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Treatments (Face) -Dr. G -Brightening Peeling Gel

on 12/29/2017 4:16:00 PM


I originally got a small sample of this a few years back in an Ispy bag, and I after using it up I kind of forgot this existed.

Back to a month ago (November 2017) I see it on Amazon, and I purchase it.

I love this because, it's a decent amount of product, considering I need less than a quarter sized amount for my whole face, and because it works so well.

This is a mild, and really gentle exfoliant, I can use it on active breakouts and it doesn't irritate them. It leaves my skin feeling super baby butt soft and doesn't irritate my face. Plus there's the added bonus and satisfaction of watching all the dead skin roll off your face.

I find that using this once a week works best for me, I tried using it 2 times a week but the second time I would not see much dead skin coming off, so I felt that once a week is more than enough.

It has a nice light smell, and I'm pretty certain this will last me a few months.

My only concern, is the packaging, while I like it, because it keeps things sanitary, I find that with this product being a thinner consistency tends to spill out more than I want when I open the cap.

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BB Cream -Dr. G -Sensetive+ Daily Safe BB SPF30 PA++

on 8/25/2017 8:55:00 PM


I got this sample from somewhere or other, and was immediately put off because it seems to have been misspelled on the tube (come on, get some proof readers!). However, I tried it out, and I actually like it a lot. It's creamy, medium coverage, and looks dewy and nice on the skin. Also, I like that it has sunscreen in it. The only downside is that it seems to have only one shade. I'm lucky in that the shade basically looks OK on me, but some more options would be nice. I've ordered a larger tube online. Price per oz is OK, not good or bad, compared to other BB creams with SPF.

Treatments (Face) -Dr. G -Dr. G Super Aquasis Moisture Seed Ampoule

on 12/10/2016 8:34:00 AM

I recently had a bout of acne outbreak and used several treatment creams/lotions to control it. Although my acne is now under control but I was left with dry skin, post-acne marks and I still have little bumps on my cheeks and jawline. Instead of using whitening serum to lighten the marks but which will dry my skin further, I decided I should add Hyaluronic Acid to my skin care regime to restore moisture. So I tried Dr. G's Super Aquasis Moisture Seed Ampoule and I loved it instantly!

Not only does it restore moisture to my skin, it also gives my face an instant glow thanks to its buckwheat seed extract. Even my friends commented that I looked more radiant now. In addition, I noticed that my acne marks faded a little and the bumps on my cheeks got better which was a pleasant surprise. I guess when our skin is hydrated, a lot of skin problems go away on its own. 5 stars from me for this product!

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BB Cream -Dr. G -Perfect Pore Cover BB Cream SPF 30 PA+++

Oh. My. God. This gave me an awful, awful breakout that I'm assuming was a result of the walnut seed extract that is in it. I did not realize the walnut seed extract was in the ingredients list--I either missed in it the long ingredients list or read an incomplete list before purchasing. (I have a low-grade walnut allergy/intolerance.) Using this gave me several very sore and difficult to treat and cover blemishes on my face. Since lots of people have walnut allergies much worse than mine, this is a big warning! It is incredibly dispiriting to have to deal with an allergic reaction on top of my pre-existing skin concerns.

Sunscreen -Dr. G -A-Clear S.O.S Sunscreen

on 10/6/2016 11:44:00 AM


This is definitely my favorite sunscreen ever. I got this on Amazon for only $24. I have extremely pale skin and this sunscreen protects me from developing redness in this glaring Texas heat. There is also zero white cast, so I don't have to worry about lines or streaks. It appears to be unscented which I love, and the packaging is perfect and easy to use. It's squeezable so I feel like I'll get every last drop. Also the perfect size to carry in your clutch.

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