Eyes Lips Face, also known as e.l.f. Cosmetics, is an international cosmetics brand based in New York City. Founded by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba in 2004, it sells products largely at $1, $3, and $6 price points.Items include bath and skin-care products, mineral-based makeup, professional tools, eyeliners, lipstick, glosses,[7] blushes, bronzers, brushes, and mascara, among others. (wikipedia.com)

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Recent E.L.F. Reviews

Treatments (Face) -E.L.F. -Zit Zapper

on 1/23/2018 4:56:00 AM


(This is a review of the Elf Acne Spot Gel with Aloe, as well as a comparison with the Clinique Blemish Solution's Clinical Clearing Gel)

I love this, but despite the price tag, it is quite expensive.

I say it is expensive because you only get 6 ml. I use mine up within a month to a month and a half max. If you add up the price from constant repurchases, it's nearly equivalent to Clinique's Blemish Solution's Clinical Clearing Gel.

Don't get me wrong, this product WORKS! I use it to spot treat. But I find that in order for it to work best and the quickest, I have to layer it on thick. And of course, it runs out fast, and I have to constantly repurchase.

With the Clinique Clearing Gel, I go through one 30ml bottle in a bit less than a year, because I don't need that much for each zit.

Regarding the roller ball - I'm fine with it, as I only use this product directly after washing my face. If I want to reapply half way through the day, I'll roll it onto my fingers before tapping it on. But if you're iffy about bacteria spreading, you wouldn't like this.

I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a cheaper salicylic acid option. But you should realize that you're paying less for a lower quantity. The quality though, is top notch.

If I had to pick between Elf or the Clinique gel, I'd choose the Elf one. Simply because I find the roller ball more convenient. With the Clinique, once there's less product, you have to Squeeze that bottle Really Damn Hard to get the product out. And sometimes you get too much out.

Overall: Love this. Would recommend.

Makeup Brushes -E.L.F. -Selfie Ready Foundation Brush


Many of the ELF powder or face brushes are surprisingly great, even at such a low price. This one is no exception and it's my favorite travel powder brush since I hate traveling with a kabuki. I've had this at least two years, probably more but I've forgotten at this point. I have a few softer brushes, which is the only reason I take off a star. I think this is a bit of a pain to wash foundation out of, but it does apply foundation just fine in a pinch.

Lips -E.L.F. -Lip lacquer

on 1/21/2018 3:59:00 PM


I have this in clear. The formula is great, shine without the stickiness that a lot of other glosses have. It smells and tastes like vanilla without being too strong. Definitely would repurchase and recommend.

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BB Cream -E.L.F. -Studio BB Cream SPF 20

on 1/21/2018 2:42:00 PM


This is not bad for a cheap B.B. cream. It actually has a lot of coverage. Ok for my dry skin. I like the pump and of course the price is great too!

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Primer/ Corrector -E.L.F. -Poreless Face Primer

on 1/20/2018 5:15:00 AM


I picked this up at Target after seeing a couple good reviews. At first I was worried, because I also read the stories on here of people developing horrible skin problems because of this. I believe this product used to have all sorts of parabens in it, but the formula I got has none. This primer makes my skin very smooth, and a bit slick. I use it underneath the Covergirl Outlast 3-in-1 foundation (which is the bomb) and it looks great. I have somewhat oily skin (but before priming I wash, tone and moisturize). There is a scent, but it's the scent of tea tree oil, which is in my shampoo, face wash, and my home made astringent, so it doesn't bother me at all (and is good for clearer skin). So far I haven't experienced any negative effects from using this primer, and my skin has gotten clearer, but I also just started strictly following my skin routine day and night.

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