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Cleansers -Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare -Alpha Beta Cleansing gel

on 8/13/2018 3:30:00 PM

I got this at Sephora about a month ago. I had seen a Sali Hughs video interviewing Dr Dennis Gross and I found myself liking much of what he had to say. I encourage you to watch it yourself, he is a very good dermatologist.
I really like the alpha beta peels, I have been using them for years. I have not tried any other of Dr. Gross' line, but after watching the video I stumbled on this cleanser somehow. The reviews on the Sephora site were not many but they were all good; no 1 or 2 stars, only one 3 star review. If you have read my reviews, cleanser concerns me the most. What drew me to this gel cleanser was the gentle detergents. They are not so commonly used any more but are fairly gentle. They are detergents all the same, however. I found this cleanser to be pretty unexciting. It made my skin a bit dry around my nostrils which I have never experienced before. It wasn't bad but it was a clearly a bit drying and perhaps would be more so over time, as this has been my experience. I doubt it will clear pores or any such thing, although I do believe cleansers with AHA and BHAs can be effective long-term.
Its a very thick, clear gel that doesn't foam a lot, and smells kind of weird. I don't complain about the natural scents of cleansers (or even the chemical) but I do not like the smell of this cleanser. I avoid washing with it partly because of that. I will say, the pump is awesome. Thick, clear plastic, with a sturdy pump that allows you to control dispensing. I have tried using a tiny amount of this product to avoid the drying feeling but it isn't effective then. For $48 CAD it's very unexceptional.

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Treatments (Face) -Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare -Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel


I absolutely love these. I got these for my acne scarring and texture issues; within a week I saw an amazing transformation of my skin!!! Even my boyfriend commented on how great my skin looks now. I have been using them everyday for almost a month with the Kate Somerville D-Scar Serum and my scarring in some places is completely gone. My skin is glowing and just overall LOOKS better. I have also noticed that if my pores get clogged it’s now so much easier to get the gunk out of them (I know it sounds weird, but it’s true). I will be using these pads for the rest of my life. 🙌🏻

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Treatments (Face) -Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare -Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel

on 6/24/2018 10:42:00 PM


I’m enjoying using these 2-3x a week. My skin is acne prone combo and sensitive . I can’t use glycolic acid like the regular strength peels this product has lactic acid in it instead which I’m able to tolerate well. My skin feels smooth and pores minimized after using these. I use it on my neck and chest as well as they are quite saturated . If they weren’t so darn expensive I’d buy them agaIn.

Treatments (Face) -Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare -Extra Strength Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel

on 6/2/2018 12:25:00 PM


I love these for travel. They do tingle but they don't irritate my skin, and they leave my face soft and glowy and ready to absorb a good moisturizer.

Treatments (Face) -Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare -Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Overnight Serum


My first bottle of this gave up a ghost last night so after 4 months of constantly using this I can finally review it.

It is a lightweight (but not liquid or transparent serum, it is actually quite beefy) with lots of Niacinamide (third in the ingredients list after Water and Dicaprylyl Carbonate), ferulic acid and retinol (there is no indication of the % of the ingredients but also features retinal palmitate further down the list and on the box the blurb calls it 'a super molecule trifecta of retinol, ferulic and niacinamide') shortly after, sodium hyaluronate and many plant extracts. Actually the ingredients list is so impressive that I do not regret purchasing it, and what is more, I ticked the option of buying it again in the future.

It is hosted in a great, dark plastic airtight pump bottle (the bottom of which rides up as it empties so it stays completely airless during use. The pump never failed and was great to use, I was able to do even 1/4 of a pump if I wanted to! Just in case I kept it in the original cardboard box too. The packaging is excellent, plus the plastic has a bit of transparency (it looks very much like a glass actually, a really nice quality) so we can see how much is left in the bottle, very functional.

A lightweight creamy dark yellow cream comes out with a light, slightly medicinal and citrusy smell, very delicate and pleasant. It smells like it is doing something lol! The fragrance comes from bergamot fruit and lemon peel extract. Both highly sun reactive so a sunscreen during the day is a must.

I was applying it all over my face, under my eyes and on my neck and top part of my chest - two pumps were usually enough, it spreads well and I did not have to apply anything on top as it seems to be moisturising enough even for my parched, dehydrated skin. I was using it at night only as instructed on the packaging, straight after washing my face (I use Clinique's Take the Day Off oil) and no toner. I usually read in bed so it had usually an hour or two to absorb into my face instead of into my pillow. I was applying it usually every second night (swapping with a Drunk Elephant's vit C serum), occasionally having a whole week run with it.

It costs exorbitant amount of money (half a year ago I bought it for £77 now it costs £85) but I'm actually willing to pay for it because it is a high quality product in a well designed packaging (a retinol cream in a jar or a pipette? no thanks) however, I cannot speak about any particularly amazing results after finishing 30 ml of this product.

It did not dry me out like many other retinol creams or serums but it did not diminish my pores or sunspots. The only immediate effect I've noticed was that any emerging pimple would be gone after a night of this serum on my face and healing 3x as fast. I'm noticing a start of the loss of firmness but I did not notice any improvement with that. Maybe my face is sagging faster than this cream can remedy that? Who knows. I should probably buy another bottle and experiment but I have a Kate Sommerville product to go though and a The Ordinary one in my fridge so repurchasing this will have to wait. I just hope the £ will not crash as fast!

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