11:39:00 AM


I'm 49 with dry, sensitive Rosacean skin so I need facial products without irritating ingredients like fragrance. This primer is fragrance-free (though it does smell a tad "oily") and contains Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil which is very moisturizing and soothing (it's one of the few plant oils my finicky skin loves). It also contains minimal amounts of Vitamin A, C and E. And yes, it also contains a lot of silicones (like most good facial primers and serums) in order to fill in pores and wrinkles and offer a smooth canvas.

Silicones aren't bad for the skin (unless your particular skin is sensitive to silicones and/or certain specific silicones make you break out) and don't "suffocate" skin. The unique fluid properties of silicone give it a great deal of slip, and it impart emollience, and be a water-binding agent that holds up well, even when skin becomes wet. The research about silicones have proven them to be superior scar-healing ingredients, soothing agents, non-irritating, and uniquely effective delivery and suspending agents for a wide range of cosmetic ingredients. Because of silicone’s unique molecular properties, they are at the same time porous and resistant though not impermeable to air. The special molecular structure of silicones (large molecules with wide spaces between each molecule) allows them to form a permeable barrier and also explains why silicones rarely feel heavy or occlusive, although they still offer protection against moisture loss. Interestingly, silicone has been shown to be helpful for offsetting dryness and flaking from common ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide.

Back to this primer. It's a clear, oily substance and *very* moisturizing (bordering on greasy). You have to shake the bottle well before applying. One pump is sufficient for the whole face. It literally makes your skin feel and look like silk. You have to wait 30 seconds or so before applying your foundation. Foundation glides on very smoothly and any dry patches disappear. Even when used with my powder foundation (JI PurePressed Base) it manages to give my face a beautiful glow. The moisturizing properties last all day. I don't experience any irritation or breakouts (but I'm not breakout-prone). In short, great primer and it's cheap as well. If you have dry skin I highly recommend trying it!

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Lip Treatments -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Lip Kiss Balm - Bare Kiss


Although the formula could stand to be more moisturizing (I layer Blistex underneath), the shade is SO pretty for an everyday, natural but better look. The color of "Bare Kiss" is a slightly peachy medium nude, that livens up my naturally pigmented lips, and adds a touch of color. The minty formula is nice and refreshing, without causing irritation. Super inexpensive ($2), and a nice option for those of us who usually go bare lipped. I am on my 3rd tube, so yes, I would repurchase!

Moisturizers -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Daily Hydration Moisturizer

on 12/10/2018 5:14:00 PM


1. At $8 for 2.53 ounces, it’s decently affordable.
2. Has a lightweight texture and a dewy, but not greasy, finish.
3. Moisturizes effectively.

1.The packaging is slightly odd, though it’s not a huge deal. The pump is at the bottom of the tube, which means it can’t really stand up by itself.
2. Contains a strong-smelling fragrance.
3. Has the potential to irritate skin due to the orange and lemon extracts it contains. I read many reviews of people experiencing stinging and red, blotchy skin after use, and unfortunately, I had the same reaction.

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Misc Beauty Tools -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Mineral Mist

on 12/10/2018 7:48:00 AM


If I have to spend a lot of time in a room with AC, my make up starts looking dry and uneven. This spray will revive it. The spray is not the finest, but I tap gently my face with fingertips after spraying to distribute it more evenly. It does a good job of rescuing your face and the small bottle is easy to carry in your purse. Elf products are hit and miss, but this is definitely a keeper. The only reason it didn't get five lippies is because of the mist not being very fine. I live in hot and very humid climate and indoors being air conditioned, have to deal with hot, humid, dry, cool climate in one day. It's a lot to ask your makeup to stay fresh looking in those conditions. This definitely helps.

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Brows -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Eyebrow Kit

on 12/9/2018 1:19:00 PM


I no longer fill in my eyebrows (grew them out and am rocking it) but this was my go-to product for all of those years the brows were #1. Didn't come off too easily, the Dark was a great match for me, and if you use it lightly it's pretty low-key. Wasn't a huge fan of the powder because it was too red, but for a night out it was fine. The wax alone is definitely worth the price! If you're looking for a fully natural look though, this probably isn't the product for you. 97% of straight men couldn't tell that I was wearing makeup on my eyebrows (and if they found out they were like, what is this sorcery?) but the rest of the world was either giving me compliments or trying to subtly tell me that I was putting my brows too close together in an attempt to make my nose look smaller. Thanks Elf for making such an affordable eyebrow kit! FYI - don't use the brush it comes with.

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