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Lips -Dr. Organic -Manuka honey lip balm

on 7/8/2017 10:34:00 AM


This is a really great lip balm that I bought on a whim when looking for honey lip balms. It's got a thicker consistency and doesn't spread easily on the lips (though I like this as it doesn't leave your lips shiny and sticky but rather smooth and soft). I find it quite hydrating and I haven't experienced rough or dry lips since purchasing this 4 months ago -- and it's still got a way to go despite being my everyday lip balm. Before it I was using Lush's Honey Trap Lip Balm but I find it unhygienic, it being in a pot, so Dr. Organic's lip balm is perfect for my needs.

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Masks -Dr. Organic -Organic Manuka Honey Face Mask


Makes my skin clearer and tightens my pores. Many mus mask makes my skin super dry, but this makes it baby smooth.

Cleansers -Dr. Organic -Tea Tree Face Wash

on 5/13/2017 9:56:00 AM


I usually do not leave reviews but I thought it was paramount I shared my experience with Dr. Organic (Bioactive Skincare) Tea Tree face wash. I purchased it for the first time in April 2016. I used this product to wash my face only twice after purchase (morning & night). While washing my face, some lather spilled in my eyes and I rinsed thoroughly with warm water as instructed on the face wash. By the next day, I had severe redness in both eyes. At the time I thought nothing of it until the 3rd day when my vision started to become blurry and my right eye pupil was visibly changing by looking like it was lifting. I visited a General Practitioner (GP) who on examination referred me to see an Opthalmologist immediately. At this point I was already seeing floaters (dark spots that look like tiny flies) through my left eye. After an eye test and various examinations, the Opthalmologist said I had Toxoplasmosis. She placed me on various antibiotics and eye drops. My vision thankfully returned to normal in August 2016, However the floaters never fully disappeared. It did cross my mind that this experience could have been a reaction from the new face wash- Dr. Organic (Bioactive Skincare) Tea Tree face wash. I was however being careful not to conclude that it wasn't a mere coincidence. Fast forward to May 2017, I ran out of my Clarins face wash and decided to wash my face with the Dr. Organic (Bioactive Skincare) Tea Tree face wash which remained in my bathroom pending when I will get around to purchase the Clarins. Behold, two days after using it, my eyes are sore red again, inflamed and tearing uncontrollably. My pupil on the left eye is also lifting (similar to the first experience after my first time use). I have visited the Opthalmologist who has indicated this is an allergic reaction. He asked if I changed my beauty products (soap, mascara) recently. I am concluding that there is a very dangerous & harsh chemical in this product even though it claims to be organic. As I type this review, my eyes are still swollen, red and the floaters are more. I will really like to know if anyone else has had this type of experience after using this product.

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Shampoo -Dr. Organic -Coconut Oil Shampoo

on 3/10/2017 9:55:00 AM

After all the good reviews,me and my fine as spiderwebs hair decided to give it a try inspite of its pricetag (in my country it roughly costs 10 euros and when I bought it was discounted to 8 euros). It has a very discrete scent that didn't remind me much of coconut but I didn't mind at all and since it's natural,don't expect lots of foam, so don't load your head with it expecting bubbles...The first time I used it,my hair looked oilier and dirtier than before I shampooed it and no volume at all.The second time I noticed quite some hairs on the bathtub and no improvement whatsoever. I had to wash my hair almost every day,so as to feel confident to go out and not look like a greasy mouse..I finished the entire bottle just for the sake of the money I spent and got nothing but regrets,that's all I have to say,since it made my hair even worse.

Toners -Dr. Organic -Rose Otto Skin Toner

on 12/23/2016 2:44:00 PM

Perhaps the best toner I've ever had. My skin is pretty dry in winter, and mixed-oily in summer, and a mix of both in spring and autumn. This stuff is amazingly calming, even after a good peeling, it leaves behind a slight "layer" which I think is due to its glycerin content. But fret not, as normal (mineral oil based) glycerin keeps giving me zits big time, the glycerin in this is, at least it says that on the packaging, derived from plants. I tend to believe this, since it's amazing on my skin. It feels deeply moisturised and almost all of my moisturisers work really well over it, also my foundations. It evens out greasy and dry patches, which is perhaps the best thing! I love, love the scent, but that's just an xtra benefit. There's also witch hazel extract and aloe in it, which helps keeping the occasional spots at bay.

I used to use Kanebo Sensai Lotion 2 and 3, but this is much cheaper and much better, and hopefully even without animal tests!

In summer, I wear it without any additional moisturiser as it's too humid to put on anything extra on the skin, except perhaps a sunscreen, and this also worked. Big favourite!!

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