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Moisturizers -Dr. Spiller -Sanvita Cream

on 12/2/2018 4:23:00 AM


From the website:
A repairing 24hr cream with powerful polyphenol and anti-oxidant green tea to visibly soothe, repair and protect moisture levels of sensitised complexions prone to irritation and discomfort.
SUITABLE FOR: Dry / Combination
BENEFITS: Sensitised / Reactive / Irritated / Barrier function- impaired Skin

This cream is THE cream which calmed my irritated, blotchy skin right down.
Like the Hydro-Marin Cleansing foam, my skin heaved a sigh of relief when I applied it the first time. Granted I DID slather it on but it felt good!
This cream is green due to the Green Tea and Ginseng ingredients. However, like using green concealers to counteract redness in the skin, I think this product reduces the appearance of redness in the skin initially.
There are lots of other goodies in this cream including vitamins and other emollients to protect your skin.
For about two weeks this was the only cream I was using along with the cleanser and toner. I could feel the difference almost immediately and with a few days, my husband also noticed that my skin was looking much better.
There are a few 24hr-moisturisers in the Dr Spiller range, so on occasion, I have forgotten to cleanse/moisturise at night. My skin still feels great.
I quickly realised that I was aggravating my skin with all the products I was piling onto my skin to get rid of the dry patches and prevent skin sagging.
There are lots of moisturisers in the range to cover a variety of skin conditions but the Sanvita is a keeper.
Again, you only need a pea size amount to cover your face and neck.
I've used this product for two months and am not even half way through the jar.
The cream is in a white plastic tub presented in a box with a plastic spatula.
I keep my jars in the box and in a cool spot to prevent degradation.
I've recently started using The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% on a weekly basis followed by Sanvita Cream. The GA7% is only left on for 30 minutes and then washed off. I am using this as an exfoliant, not as a leave-on toner as I don't want to aggravate my skin again. So far, this is working quite well.

Scrubs -Dr. Spiller -Jojoba Peeling Cream

on 12/2/2018 2:40:00 AM


Info from the Website:
A creamy exfoliating formula = Instantly removes dead skin and clogging residue.
Spherical jojoba beads = Exfoliate the skin without scratching or abrading.
Micro bead sizing = Effortlessly unclogs and decongests pores.
Hypoallergenic = May be used on sensitive skin
Once to twice a week, apply a pearl sized amount of Jojoba Peeling Cream to perfectly cleansed skin using circular movements. Remove with plenty of water, pat the skin dry and follow with an application of the appropriate Dr. Spiller toner.

For a milder exfoliation, apply a pearl sized amount of Jojoba Peeling Cream to slightly dampened skin using very light circular movements.
6mths life span after opening.

Pls read my review on the Hydro-Marin Foaming Cleanser for details of my skin and how I came to use these products.
One of the things I liked about this product was the use of the Jojoba beads which break down and are environmentally safe.
Like all of the other Dr Spiller products, this is a luxurious feeling product in very simple and plain packaging.
The beads are quite fine and when applied, they don't feel harsh at all so you must resist the urge to rub harder to make them work.
The peeling cream is also used as part of the Dr Spiller facials.
I've found my skin to be slightly flushed afterwards which settles down very quickly. The texture of my skin has improved with usage and there is no tightness or dryness. I apply the toner after using this product.
All that is needed is about 1/2 teaspoon for face, neck and decolletage. I was originally given a sample pot which lasted a few weeks as I only used once a week.
Again, this is not a cheap product but lasts a long time with careful use.

Toners -Dr. Spiller -Cucumber Toner

on 12/2/2018 2:18:00 AM


Designed for : Oily/Combination skin
BENEFITS: Breakout prone / Problematic / Open pore skin
200ml / 6.8fl oz

Pls also look at my review on Dr Spiller's Hydro-Marin Cleansing Foam to discover how I came to use these Dr Spiller products.
I had not touched a toner in years after a bad experience with a brand name toner. (my skin became red and sore)
When it was suggested that I use a toner, I pulled a face and started to make a cross sign. There was NO way I was going to touch a toner!
However, I relented and decided to listen to the advice I was given. Given that this toner is designed for oily/combination skin, I wasn't sure how my sensitive/mature skin was going to respond. (I surmised that this was the only toner they had in stock at the time) After two months use, I am officially a Toner Convert.
This product is quite soothing and supposedly has brightening properties. It is not sticky and feels extremely comfortable on my skin.
I use the toner AM/PM after cleansing and there is no skin tightening or discomfort.
It has a lovely cucumbery smell and as summer is approaching I like to keep this in the fridge.
The toner is in a quality white plastic bottle with a screw top lid.
I have been using this product now for nearly two months and am just about to run out.
There is a Hydro-Marin toner which I would like to try next, but I would still keep the Cucumber Toner for those hot summer days.

Cleansers -Dr. Spiller -Hydro Marin Cleansing Foam

on 12/2/2018 1:39:00 AM


After my skin started getting quite dehydrated, a bit saggy, irritated and blotchy. (I am in my late 50s)
I relented and headed off to a Medical/Beauty Therapy Salon to get my skin woes sorted out. I knew I was dehydrated and had been using a 'eco' skin care range supposedly containing Hyaluronic Acid that simply wasn't working.
The injectibles nurse/owner and her beauty therapist suggested I start a simple, decent skin-care regime. Cue Dr Spiller!
I baulked at the price of these products but knew I had to do something. With no word of a lie, I could virtually hear my skin sigh in relief when I initially washed my face with the cleansing foam! LOL.
So my regime goes like this:
AM/PM: Wash with Hydro-Marin Cleansing Foam.
Tone with Cucumber Toner
Moisturise with Sanvita Cream or Collagen Cream (which was a bonus when I pre-purchased a set of facials)
Twice a week I use the Jojoba Peeling cream (basically a scrub with Jojoba beads in a thick cream)
That's it....
WIthin a week, no more dry patches, my blotchiness started calming down and I felt and looked hydrated and glowing. Plus, even my husband noticed my skin improving.
I also booked in for Dr Spiller Collagen facials as well as a couple of "B" peels which are an organic, dried herbal mix which is quite strong, but effective.
These products are only available through beauty therapy salons and its an expensive initial outlay; however, I calculated the cost against all the other products I had purchased and I am actually in front. Plus, I only need a small shelf.
Now, to the product itself: The packaging for these products is very understated and simple. Definitely not glamorous.
The cleanser and toners are in a simple white plastic container which is recyclable. The moisturisers come boxed, but also in simple plastic containers with a spatula. Don't judge a book by its cover because the contents have a certain luxurious feel to them.
A slight squeeze until you have about 2.5cm or 1" of product in your hand. That is all that is required to cover your face, neck and decolletage.
After 2 months of use, I still have half a bottle of product left.
Shelf life is 6 mths after initial use.
There is a slight perfume but nothing unpleasant.
After rinsing, pat your face dry and then apply the toner.
The salon that I frequent quite often has information/product nights and I can tell who's been using these products. Sounds a bit Stepford Wives, but I certainly won't be shifting from these products anytime soon.

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